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Buzzing bee

Hugs and hugs and hugs. 

I belong to the small percentage of women who had beautiful live births after multiple losses, and I truly do know what your situation is like.

Yes, your feelings are normal. 

A group of us were getting together for coffee one day and I was heading through the dining room toward my friend’s patio, and on the dining room table? Her first box of prenatal vitamins. I thought I’d die…..but I knew how happy SHE was, so I knew I HAD to put on “the face”. And I did.

I honestly couldn’t come unhinged every time I had a loss, it was actually making me worse, so I finally convinced myself that I’d never give up, until through some way, I’d become a mom. And I did, twice.

My every good thought is with you. I light candles and pray all the time for women in your situation. 

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Helper bee
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I feel your pain 100%. It’s OK to feel how you feel. Your friend probably has no clue what it’s like to watch other people on the journey you want to be on. 

TTC has been one of the most frustrating, rollercoaster-like experiences of my life, and I have a colorful past, so that’s saying a lot. Late 2015 and until basically this year I have avoided friends and acquaintances with babies like the plague. Not because I care about them any less, but because it hurt so much to have it right in front of my face when it just wasn’t happening for me.

I am finally coming around, but honestly, I still don’t seek out friends with kids. Still not pregnant (hoping this is my month), but at least for me, it has gotten a bit easier. I think I just burned myself out from the stress. Now I am taking it one day at a time. I don’t troll TTC forums any more. If I weren’t struggling with irregular cycles, I wouldn’t even be taking my BBT. 

Hugs & good luck. 

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Blushing bee

achilles :  mine were screwy after M/c too. I had to do the progesterone withdrawal challenge in order to cycle normally again to take the next round of femara. Don’t be afraid to call the doctor and tell them “things aren’t back to normal, can you do something about this” in these cases you have to be your own best advocate 

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Busy bee
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hugs…after 14 months of trying and 2 chemicals, I get it. I used to be outgoing, but now I can’t hang out with my group of 6 girlfriends because they all have kids and talk about them constantly. My SIL is prego and my boss’ daughter just had her 2nd baby…after getting knocked up on first month trying. This is why this board exists so we can be friends. 🙂 

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This is a very timely post for me. I miscarried last week after trying for a year and a half. I was 2 days away from 12 weeks when I miscarried so I had mentally started to feel relief that things were going well.

After leaving the hospital and walking around during the daytime, all I saw were babies, which just reminds of what I don’t have. 


Hope to start the journey again soon. Lots of hugs to everyone. Our time will come. ❤

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Bumble Beekeeper

tm6173 :  It’s 100% normal to be jealous so don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your feelings. As long as you don’t ACT on that jealous and start being bitchy to every pregnant woman you see it’s no one else’s business if you’re jealous. I was in fertility treatment when a good friend got pregnant on her second month of trying – and I was genuinely thrilled for her, but I still went home and cried to my husband about how unfair it was that other people could get pregnant so easily. She started trying a year after I did and still birthed a child before I even got pregnant. Happiness and jealous are not mutually exclusive feelings. 

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Sugar bee

I can empathise with you, OP. I am currently recovering from emergency surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy after my fallopian tube ruptured – now I am left with only one tube. I still have both ovaries thankfully.

I do not feel jealous of other people being or getting pregnant per se, but I feel jealous and annoyed about the stress and trauma my husband and I have had to go through when it appears so ‘easy’ for many other couples … Also the additional stress and worry we will go through when we TTC  again will be another massive hurdle. Pregnancy is stressful enough in the first trimester especially, even before you factor in previous losses and complications etc. So I get where you are coming from 🙂

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Helper bee

tm6173 :  your feelings are SO natural and do not make you a bad person. Take care of yourself and do what you need to to stay healthy emotionally.

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Buzzing bee

I so get this! 

An acquaintance of mine got pregnant with her Dear Daughter after a weekend of winery/brewerytouring. They were barely trying, and didn’t expect it to happen so soon. As soon as she was cleared after her Dear Daughter was born, she went on Mirena. Come to find out, she’s pregnant again. She went into the doctors thinking maybe 5 weeks? She was 15 weeks along, and is now already over halfway there. Insult to injury is that she is also the mom who constantly snapchats hiding in the bathroom drinking a beer or wine, hiding from her children (her husband has a DS from a previous relationship). I don’t doubt that she loves them,  but I know her getting pregnant again was NOT in their plan and a total shock. They even waited another several weeks to tell their family while they wrapped their heads around it. 

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Sugar bee

I get so annoyed since we are newlyweds and getting the “when are you gonna have a baby?” question all the time because only close friends and family know what happened with the ectopic. It’s none of their business when we plan to have kids damn it 😑 I wish they would shut up lol

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