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Helper bee
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That’s crazy! I hope you can get it worked out.

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Busy bee
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Unfortunately, I’ve heard that the dust bags can stain shoes, which is so stupid.

i’m really sorry this happened. I’d definitely keep calling to make sure it’s resolved in some way.

good luck and keep us posted!

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Buzzing bee
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Ew those shoes look terrible!! I’m sorry that happened to you.

However, they are also right, like most luxury items (including purses) you must take them out once in a while to air out.  These items have leather (dead skin) so they need to be stored in a very dry place and not covered at all.

I can understand your frustration about it though. It is a lot of money.

As a Louboutin collector, I never store mine in the red bags (because like laundry, dye may come off the bag and stain the shoe).  I also take my shoes out (and purses) once in a while to get some air and to ensure the inside of my boxes are dry. Also, if you leave anything (not just shoes) in a box somewhere for too long, with temperature and weather changes, it’s going to warp. Think about the glue (it would melt) etc. I’m sorry you did not have that knowledge (it’s isn’t common knowledge if you don’t frequently buy designer items).

I’ve had great customer service from the online site but some of it is hit and miss with the boutiques. I’m sorry you encountered that. Who did you deal with, if I may ask?

The good news is, it is salvagable. What I would do is to strass it.  Order some Swarovski crystals and make it beautiful again.

There is lots of advice on how to do that and how to care for your luxury items on The Purse Forum (check it out!) http://forum.purseblog.com/

For the Christian Louboutin section: http://forum.purseblog.com/christian-louboutin/

How to strass in this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/christian-louboutin/the-new-cl-diy-thread-626141.html


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Helper bee

SO sorry you’re going through this!  I agree with previous posters that GooGone might work, but I would try using toothpicks instead of Q-tips, since it is oily,  You don’t want to get it anywhere but on the glue, and toothpicks might give you more control.  Then you could rub off the residue with dry Q-tips.  Good luck!

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Busy bee

I’m sorry to hear that your going through this. I have found that high end retailers are more geared toward consumers who buy their items for one season’s use and then donate them. I have been horrified by the changes in Louis Vuitton’s and Tiffany’s customer service, or lack of customer service so much so that I no longer buy their items based on principle.  You may want to consider using gak to remove the discolored glue – you know the borax, glue, etc mixture that you made in elementary science. I read online that because glue is a component of gak, it is the best glue remover ever.  Google it and absolutely spot test, I would definitely keep Gak away from the red coated leather sole though.  Best wishes!

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Busy bee
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Eww I’m sorry this happened to you. I have a number of Loubs, some which are over 2 years old and have never seen anything like this. However, I do wear some of them often or at least once per year. I’m kinda shocked by how far they have deteriorated. 

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Honey bee
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I would not touch those shoes myself until I exhausted all possibilities of having THEM repair them for me.  As soon as you do something to them, if you make it worse, then that’s it, they have no reason to help you.  That certainly looks like they used orange glue and the glue is leaking.  Keep calling.  Write letters.  You’re not in the wrong here!

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Helper bee
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I would deffinately plaster the internet with this. Also I would check to see if you can have them covered under house insurance. It’s a long shot but you never know… Deffinately talk to them again and say your not affraid to blow this out of proportion, because a few hundred dollars of customer service neglect could cost them several thousand once you have made a point to tell as many people as you can

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Helper bee
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I have worked in customer service for over 10 years, and that is a horrible way to be treated, especially by a high end retailer.  I would be really upset.  I would absolutely continue to push the issue with them, until you talk to someone who can resolve the problem.  You followed their care instructions, and the product didn’t hold up.  End of story… It’s their flaw, not yours.  I would make them replace the shoes.  And like the other girls said,  I would give bad reviews all over the internet.  I am so sorry you had to deal with that.  Good luck getting a solution.


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Bumble bee
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Is there a CL store near you? I thought there was one on BH or LA? talking to someone in person might get better results.

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Buzzing bee
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That is really horrible, and quite ridiculous. I own several pairs of designer shoes and handbags too, and I’ve never once been told to “take them out and air them periodically”?! What’s the point of dust bags if you don’t store your shoes in them?

Can you speak to maybe the regional manager of CL? I would go higher and higher until you find someone who is reasonable. Maybe also email their head office, and pepper their social media until you get a response.

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Busy bee
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That is so off putting! What a horrible way to treat their customers. I agree you should not touch them or try to fix this yourself. They are responsible for this. 

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I have a Loub collection and when there was an issue with my Biancas, they were so so helpful (Took them, had them repaired, reinforced and re-soled and they didn’t charge me a penny). I hope this is just a rogue case of poor customer service agents.

My original wedding shoes were CL Chiara in ivory. I bought them 18 months before my wedding and stored them in the box. Admittedly, I did air them periodically, but there were no issues at all with staining or marking.

Do you have all the original documents regarding the sale? They will always insist on this given the large number of replica sites. If you do, I’d say you are pretty bulletproof! GL


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