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i go every two weeks and really feel it if i dont go. mainly for my upper back and neck, i do crazy stuff sitting and working on computers almost 24/7 some days

for the orthodics, my hubby uses those and if walks a day without them he gets hip and lower back issues – well worth the money in having these if you need them



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@ChantelleyLace: You are absolutely right that you should visit a chiropractor! It is pretty normal to have a few pops or cracking sounds as we move around throughout the day, but it is not normal to feel the ‘need’ to make things crack. That noise comes from gases that act like a painkiller building up in your joints and as you stretch the ligaments out, the gases get released. That is why the popping might feel good.

However, that means your ligaments must be overly flexible in that area. This usually results from decreased motion at another area within the spine. Those are called subluxations, and they can lead to degeneration of your joints over time if they are not taken care of.

Your chiropractor should be able to address the popping in your upper back and your lower back pain, but you should also talk with him/her about any other issues going on in your body.

Where are you located, ChantelleyLace? I’m a chiropractic student and know several amazing doctors depending on where you are. Anywhere on the West Coast by chance?

Hope you get to feeling better!

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You sound like a good candidate for chiropracting to me. I’ve been going most of my life– cortneyc knows way more about the technical aspects than I do and explained it very well, I am similar in that my back is kind of “flexible” and will get out of whack relatively easily. My reasons for going are basically this: I have quite a long torso for a woman, so I have very slight scoliosis, which contributes to the lower back issues; I used to ride horses and fall off sometimes or get knocked over playing team sports, and the impact would often put either my shoulders or my back out of alignment in one way or another; I’ve also gone after car accidents (getting rear-ended).

A chiropractor should certainly be able to help with the leg-length issue and lower back pain, etc. Personally, I prefer to find one who does not need me to come in on a regular basis, because, well, I’m cheap. My advice for picking a chiropractor is to find one who you can communicate with and who will explain to you what’s going on–it’s just like with doctors or therapists or anything else, if you don’t like one, just remember that they will all be a little different and try someone else until you find the right one for you!

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for a while my c4 and c5 were stuck together with my neck being straight instead of having that c shaped curve you are supposed to have. 

i went to the chiropractor every other day for a month and slowly worked my way down for three months until i was only there once a week until i was all fixed up.


if you got the health insurance to cover it, then yeah it’s a good enough reason.

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I have been to numerous chiropractors for migraines, and it didn’t work for me. My husband has back problems and he goes, combined with massage therapy. He says it really helps him.

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I go!  I have TMJ and some odd issues with being overly flexible, so the chiropractor really helps me.  I’m down to going about once a month.  I’d say if PT didn’t work, try the chiropractor.  Find one that you trust, though, because I’m on my 4th chiropractor.  My first one moved, my second one was weird, and my third one had me going 3x a week, and I’d have to wait an hour and a half every time I went to his office.  Finding a chiropractor with a philosophy you agree with is really important. 

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I just went for my first adjustment last night.  I have achy pain and stiffness in my upper back and neck which I always thought was due to my 36F boobs.  My back also cracks very easily and, like you, I often feel like it “needs” to be cracked and make my Darling Husband due it, afterwhich it feels much better.

I went to the chiropractor last week for initial exam and x-rays and when I went back yesterday, found out my neck has some major issues that are likely causeing most of my pain.  Your neck is supposed to curve backwards at about 30 degrees.  Mine curves forward at 19 degrees (ie 49 degrees off from what it should be) which puts a lot of added pressure on my upper back from trying to support my head.  My spine also doesn’t line up as striaght as it should.

Obviously it will take multiple adjustments and treatment to fix this issue but I was very happy with my first adjustment.  It released a lot of the tightness that I always feel and, although my neck is a little sore this morning (he indicated that this was normal and to expect it), my overall pain feels a bit better than usual.

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I have been going to mine for 27 years! The first time I went it was because I had several slipped discs and he got me walking again. I tend to have problems with my neck as I fractured it as a child and he is the only one who can get rid of my neck muscle spasms. I hurt myself this past weekend moving heavy furniture and “popped” a rib – that my chiropractor put back into place yesterday. My chiropractor IS my primary health provider. He keeps me healthy. I have not seen my DO in over 6 years! I am over 50 years old, and I do not take any big pharma or OTC medications because I do not have to!

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I can pop my back simply by breathing in deeply. My chiropractor said my spine was hypermobile? I think? He told me that I could continue seeing him or to work on neck and back strengthening and stretches. I stopped seeing him. I have been horrible with doing my exercises. But I’ve had back pain since I was 14 and have always been able to pop it easily. It’s gotten a little better but I’ve also been trying to avoid anything that causes me to pop my back – like popping it on purpose because it feels good. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chiropractors aren’t terribly expensive and it might be worth at least one visit to get a professional opinion and go from there.

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I go once a month and definitely feel it if I don’t go.  If I’m stressed or overworking myself (DIY projects where you’re bent over the papercutter for hours? Sign me up!), I need it more often.  My insurance will cover most of the cost, thank gosh!

My chiropractor has helped things get to the point where I’m not always hurting, which is wonderful.  He’s given me some strength exercises, stretches, and advice on vitamins and fluids that have helped me be overall healthier and stronger, which helps my back, hips, neck, shoulders, and jaw–my problem areas (which apparently are most of me).  Highly recommend–but make sure you get recommendations for a good one; the bad chiropractors are way more harm than they are good!

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I went three times a week for six weeks now I am about once a month.  My back was a full inch curved and my neck had no curve.  The pain in my back is completely gone, spine is almost straight,  aweful headaches are gone and I am almost at a normal curve in my neck.  They have some really great new equipment that was designed for NASA that has made a world of difference for my treatments.  I thank FH all the time for making me go.

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Chiropractic is nothing to be afraid of! I know there are many people who are afraid of chiropractors and don’t have a lot of confidence in them, but that’s just because they don’t know what chiropractic really is.

Chiropractic does NOT cause strokes. If you look at the total number of chiropractic adjustments performed that were immediately followed by strokes, and compare it with the number of visits to a traditional medical doctor that are immediately followed by strokes, you’ll see that the strokes occur close to equally as frequently from the MD and from the chiropractor. The people who have strokes afer any doctor visit or chiropractor visit are well on their way to having the stroke before they even step into an office, so it’s not really necessary to worry about having a stroke at the office.

Last thing, I promise, and then I’ll quit *talking* your ear off ๐Ÿ™‚

I am all for finding a good deal on every wedding purchase, discount codes everywhere I can find them, craft store coupons as much as possible. But when it comes to your health, is finding a good deal really the most important? Just think about how much it is worth to you to be able to get back to doing the things you love to do every day, without pain. For me, that’s worth a lot. Just keep that in mind when you’re looking at the price! You are so worth it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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