(Closed) Cleaning your ring with oil?

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Buzzing bee

I tried it and it cleaned it well enough, but I didn’t notice a huge difference from cleaning it with my jewelry cleaner

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Sugar bee

Can I say that I put this method on another thread and I didn’t soak rings in oil .  Please do read the thread carefully.  

I used baby oil, water, Fairy Liquid dish soap (washing up liquid), water for rinsing, a squirt of windex and two egg cups.  

I put a small amount of baby oil in an egg cup and dipped my diamond ring in it for 10-15 seconds.  

I then rinsed the ring in water (remembering to put the plug in the sink). 

I placed a small amount of neat Fairy Liquid in the second egg cup and placed the ring in it for 10-15 seconds.

I rinsed the ring in water again.

I squirted the diamond with Windex (Windolene)  for no more than five seconds and then immediately rinsed the ring again.

I placed the ring on my finger and let the diamond air dry.

The entire procedure took less than 40 seconds with no soaking or scrubbing involved.  I only used this method on a simple solitaire diamond ring.  I warned people not to use this method on emeralds, opals or pearls. 

The only addition I made to the method was to say that people might consider dipping the ring in dilute dish soap immediately after dipping it in neat dish soap.  This was just to make sure that the dish soap reached all the nooks and crannies that the oil had reached.  

The principle behind this method is as follows: 

Oil sticks to diamonds and over a period of time reacts with the air to form new substances that stick even more strongly to a diamond’s surface and are particularly resistant to detergents (including jewellery cleaner).  However there is a simple way of removing them – they dissolve in new oil very easily.  New oil is then in turn easily removed by detergents.

I can’t remember what the other thread was called but please feel free to search for it and read the debate.  





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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I can find no evidence that such oils “stick to diamonds” and are uncleanable by a detergent which specifically designed to act as an emulsifier, which allows water and oil to combine.<br /><br />I just stick with the tried and true Dawn. Usually works while I’m washing my hands, but every couple months I’ll have a go at it with an old toothbrush.

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Sugar bee

I have to say that on the other thread a lot of people disagreed with the method but didn’t try it out.  So they were happy to say that it didn’t work in theory but then refused to try it out in practice.  This is illogical.

I am not at all worried about people not trying this method out.  I certainly don’t do everything that people suggest.  But if people decide not to try it or they only partly do it or they use different procedures or detergents or oils then they cannot unequivocably say that the method doesn’t work.

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Hyperventilate:  oils aren’t the issue here but the compounds that form when thin layers of oil oxidise in air.

 These compounds are no longer oil  but probably are aldehydes and ketones.  There may even be sticky resins formed too if the aldehydes react with the urea in sweat from fingerprints..

I have to say at this point I am no chemist so please take all this chemistry with a pinch of NaCl (salt).  I’m only guessing.


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Sugar bee

The other thread is called  ‘Super and simple way to clean a diamond’.  Please feel free to peruse its contents.  You’ll find a variety of views.  I just don’t want to have this current thread turn into an aggressive or argumentative thread. I want to keep things friendly and constructive.


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Sugar bee

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Baybeejulia:  No worries.  Not offended.  🙂

I think I’m just a bit sensitised by some of the comments on the other thread.  Plus I don’t want anyone to get the wrong end of the stick and damage their ring.

Have a good day.

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