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I found that healthy eating is all about balance. If you go out with friends try and eat something healthy but its all about moderation. Yes, it is okay to have a cookie but don’t eat the whole box, maybe just one or two.

It’s also all about meal prep. Meal prep is the key to eating heathier. Make some healthy food that you two can have for a few days and it will help with wanting to run off to Mcdonalds when your feeling lazy.

Replace foods you love with just healthier food!! For example, cut out bread for a hamburger and use lettece. There are so many recipies out there for just  more healther food. If you love say a banana and chocolate chip muffin and can’t live without it, find alternative ingridents. The trick is not about depriving food that you love, just finding healthier alternatives. 

Hope this helps! Good luck! 🙂

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I try and live an 80/20 lifestyle.  During the week I eat a lot of fruit and veggies for breakfast and lunch and chicken/steak/ground turkey and a veggie for dinner.  We do Hello Fresh for dinners and love it!  On Friday and Saturday I allow myself to enjoy dinner out, while still eating a protein, unless we go for pizza. Eating healthy can be easy and fun once you get it figured out. 

If i have to have fast food I still try and make it healthy, like Chick Fil A.

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When I clean it I do it by focusing on eating as “natural” as possible, so trying to eat things that have come from the earth or animals. We eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, beans, rice. We do season our food and whatnot but the bulk of our grocery shop is made up from the list above. When we go out to eat we normally eat what we feel like. Some days I might eat a salad, other times I order pizza, it’s all about moderation.

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We only buy “clean” unprocessed foods so that we have more limited access to junk when those pesky cravings hit. We always ate more healthy anyway so the only big changes for us was that we stopped buying meat, period. And we swapped out dairy for substitutes (mainly almond and coconut milk based as Soy intolerances are quite common and I think I’m a bit sensitive to it). 

Where we once had meat in dishes we now replace by adding some Legumes to the dish but mostly just bumping up the veggie portion and grains (quinoa, bulgar, and spelt mostly). 


The first two two months I found myself periodically craving cheese, sugars, processed breads, etc. Now I don’t really notice their absence and actually when out at restaurants I don’t find myself drawn to the typical meat/cheese heavy dishes I used to order.


for the first months I really tried to not give into my cravings so that my taste preferences could adapt. Now that they have, if I’m out to eat and there is a meat/dairy/sugar dish that really calls to me then I go for it, bit it’s quite rare (although I did have a pulled pork sandwich last week because it looked sooo good!)

we do a lot of homemade veggie sauces over quinoa/bulgar/etc as dinners. We’re not very adventurous cooks and food is more a “necessity to live” than a source of joy for us (always has been) so we’re pretty content just rotating through variations of the same ~10ish meals. 

My job now requires a lot of travel and hotel/airport food in countries with traditional diets that are very meat/dairy based. It’s hard to find good to eat and often at restaurants I end up just asking that they make up a plate of the veg/starch sides that go with the actual mains. Unfortunately these are often in cream sauces or cooked heavily in oil but I take the best of what I can get and am not hard on myself for it. I may not be doing “clean eating” perfectly but I am doing it sustainably for The phase of life I’m in. That’s my biggest priority, sustainability. 

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Brown rice + veggies + spices (like cumin, chili powder, etc) is a go-to favorie of ours. We have that at least 3 times per week. 

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One word: Grill. Everything is better grilled! And get a steamer or just a steamer pot insert.

grilled chicken breast tastes amazing! Darling Husband and I have grilled chicken fajitas at least once per week. Chicken breast, red peppers, onions, and seasoning. No tortillas, no cheese, usually no rice. 

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We are currently trying a whole plant based diet. Basically it’s a vegan diet but without any prosessed synthetic meat and cheese substitutes. I cook a lot of woks with brown rice and  whole grain pastas. We have increased our consumpton of veggies, fruits and nuts and are trying (not always sucessefully) to give up all animal products. I highly recommend documentaries about healthy eating such as Forks over Knives, Food Choices etc which are onNetflix. 

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The best advice about clean eating that I have is to find a store that you can click and collect (or have delivered), if I plan my meals and only order what I need to make them then I don’t have foods that I have no self control with in the house. If I go into the store I have ALOT harder time staying away from the cookies etc. That way when I am hungry I have to make something healthy or go all the way to a fast food place (which 95% of the time is too much energy) so I end up eating healthy. 

Also find a few recipes that you really like that take 10-15 min to make, and keep the ingredients in stock…so on nights where your really tired you know it’s not much longer to make your go to healthy option than go and get take-out. 

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We eat plant based 80% of the time, plus eggs, sometimes salmon or chicken. We like… roast veggies, stir fries, massive kale ceasars (with homemade avocado vegan dressing), breakfast for din, burrito bowls etc. our grocery trips are all produce! Get a good paleo cookbook, but add rice etc if you want 🙂

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Recently my whole family changed our lifestyle eating habits (grandparents, uncles/aunts, parents and siblings) to natural eating: lots of fruits, veggies,nuts and seeds; some meat, fish, and dairy) just no sugars and no wheat.

At first it is hard because we had to throw out everything we owned and try to find alternative that don’t have refinned sugars or wheat (they are literally in everything). No process foods, nothings that can be kept on shelves for months. The easiest is to make everything from scratch. 

We (family and close friends) all have a little backyard farm so we have fresh eggs, poultry, pure maple syrup and raw honey and soon dairy. I’m looking forward for some fresh butter.

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I’m doing an elimination diet to work out what foods I am intolerant to. Which is of no relevance to your question. But it does mean that I am cooking everything from scratch at the moment because processed food has lots of ingredients that I don’t recognise and therefore could contain traces of dairy or wheat or garlic or onion or the other zillion things I have to avoid at the moment.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I realise that healthier eating, where you make everything from scratch is genius. I’ve lost weight because I’m not eating processed, nutritionally light, but high calorie foods. I’ve saved a heap of money (so much that I’m embarrassed by what I used to spend on food). And for me, I feel so much more well – which is going to be different for you perhaps. I was really sick before I started.

My point is, good on you for making changes. There are so many benefits! (Just don’t walk past a strip of cafes when you’re hungry like I did this arvo. It will weaken your resolve!)

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two words: MEAL PREP!

i have struggled on and off with “attempting to eat healthy” my entire engagement. I would do it all day and then as soon as I got home, that’s when I would eat whatever I could get my hands on. We had a “candy drawer” that I just could not resist diving into. 

The last month, however.. I tried a different approach. The very first thing I did was organize my fridge like this: 

Then I went out to the store, and bought TONS of healthy foods (low fat cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, fruits, veggies, eggs, etc…) and various containers from the dollar store. I cut up a bunch of fruits and veggies and put them into baggies and containers, so now when I leave for work I just grab whatever and go. I also make sure to bring enough food that I won’t run out before lunch and be tempted to run to Tim Hortons or something. I try really hard to mostly eat what’s in the fridge (raw, healthy, unprocessed) and use the food in my cupboards as “back up” (granola bars, crackers, more processed stuff)

My “usual day” is as follows: 

-Greek yogurt topped with berries and “healthy” granola or oats (I check the sugar)

-cucumber/ red pepper/ cherry tomatoes/ grapefruit/ blueberries as a snack

-can of tuna and hard boiled eggs for lunch 

-hummus and crackers/ avocado spread on whole grain toast/ banana

Fiance isn’t as focused on healthy eating as I am, so dinner usually requires a little creativity on my part! But lately I’ve been loving …

– using romaine lettuce as a “wrap”, this way we can still do tacos, fajitas, other wraps but I will do a healthier version (and surprisingly it still tastes good)

– salmon, asparagus and rice 

– “healthy” chicken Parmesan (unbreaded grilled chicken breasts topped with tomato sauce and a bit of shredded low fat mozza + veggie

– grilled chicken breast with salad

it’s honestly amazing how much easier it has been  to eat healthy by making sure I have things prepped in the morning before work. I also downloaded MyFitnessPal and track my calories/ macros to try and make sure I’m eating a healthy balance of fats/proteins/carbs

and lastly (not to do with clean eating) but I also stumbled across these” T25 workouts” and they are only 25 minutes so it’s perfect for someone busy but they KICK MY ASS! 

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