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Like every discussion on this ever, you are going to have people on one side, people on the other and a whole lot of back and fourth argument that leads nowhere. 

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These topics usually go downhill.  Everyone has different, valid, opinions on this issue.

But I’ll bite:

I think abortion is wrong for me.  It is not a decision I could make, given my religious background and my beliefs on the topic.  However, I have always believed that these is an intensely personal decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and that it shouldn’t be made by people not in the situation.  That is to say, if you find yourself in this situation, I have absolutely no right to make the decision for you. I will support a loved one regardless of the decision they would make, because I have no right to judge.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

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@Kacey23:  What do you mean when you say the church?  I know of more than one.  Christianity is the most popular religion in Canada and the US, yet abortion is legal.  It doesn’t prove that most are for choice, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of Christians were for abortion being legal.

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I am a pro-choice Christian because

– People are going to get abortions anyway. They always have, and they always will.

– If someone doesn’t want to be a mother, there’s usually a really good reason.

– Not everyone is a Christian. Unless I was raped, the baby had horrible problems or I felt like it would be in grave danger (physically abusive spouse, or the like) I would never get an abortion. But this isn’t a Christian nation. My beliefs should not and cannot dictate others’ behaviors.

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@Kacey23:  In some ways I feel the same way you do. My church doesn’t say too much one way or the other, which I think is probably uncommon in this day and age… I tend to feel that Christians need to have a bit more grace and compassion on the issue. Abortion is not an easy decision typically and those who make the decision to have an abortion do not make that decision lightly. My DH’s family is really conservative and are always posting extremely pro-life articles on FB and trying to have debates on it. They are anti-planned parenthood. I feel like women need these services that planned parenthood provides- abortions, birth control, and preventative care. 

Would I like it if there were less abortions? Yes. Would I have one? I would like to say no, but I’ve never been in that position where I’ve had to make that choice.

What I do think would be beneficial is more education on things such as pregnancy prevention because I know that in my generation everything was always all about abstinence, which is a good choice, but not one that everyone will choose. Women and Men need to be informed about their birth control options and what safe sex is. I think that is part of the issue, that unfortunately people are just not informed. 

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@Kacey23:  Just like @HappySky7:  said…this thread won’t go well but since you asked….I am christian and because I am christian I can only help advise other christians. God calls us to love people and not judge but he also calls us to keep all other christians accountable. I think pro-choice is a personal descision and one I cannot judge or control. If someone considering abortion came to me then I would gladly help them make a informed choice (if they were christian then we would discuss religion during the conversation) but other than that it is out of my hands. I think everyone can have a opinion and be respectful. I do not support abortion but it isn’t my place to tell others what to do so in this way I am pro-choice. 

I would sooner yell at a christian for belittling an abortion clinic then I would yell at a clinic for performing abortions. 

I don’t understand how christians can be the hands of feet of christ if they push away huge amounts of gods children. Who wants to go to church when they are planning on getting an abortion and know they will be judged?

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Helper bee

Ugh. Can we put an end to this topic? All you have to do is type ‘abortion’ in the search bar and find 10 pages worth, with over hundreds of responses in a majority of them. 

This is going to end badly, and go nowhere. 

Leave it alone. Stop involving yourself in the lives of others. 

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@tentwelvethirteen:  This is very eloquently stated and really expresses how I feel as well. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I grew up in a very conservative Christian home where issues like abortion were presented in a very black or white way. The older that I get the more that I begin to realize that so many times there is a grey middle ground.

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@EffieTrinket:  I’ve never heard such a reasonable, thoughtful, non-extremist approach to this topic from a Christian. Smile I think that maybe the younger Christians are different, more open minded, than the people I know. 

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Sugar bee
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@Kacey23:  Have you considered changing churches?

It’s one thing to be anti-choice and quite another to bully, intimidate and harass women seeking legal medical services that are absolutely no one else’s business or concern. The term “sidewalk counselor”  would be laughable if what they actually did wasn’t so harmful and wrong. There is nothing Christian about that kind of behavior. 



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@Kacey23:  So, if you don’t really care one way or the other… Why are you starting a topic about it?


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Kacey23:  I label myself as pro life.  That said, there are many pro life organizations I don’t like.  I tend to like Democrats for Life the best, though I don’t normally associate myself with the democrats.  I believe in our obligations to help the poor, but I also believe we need to be fiscally responsible.  But largely, we have created a culture where being in poverty often means having an income where its impossible to save money and where the primary solution is to loan the poor money.  This, in my mind, is a form of slavery.  And often women find themselves in situations where their financial obligations toward those they owe money to and toward basic daily needs leaves them with little to nothing to give their kids. 

Merely condemning women for having abortions in such situations is not justice.  At the same time, however, our culture views abortion as a good.  It focuses so much on choice that its like as soon as you get pregnant, the question is “Was it planned or unplanned?  Are you going to keep it? ” and “Let’s do some genetic testing.  Oh, your baby has a genetic defect.  Want to abort now?”

The way I see it, once you are pregnant, you are a mother.  That baby is a human being.  We have an obligation to care for both the needy mother and the needy unborn children and that means helping them both.

It does sadden me when it seems the issue becomes so focused on “abortion is murder” that we forget the needs of the poor.  It’s one of many issues.

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I don’t think that a person can identify as Christian and pro-choice.  That is my belief.  I understand that is not everyone’s belief.  While I don’t condone abortion, I accept other people’s choices and love them all the same.

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You shouldn’t assume that all Christian’s are pro life. I identify as Christian and I am pro choice. I believe it’s a woman’s decision what to do with her body plain and simple. 

Morally, I think that there are limits on what are and are not appropriate reason’s for abortion but obviously we cannot control why people do what they do. They still do though have the right to MAKe that choice.

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