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Bring a towel from home dark colored lay it on the bed if your worried but like many bees have said very lil to no blood its not  like a period so dont worry and just be calm take your time and my suggestion is buy a good lubricant it will help alot you be nervous and that can lead to dryness which can create pain start out slow and take alot of time getting your body ready nice long bath massage ( hint hint hubby massage your back after bath with lotion ) and set the mood with candles soft music make it a calm peacefull night and remember The Lord gave sex as gift for husbands and wives and he wouldnt create anything that creates anxiety so let go of all fears and anxiety and just focus on the love you feel in that moment and you will be fine talk to your husband tell him your fears before that night is best pray about them together and be proud of yourselves that you can share this moment together the way God attended congrats on your marriage and may God bless your wedding day and your life ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I bled a little bit despite athletic activities, but not so much that a towel wouldn’t stop it from getting the sheets! And really, if you’re staying in a hotel, they’ve seen worse. Especially if you’re staying in a honeymoon suite.

Use lube if you can’t get wet enough, loads of foreplay first, and just relax. Tell him if it hurts, but you’ll be ok. He loves you and this is going to be so special for you. Congratulations on waiting, you are a better woman than I!

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I didn’t bleed at all. Pack a dark towel and a gentle water based lubricsnt (makes the first time MUCH easier) seriously, can’t stress enough how much a lubricant helps things from being painful. Even for women of all ages who have no issue with moisture it still helps with the comfort level. 

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@Mo2the:  Congratulations on waiting! Like previous posters stated, I think you should expect it to be like a very light day on your period. I would suggest bringing an extra flat sheet to place over the hotel sheets, or dryel fine fabric stain remover. What surprised me is that it continued afterwards, like the lightest period day x 3 days. 

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Everyone has had good advice so far. One thing I’d add is perhaps to ease into it over a couple of days. We only went halfway on our wedding night, only to the point where there was a little pain. The second day we went farther, and didn’t have a full “session” until our third night. Patience and lubrication. Our thought was there’s need to rush. You have your whole lives to be intimate.

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Well I havn’t had sex yet to answer your question but If you are too worried about the sheets just put a towel underneath or just go with the flow. Like some Bees said they have most probably already seen worse lol so dont worry ๐Ÿ™‚ hope it goes well and goog luck

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@Mo2the:  My first time only resulted in a very small amount of blood. There wasn’t enough to get it on the sheets at all and certainly not enough to soak through anything. If you’re really concerned and it’s going to take away from the moment, just lay a towel down on the bed and lay on top of it.

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@Mo2the:  +1

So thankful for this post cause I was also curious as well because I am a virgin as well.

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I bled a little, but only noticed afterwards when wiping. I agree with PP’s saying to just take your time and go slow. There’s no rush. Also, lube helps a lot.. at least it did with my first time ๐Ÿ™‚

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I didn’t bleed at all! It was a bit of a surprise, I expected some blood but there was none. I don’t think many women bleed heavily and the few that I know who did also reported that their first lovers weren’t as gentle as they would have liked. I’m not sure there’s a definite link but I’m sure your husband will be gentle so there’s one less thing to worry about.

I agree with the others, put a dark towel under your bottom and even if you happen to bleed heavily and end up staining the sheets somehow, don’t worry, I’m sure the hotel staff have seen worse things than a little blood ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re embarassed, it can’t hurt if you invent a little fib about how the blood got on the bed (you forgot to break in your wedding shoes and got a bloody blister that stained your bed – trust me, that happens to me all the time! lol)

Oh, and maybe bring some pads or pantyliners? They might come in handy if you end up bleeding for some time after, you’ll sleep easier without worrying you’ll stain the sheets or your underwear.  

Congratulations on waiting, I hope you have a wonderful wedding and a beautiful first time with your husband ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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@Mo2the:  I didn’t bleed the first time but did bleed once when we were um manually messing around… 

I enjoyed it very much contrary to what some think, I was ready and had no pain or discomfort despite the fact that he was a Big Boy. 

As for lube, I LOVE KY His & Hers, I would especially recommend it bc its his first time. It has a minty cooling effect on him which will help him last longer. For the girl it has a warm feel which will help you get to where you need to be. 

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Mo2the:  I didn’t feel any pain. It actually felt very good. But I bled a lot. I didn’t even think about me bleeding either becuase no one mentioned they bled a lot and I did a ton of sports and everything, so don’t listen to anyone when they say “if you did sports you likely wont.” Everyone is different so go prepared.


It got all over a sheet. It didn’t help that it was dimly lit and we didn’t know until after. We got hydrogen peroxide and it all came out. You should put a thick dark towel under you and pack a travel sized hydrogen peroxide just in case! Would have made it much easier lol


Also, get His & Hers KY. Best ever. We got the target brand and it was really sticky and we both hated the feeling of the His one.




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@Mo2the:  I didn’t bleed my first time. Start with A LOT of foreplay! You’ll be ok:)

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Mo2the:  It was hard to tell.  I was petrified of intercourse.  I had never able to use tampons or submit to an exam.  I couldn’t imagine how it wouldn’t be painful, but everyone insisted I just needed to stop worrying about it.  Well, it turned out, I had vaginismus.  Penetration was impossible.  I did bleed from our attempt and it was the only time I bleed.  I also swelled up.  But once I started working with the dilators and progressed to where I was able to have full penetratative sex, I never bled.

Sex did remain uncomfortable throughout the first year of our marriage even after it was possible.  During that time, I got pregnant.  I know that when my midwife examined me, she seemed a bit surprised.  After I gave birth, she said the way I tore would probably make sex easier.  Once I healed from birth, it was easier.  So I don’t know if my hymen just needed a baby’s head to break it or what.  Prior to getting married, I had doctors tell me all sorts of different things:  Your PC muscles are really tight.  Your hymen is really thick.  So maybe I had a very thick hymen plus vaginismus.  I don’t know.  Maybe they decided not to tell me.

Either way, though, it may be a good idea to have a towel under you or at least nearby.  Sex can get messy even without blood.

I’d say the best piece of advise I got was to pee straight afterward to avoid getting at UTI.  I did this faithfully for a long time.  The one time I waited, I ended up with a UTI and that was not fun.

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