(Closed) Christians and 50 Shades of Gray!

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i feel like if someone wants to read a book or see a movie they should go right ahead and do so 🙂 

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Blushing bee

First off, I am atheist, and if you you want to read or see something, then that is your right, so do it.  With that as background, I read the first book of that series, and I found it juvenile and silly.  Didn’t bother to read the rest.  Therefore, I see the movie as sliding down the slippery slope of crap that the books were, so I will not be spending my money on the book, as I didn’t spend any more of my time on the books.

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Sugar bee
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I think this is a personal preference. I haven’t read the books nor do I intend to see the movie. I am a gnostic Christian and though that maybe considered loosely Christian I just personally don’t feel this set of books/movies is appropriate or worth my time. I’d rather read something that I find stimulating to the mind and wholesome than something made famous by discussing subjects that should be private. What my friends and family do is not my business nor does it change that I love them for who they are. It is not my job to judge others choices, only make judgements on the choices in front of me in reference to my own self growth spiritually and mentally.

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Sugar bee
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I am a Christian. I read the first book and really wasn’t moved or impressed by it. I started reading the second and stopped.

Here is my thing, why must my beliefs impeach on what others want to do? Why should anyone boycott the movie – what point is being proven. I believe, too often, Christians use the bible as a sword to beat others and accuse them of wrongdoing instead of a guide of how to live our OWN lives to the best way possible and to walk the best walk.

Everyone’s convictions are different so I personally don’t believe there is a right or wrong answer. I have a friend who wont listen to any secular music and another who will only watch PG movies. For me, I don’t feel like I’ll be condemned for watchimg 50 shades of grey if I choose to, that’s what God made free will for right?

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Bee Keeper

I am a Christian and will not be seeing the movie because the book was so utterly terrible and poorly written than I cannot stomach spending $30 on a ticket and popcorn to see it played out in real life.


RE Christians “boycotting” or averting their eyes. This applies to so much more than just some dumb mommy porn. I tend to push back against organized “boycotts” of this flavor because it comes across as legalistic and judgmental, and even if I DO personally feel that way, I don’t like people making assumptions about me based on something I am “boycotting”. If that makes any sense. I think Christians spend a lot of time contemplating what entertainment is acceptable and OK, and I am OK with them making decisions for their own self and household. Where I draw the line is them trying to impose their very strict guidelines on others, suchas “people who listen to secular music are less Christian” or some other nonsense. 

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Buzzing bee
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People should be able to do what they want. I block/delete people like your friend on FB, because it’s their attitude exactly that makes me frustrated with religion in the first place.

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Busy bee
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why are religious people (on a general basis) some of the most judgemental people on the planet?  

So long as what is happening is between consenting adults, no one is hurt or ‘sinned’ against then I don’t see why it matters.

Yes, they were very juvenile books, little depth, poorly written, and barely even touched on the actual topic that made them so ‘scandalous’.

Sex doesn’t have to be vanilla, more varied sex is not a sin – and I wish people would stop judging everyone else for their personal choices.

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Helper bee
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I’ve never read the book and don’t plan on seeing the movie but that has nothing to do with me being a Christian.  It just doesn’t look very good to me.  I will watch or read whatever I want and don’t see why being a Christian would stop me.  I know there are people out there who refuse to read Harry Potter because of witchcraft and I just don’t understand that but to each their own!  If you don’t want to read or watch something fine but don’t tell me how to live my life.

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Busy bee
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I’m trying to avoid the trailer because the bizarre humming/orgasm noise at the end grates on my nerves. I also don’t plan on seeing the movie because I didn’t like the book. It’s literally (bad) Twilight fanfiction with the names changed so that it could be published, and you can tell. However, I don’t think that I have a moral obligation to avoid it, or to judge those who enjoy it. I do find it hilarious when people who I know have read and enjoyed 50 Shades complain about their husbands watching porn, though.

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Busy bee
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Isn’t there premarital sex in The Notebook? I think people just like to have something to feel indignant about. I am a christian and I find that most people who claim christianity and then go around bashing or acting high and mighty don’t really know what the bible even means. Plus they tend to be massive hypocrits

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I’m a Christian, though non-associated, and I don’t plan on seeing it nor reading the books. It has nothing to do with the subject matter, it just doesn’t interest me and I am not a movie theater goer. I find it hypocritical for those calling for a boycott to do so, especially when so many gripe when it’s done to something they believe in. I have no problems with people saying their family will not be going because xyz, that’s a familial choice, but telling others what religion (or lack thereof) should mean to them is crossing a line. 

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Why would the good Lord care about a poorly written, trashy film based on a poorly written, trashy novel? Aren’t there bigger things to worry about, like starving children and cancer?

If your friend wants to boycott something, they can boycott Nestle, or Caterpillar, or foods containing palm oil. Why bother with some stupid film?

Priorities, people…

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Busy bee

Kacey23:  I see both sides. I absolutely agree that if you want to read a trashy book or see a trashy movie, you should be able to. That whole free will thing was given to us for a reason and if you and your God have no issues about it, then go do what you feel is best. 

However, I can understand where your friend’s coming from too. I could see Christians saying that women should avoid that movie for the same reasons that men should avoid pornography. I think it’s less about being judgmental than it is about a concern that it may give women a false representation for what a relationship is to be like between a man and woman. I get it. I disagree to an extent, but I get it. 

I don’t plan to see it because I never got past the first hundred pages of the book. It was poorly written with no character development, and it was like I read the same paragraph, page after page because Sowbelly that author hadn’t figured out how a thesaurus works. Not my cup of tea. 

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Buzzing bee

Haha, I always think things like this are kind of funny. I mean, 50 Shades of Grey, really? That’s the worst smut out there right now? No, it’s just an easy target.

Their protests will get some mild publicity, and that’s that. I just find it kind of absurd that a silly little smutt book clearly written for ladies is the target. Not, oh I don’t know, all the underage porn on the Internet. It’s all political showboating. That’s why you don’t read articles about droves of Christians filling the streets shouting wildly for peace or giving to the poor. It’s much easier to rail against something. 

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