(Closed) Circle time. I want to hear your SIL stories.

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Honestly she sounds like she may need mental help which it seems like no one is offering her. Thankfully I have never had an issue with my SIL. She lives 5 hours away so we don’t interact much. 

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anonymousfornow: I have two. One is AWESOME! The other one SUCKS ASS…

I’ll just leave it at that lol

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I can tell you my FSIL’s stories. Only 2 so far, thank goodness.

I’ve known her and my fiance since we were all kids. Fiance and I have been together for 7 years. Everyone knew the engagement was coming which it did on May 17th of this year. We had dinner at his folks house the next day and she was there with her longterm Boyfriend or Best Friend. She looks at my ring and says “Wow, that ring is UGLY. Surely my brother didn’t choose that one.” implying of course that I picked out my own ring and made Fiance pay for it (nothing wrong with that IMO) I very quickly said that I had narrowed it down to three options and Fiance picked from those three because he wanted me to love my ring & for it to suit my style and the one I ended up with had actually been his favorite. She then launched into a diatribe about how unethical diamonds were and how glad she was that her Boyfriend or Best Friend would never get her a diamond.

A month later she texted me and said “You and my brother cannot get married in 2015. That’s when my Boyfriend or Best Friend and I are planning to be married.” Keep in mind he has not proposed yet & that they’ve had a rocky last 2 years (cheating, lying etc) I flat out told her that we had already picked our date and we were not going to change it. 

We have always gotten along. Even when we were all kids so I was flabbergasted to hear her freak out this time. Especially since I am planning for her to be my Bridesmaid or Best Man if she’s up for it (She’s painfully shy) She’s younger than my Fiance by 3.5 years so the whole “oldest sibling must be married first” wouldn’t apply here.

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anonymousfornow:  I really fail to see why she is such a weight to bear and a huge issue to you personally? Nothing you mention her doing really affects you? Who cares if she holds hands with her friends boyfriend or claims she is a virgin? Does it really matter? Sounds like you just don’t like her and are looking for excuses to justify that. 

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the SIL and I are basically the same person.  no clue how you cope with that lunatic sorry

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My Future Sister-In-Law and I don’t interact that often, only at family functions and corresponding for the wedding (we are including our sibling in the bridal party). However, she is also slightly narcissistic and is extremely dramatic. She is 22 so a bit younger than Fiance and I and for some reason thinks I lack intelligence. There have been quite a few times where she has made remarks that are offensive or rude, and I have simply brushed them off. The best one would have to be when we were having a holiday dinner, afterwards everyone was hanging out chatting and I wandered up to the veggie tray, I was debating on eating more and she asked what I was doing. I said, “Oh, just deciding on whether to go with the carrot or the broccoli.” She responded with, “Oh, haha, you are so simple-minded.” I wanted to smack her upside the head with the tray. 

Thankfully, my Fiance and his sister aren’t that close so I really don’t have to deal with her that often. I am a pretty passive person but if I had to interact with her more, I doubt I would be able to keep my mouth shut. 

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Let’s see… my SIL… got pregnant to trap my brother.  Bore a child with half a lung.  Kept the child and my brother from my side of the family with excuses that were so transparent and bullsh*t — oh, we cant come visit this weekend as your daughter has the sniffles and we dont want the baby catching a cold but the next day they take their baby to a 60+ member family reunion for her side of the family.  Cant bring the baby to my parents house because they live in a condo with no basement and they are concerned about moisture/mustiness but it is okay to stop in the adjoining condo for a birthday party with her coworker’s kids. Years of this.

Skip ahead a few years.  Their second child diagnosed with cancer.  My brother diagnosed with Stage 4 inoperable lung cancer and given a year to live.  Who do you think got to quit her job to stay home with the child?  Her family has an empty farmhouse 30 mins. from my brother’s home. We urged my brother to enjoy his kids with the time left, to quit his full time job and let their new home go, and just move into the empty farmhouse.  That’s right, my brother worked the next two years until about the month before his death.  

I cant tell you how furious I am with her, and with him, for letting it all happen.  My parents never had a relationship with the grand babies… never an overnight, and only one single afternoon with the older child.  Passed over for invites to the destination wedding and 8 hour drive from us (her sisters and parents were in attendance).  Not a single person on our side of the family was invited. In the memorial service for the grandbaby that died, not a single photo of that child with a member of our family during the slideshow. I spoke to my brother two days before he died – but I had not spoken to him for the 8 years leading up to it because my phone calls and emails had gone unreturned — they shared an email account, I might mention.  My brother was not there when our father died at the begining of those 8 years and all of this has torn at our clinically depressed mother for the duration of their relationship.  

My brother was so close to my parents all the years until she came into the picture.   


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I hate to say it but you got me beat. She sounds like a true…character. Hahaha. As long as you and your fiance keep some humor about it I’m sure you’ll be fine.

My Future Sister-In-Law and I could not be more different. She is a big tomboy and super young for her age. I say that like I’m remotely girly so let me give you some context. I wore boys clothes up through middle school, played every sport there was, sat with the boys in elementary school/played with them at recess….I was the stereotypical tomboy and loved every second of it. There came a time when I began to like boys so I tried a little harder and I guess that’s when my “girliness” started kicking in but I am still a bit of one today. So you’d think we’d hit it off and love each other. Nope.

She is going to be a senior in highschool and if I even say the word makeup she looks at me like I am the devil. Hahaha, I am laughing as I type this because at first it bothered me but now I have come to realize how funny it all is and just take it all with a grain of salt. I knew I had to ask her to be a bridesmaid (etiquette) and when I planned this cute thing and did she took a mili second to look up and said “so do I have to do the stuff like wear a dress?” Welp, preferably but if you can’t totally okay too. I have a pretty good lesbian-dar from playing basketball all the way through college so I was 100% convinced she was (which I actually thought we could bond about because I’d be 100% supportive and by far the most understanding of everyone in the fam) but now she has a very bizarre boyfriend. I’m still convinced though.

Since she only has brothers I always try to talk to her about things she wouldn’t want to bring up with her brothers or her parents (the in laws are pretty intense.)  Failure.  I am an outgoing person and sometimes we can be in a room for an hour and I’m asking her all these nice questions and making jokes and she will not look up from texting on her phone once.  She is OBSESSED with her brother (my fiance) however so she will be much nicer to me around him. Overall, she is just very anti-social and cold…which is kinda the opposite of me so we definitely will never have that bond. But we don’t have anything negative against each other either which is why I can’t fully complain. I’ve told myself to not get annoyed on my wedding day when she’s off in the corner b****ing about having to get her hair done, making sly remarks about why alcohol or champagne is so “stupid” and be on her phone texting the entire time while all the other bridesmaids and myself are having such a fun time but it’s inevitable and I figure if I go in knowing it’ll happen I can only be happily surprised! 

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Hellish88:  Omgoodness, that’s really heartbreaking. I’m so sorry. 

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