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@Kacey23:  God is the centre of my life and he speaks through the Bible. Therefore I find it to be the most important book in the world and reading it regularly will transform your attitude for the better. 🙂

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In contrast, God is also the centre of my life, and I find the Bible confusing and contradictory, and reading it is stressful. 

I always bear in mind that the Bible was written in a time and a place that was very specific culturally, so the way that things are communicated in the Biblno doesn’t always translate very well to nowadays. Not that Bible should be changed, but there are a lot of things in there that are implicit cultural references or accepted practices/traditions etc that either have no meaning or a different meaning to us now, or are completely lost to the mists of time. This has a profound impact on how we read and interpret it. In addition, the original texts have been through many translations, and just a subtle difference in translation can have a vast difference on how the passage reads. My vicar gave a really good example of this the other day, which I totally can’t remember! 

When I’m reading, I tend to focus on the New Testament, specifically the Gospels. But I don’t read it every day. In my opinion, the important bit is the life and teachings of Jesus. Everything else is people’s interpretations of the word of God as they heard it or received it. 

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@PoppyRose:  +1

@Kacey23:   I agree with everything she said. I also add that the book itself was written and re-written, translated and re-translated so many times that human error undoubtedly errored the words themselves. I take it with a grain of salt.

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I believe that all scripture is given by inspiration of God and that it is through the Bible that God speaks to us. Is it relevant to our lives today? Yes!

The whole idea of “hearing from God” through the Bible, seemed kooky to me at first. I read the Bible but didn’t believe I would get from it specific answers to personal questions. One day I put it to the test. I had a personal decision to make. I wanted to go ahead and do something, because I thought I had waited long enough and felt stuck. I wanted to take action NOW. But I asked God for guidance.

The next day I was reading the Bible account of how Jesus drove demons out of a man in the country of the Gadarenes, and the people freaked out and asked Him to leave. I thought, “What fools! Why would they ask Him to leave when he was performing healing miracles everywhere he went?! Who does something so stupid?!” The word Gadarene kept “popping out”. I felt the urge to look up the definition of Gadarene:

involving or engaged in a headlong or potentially disastrous rush to do something.

Then it dawned on me that that was my answer. I wasn’t just reading a story. This was something personal and powerful. How awesome is that? 😀

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I wouldn’t say it was a supplement. Not at all. I don’t read it every day, but I have read it extensively during my lifetime, and I would like to think that my Bible knowledge is reasonably good. I should probably read it more frequently… it certainly would not do me any harm.

It’s definitely relevant as the message is eternal.

… however, in response to your other question, I think that one of the key differences between Christianity and Islam lies in the way in which they approach religious texts. The Qu’ran is understood to be the word of G-d, transmitted by direct revelation. This is a problem when one prophet says one thing, and another prophet says another. How can this be?

In contrast, the Bible is written by imperfect messengers who try to interpret holy revelations as much as they can… but they are not always right, because they are frail and imperfect vessels. Jesus makes that clear when he corrects Moses’ writings on divorce in Matthew 19:8. It is not that G-d has changed his opinion on divorce, for G-d is eternal and unchanging, but that Moses’ contemporaries were imperfect vessels who were not ready to accept a more compassionate approach.

So… I think that Jesus’ message is eternal. Where Jesus’ teachings appear to clash with the teachings of other Biblical writers, Jesus’ word is the final word. After all… Jesus is also G-d… he is the only Biblical writer who is directly linked to G-d and has the clarity to interpret the Word 100% correctly. 

@PoppyRose:  This.

EDIT: Well… sort of this. I also try to read different translations of the texts over time, and I find the Greek etc fascinating. I am interested in reading the Bible. I also think it is more relevant to our daily lives than Poppy (sorry, PP!)

But… I still think there is a balance to be had here. It’s still divine inspiration, even though it is transmitted through imperfect vessels.

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I could correctly be called a lukewarm Christian. I just want to throw that out there since I post in the Christian section and obviously have some strong opinions, but I know have issues and some easily identifiable sin in my life as well as some snarkiness in some of my posts and some struggles with my faith. So with that disclaimer out of the way:

I vehemently disagree with Poppy Rose. I think it’s an enlightening and enjoyable thing to check out the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek to really understand the meaning behind certain words ( and a good study Bible or pastor will include things like this ), but I don’t believe the Bible has been translated into error or that ancient life was so different that certain things in the Bible do not apply.

If you truly believe in the omnipotence and omniscience of God, do you really think He doesn’t have the power to keep the Bible from being translated away into meaninglessness over the centuries? Or that He didn’t think about cultural differences between the time it was written and now?

I think personal Bible reading with a good study Bible is absolutely essential, and an alarmingly increasing number of people today do not do that. Devotionals, sermons, and Christian books should be the supplemental material – not the other way around. It really helps as well when it comes to identifying things taken out of context or teachings that sound good but really are not.


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Not only do I believe that the Bible is relevant today, I believe that knowledge of it it is essential to a Christian’s ability to know and obey God and to correctly discern the will of God in the Christian’s daily life.

God says in His Word that he has exalted His Word even above His name. He says Heaven and Earth will pass away but His Word never will. The Bible says that the all Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching and instruction and that the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword. It is THE plumb line of truth in the life of a Christian.

When Christians attempt to discern the truth of God or the will of God apart from the Word of God, they will end up in deception and error.


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For me the Bible is exteremly relevant… its counsel is stands the test of time. Y buy countless of books on marriage,family unity, raising children, how to be a good worker,being a good friend, and the list goes on! When this one amazing inspired word of God covers it all and then some. {2 Timothy 3:16}  Best of all this book helps you enjoy the best friendship anyone can any can have and thats one with Almighty God:-) The Bible is like a loving letter from a father to his chidren, He gives us hope,he guides us,he helps us, warns us, encourges us and also disaplines us. In james 4:8 it say ” Draw close to God and he will draw close to you..” what a wonderful undeserved privilege. The bible is my guide book for life and helps govern my life my thoughts actions and goals in life…im def not perfect but the Bible def helps:-)


I do also agree with reading it everyday,but that in itself is not an easy task… it takes a good routine to be successful, i do good,( me and my husband try to do it togethers) and then one night we dont andd we fall off track.. then we get started and you kno how it goes.. but its my goal to read it every day:-) i def include something spiritual everyday.. {Joshua 1:8}


Many ppl feel that the Bible like you said is just another good book to read but the Bible is lke no other, its historially accurate, scientifically accurate the prophecy is amazing .. we can see the proof just in looking around at the world we live in today. its truly inspired of God. Throughout history this book has been an object of hatred, they have tried to destroy it even killing ones who tried to make sure ppl could see with there own eyes the contents. No other book could of made it thru and thats because its Holy and God wants us all to get a chance to know him and his will for mankind,he will never allow it to b destroyed. I feel privleged t own and read for myself this beautiful gift God has given me.


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