Christmas Eve/Christmas Day proposals

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Blushing bee
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My husband proposed to me Christmas Day in front of my children, they all knew he was going to do it, I had no idea! It was beautiful and as Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year it was perfect.

I personally think each to the own. I’m sure others would find it “tacky” etc but for me it was about love and family and commiment


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Honey bee

Nay. I think it’s basic and unoriginal. 

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Busy bee
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I continue to be bewildered by how the pendulum swings on this forum, between “he could propose with a twist tie in the middle of a sewer on a hot July day while we are both on fire, it would be fine, partners are just making excuses” to “better not be tacky, unoriginal, basic, or on a major holiday so I won’t miss him if we break up, or else.” Alas. And we wonder why cismen in heteronormative relationships get freaked out by trying to plan perfection.

I think Christmas proposals are cute. I didn’t have one, but I know folks who have … tons of opportunities for romantic moments, snowy snuggles, and pretty lights. I think there’s literally a whole genre of Hallmark movies on the subject. Other than the great point someone made about contract law (promise vs. gift), what’s not to love?

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Bumble bee

I wouldn’t care, we don’t celebrate the day we got engaged and I don’t even remember the date :/ 

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Bumble bee
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Not the same, but I know a girl who on the same day:

graduated college with an engineering degree

comissioned into the navy as an officer

got engaged


lol poor thing just finished finals and WELP WELCOME TO LIFE + MOVE FOR THE NAVY + PLAN A WEDDING LOL

rude imo

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Bumble bee

I got engaged on Christmas Day and it was as good as any day to me.  I don’t know why an Xmas proposal automatically means it’s in front of an audience?  That’s one thing I would not want – anyone else around but us.  When I got engaged it was just us and I don’t recall seeing anyone else for at least a few days, not sure exactly, but probably not until New Years when we went out with friends.  We didn’t get the memo that an Xmas engagement requires an audience – whoops! 

Celebrating our “engagement anniversary” is not something we’d do, so a special unique day just for celebrating every year was unnecessary in our case.  Christmas is not a big deal to either of us either.  Those things probably vary among couples & would make an Xmas proposal undesirable for some.  

I will say that while I’m not much of a Christmas enthusiast it was fun that day as we spent it in his loft (we had not officially moved in together yet) which was downtowns right on the parade route. So our engagement “afterglow” was spent sipping champagne & watching the floats go by right in front of us, like we could reach out & touch them being so high up.  The marching bands, etc., it was festive and fun.  I remember it was a bright clear sunny day too.  




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Honey bee
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I’m a nay. Mainly because I heard a guy proposed because he couldn’t think what gift to get.

My parents got engaged on Valentine’s Day. And they may or may not be getting divorced… that would suck more if it was Christmas / New Year / birthday etc.

Each to their own though.

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Blushing bee
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My husband proposed to me on Christmas Eve morning. We were all alone on a walk at a park. I actually think it was perfect, because we ended up seeing all of our family over the next two days and we were able to celebrate with them.

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Busy bee
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I wouldn’t have wanted my guy to propose on any holiday. I feel like its cliche, and also more than anything, god forbid something happens like a breakup or divorce etc and then that holiday will be tainted with negativity forever!

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Busy bee
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I don’t remember the date we were engaged but I also can’t relate to the posts about celebrating your “dating anniversary” after being married, so maybe I’m just not sentimental. I think Christmas proposals are lovely.

The only instance where I rolled my eyes at the timing of an engagement was when a friend’s boyfriend proposed immediately following her dissertation defense. It was a major accomplishment that she worked hard for and she didn’t get more than a few minutes to be happy about what she had achieved before he made it a day about him/them as a couple.


ETA: My grandparents met on Christmas Eve, were engaged on New Year’s Day, and married on Valentine’s Day, but they were living in a refugee camp so happiness was hard to come by and their timeline was accelerated. They were married nearly 50 years, though. 

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Helper bee

michelleh0686 :  I’m most likely getting proposed to this week so close to Christmas. Many women wouldn’t even want a proposal anywhere near Christmas or a holiday for different reasons (or so I’ve read). My boyfriend has planned everything, I told him my ring preferences and he designed it I haven’t seen it. He’s also planned the whole proposal. My only request was that it be private and that would be hard Christmas eve or day unless it’s a short proposal right before seeing family. Otherwise its completely doable and I dont get the fuss, I’d also never try to plan or direct my proposal by telling him when or how to do it. I dont find holidays stressful personally but it seems a proposal would be a nice break from the stress.

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Busy bee
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I did not want a holiday engagement simply because everyone (it seemed like anyway) in my social circle who DID get engaged, got engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day. I think in the year I was expecting a proposal, I saw 10 of my acquaintances on fb get engaged…  I didn’t want to be one in a cloud of Millions. 

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Bumble bee

michelleh0686 :  Thank you, it was for us.  Low key, relaxed, cozy, intimate.  I think it was nice too that being the holidays we were off work, so we got to just take some time to be together and engaged.

It’s funny that a lot of the reasons people listed for not wanting a holiday engagement (distractions, not being focused on eachother, not being alone, etc) are the exact reasons that my husband did it on xmas.  That day gave us privacy, no distractions, a relaxed, intimate setting, etc.  So I think it really depends on each couple and how they think of the holidays and how they observe the holidays.  

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