Cleaner has seen our sex toy – let's hear your embarrassing moments

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Blushing bee

My husband and I were upgraded to this amazing suite with its own private beach when in Bora Bora (luckiest thing that ever happened to me!).  Above the private beach, it had a private deck with a hot tub.

It was pouring with rain in the middle of the day and I thought it would be super romantic for us to hop in the hot tub together. So there we are, getting down to business in the hot tub in the pouring rain with Mount Otemanu in the background when we hear voices. Another couple had decided to go for a walk and had somehow got to our private beach (no idea how, as it was completely cut off from the rest of the resort by the sea). I hear the woman say “I think this may be someone’s villa” as the tops of their umbrellas start to bob into view as they climbed the steps to our hot tub deck. I shouted out “it’s private” as their heads came into view and they quickly turned tail and fled the same way they came. They totally knew what we were up to.

Our resort was tiny (something like only 12 villas) and we kept bumping into them everywhere for the next 5 days. We were super embarrassed but also found it rather funny. “It’s private” in a panicked voice is now a catchphrase in our house!

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  • Wedding: March 2017

Every time Darling Husband & I stay somewhere someone ALWAYS tries to walk in on us having sex. Our wedding night he was literally on top of me about to stick it in and someone tried their hardest to open the door! Then we tried having sex the next morning only to discover there was a HUGE tour outside our room (place was a very old, famous house)..the bed was a super old tester bed so definitely squeaky.

Also on our honeymoon I had tons of lingerie just thrown all over the place at the B&B we were staying at. We went down for breakfast, weren’t done getting ready or cleaning up and we went back to our room to find they had already cleaned it and of course moved my lingerie to my bag! I was so embarrassed and I had to look at those people for several days after.

We also went on a trip back in December and again we right about to do the deed when someone knocked on our door. We didn’t have any clothes on and my husband was like uhh, who is it? Turns out some people below us had gotten locked out of their room and needed us to call room service.

We always joke now if we go somewhere on vacation, wherever that someone will try to come in on us!

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happybridetobe1988 :  Exact same thing happened to Darling Husband and me a few years ago. We laughed it off and figured that they see it all the time but were way more careful moving forward.

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Bumble bee

Years ago I made a plaster cast of my ex-husband’s erect penis. It wasn’t meant for anything. I (we) made it kinda as a joke/novelty item. We were bored! 

My mom found it……….. 

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Busy bee

The police caught us having sex in the car once at the beggining of our relationship, they came up to the car window with flashlights, we stepped out of the car, thank god i wasn’t naked, i was wearing a skirt, but they saw my husband hahaha, the officers were trying to act serious, but you could tell they wanted to laugh so bad,  we were just kids (19? 20 years old?) and that was the most embarrasing thing in the world! After that we got married and have a daughter together, we recently purchased a house and my mother in law was helping me unpack when she found a huge pink vibrator that i have (LOL) she didn’t say anything and I acted normal, but i was slowly dying inside hahaha, thank god it wasn’t my mom though, that would have been a different story.

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lovelyruby :  Holy sh*t, that is hilarious! I’m at my desk dying!

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happybridetobe1988 :  HAHA our NANNY found some of ours and even tucked our bed restraints back under our comforter. We had a crazy night after we put the kids to bed, passed out and then woke up late so we didn’t have time to hide everything well. She texted me later asking where the little one’s shoes were and I said they were in our closet for some reason then had an OH SHIT moment when I realized what else was in our closet. She covered it all with a shirt, tucked the bed restraints back under the comforter and never said a word. SO and I died laughing that night. lol

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happybridetobe1988 :  I have SO many embarassing moments over the years. One in particual is massively embarassing and I wish i could wipe it from memory! Keep in mind I was SUPER yound and didn’t even really know what I was tlaking about.  When I was in 5th grade, I prank called a boy in my class who was a huge jerkoff. It was his house phone, it went to voicemail- I left a voicemail in a fake voice saying something like “oooo you are so sexy, I want to grab you d*ick” 

OMG I have NO idea why that would even be something I would know at the time but I did. Anyway, his parents going the voicemail, which was linked to the number I called from…you know…the HOUSE LINE. They talked to my dad and my dad talked to me. MORTIFIED. They played him the voicemail and was like “Ummm, Mr. ABC you daughter left a disturbing message for our son”. So even though it was a prank and I really hated the kid, he thought that I was obsessed with him after that. 

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This may be Too Much Information but you did ask so…

Every now and then, I like to get tied up, so my fiance got me bed restraints that wrap around the mattress. When we moved out of our last apartment, we forgot to take them off so when the movers lifted up our mattress, there they were, in all their glory, splayed out on the box spring. To their credit, they didn’t say anything, but it was definitely an “oh crap” moment. 

I also had a close call when I moved cross country. In an effort to bring as many clothes with me as possible, I packed two suitcases full of them, and my mom just put her two changes of clothes and toiletries into one of the bags. I wasn’t paying attention when I finished packing, so I had just shoved my vibrator and lube into that bag. When we finally got to the hotel and were digging out our toiletries for a much needed shower, I spotted the clear plastic bag with my bright purple vibrator in there. I totally panicked and ended up yelling “WOW MOM LOOK OUT THE WINDOW” then reached around her, grabbed the bag and shoved it into my purse.

I don’t know if she figured out what exactly I did, but she did side eye me because our blinds were closed at the time. 

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Blushing bee

Is it weird that I love these stories? 

Darling Husband and I lived with his mom for about a year while we were dating. It was an old trailer so obviously privacy was limited. His brother was over one night and texted Darling Husband from the living room “oh my god I can hear you I want to die.”

We were not loud at all. That’s how thin the walls were. tongue-out

I know this is nothing in the scheme of things, but it was my first experience with being ‘caught’.

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  • Wedding: July 2017

My husband and I moved into a room in my parents house and saved for our wedding while they fixed up an apartment for us. Months into us living in the apartment my mom calls and says she thinks she has something of mine. So I go to pick it up…its this bag.. And in it is a dildo. She says is this yours? I said UH MAYBE and snatch the bag. She laughs so hard and says maybe eh? And I leave quickly wanting to forget it ever happened Lmao!

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