(Closed) Clever ways to save up money for your wedding?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

If you do alot yourfelf, or with help from some good grafters you could save somey that way…. but maybe consider a second job… or OT?

I fig my budget if I set this aside a month I can meet my bedget, along with hoping my tax returns are at a cert point… But I know if I work YXZ over time that helps my budget even better… and WHen buying something think do you really need it? if its not wedding related

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: March 2013

@GoldenBeauty2202012:  Are there any “extras” at home you can cut back on, even if only temporarily?

Do you have a cable package that you can downgrade?  Ours is like $100 a month, so we could easily save $50 extra there and upgrade again after the wedding.

Do you have a cell phone data plan you could downgrade until after the wedding?

Do you eat out at all? Could you cook at home instead and set that eat-out money aside?

Do you have a grocery budget? Can you shave anything off of that for a while?

Can you decrease the amount of driving you do?  Maybe bicycle instead, or make less trips?

Just a few suggestions.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: October 2012

Def if you become a DIY bride you can save tons… By doing you own invitations, flowers, etc… Joann’s and micheals have coupons for 40-50% off weekly and I’ve saved tons doing thingS myself!

Also buy things used if you can…. There are tons of great barely used items in the classifieds on here!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

You really need to take a look at your budget and see where your money goes and what is NECESSARY and what is not.  Here’s stuff I recently cut back on:

Mani/Pedi is $14+tip – I now do my own nails and go maybe once every 2 months (or longer even) for a mani/pedi.

Dye and Highlights – I used to get my hair dyed and highlighted.  It’s too expensive.  I now go to a local place that sells professional dye for $10.  They match the color for you.  I do one solid color for $10 instead of a single process at $60-70 or highlights at well over $100.

I take the train and subway to work instead of drive (I do live in NY so this really isn’t as big of a hassle as public transportation is elsewhere, I’m sure).

My Fiance and I walk almost everywhere and I just bought a bike ($88 from walmart) for myself.

I have a gym membership that is $60/month for a Zumba studio, but I get $500/year back from my job.  Otherwise, it would be groupons and living social deals and being creative with running outdoors and do workouts at home.

We cook as much as we can at home over eating out. 

I haven’t purchased ANY new clothes in over a year and I refuse to for a long time.  I don’t really NEED new clothes.  I’ll buy new clothes when I need it – like $5 t-shirts or flip flops from Old Navy.

I told my friends we weren’t exchanging bday or xmas gifts.  It went over really well.  We saved over $1000 in christmas gifts this past xmas.  We all went out as a group for a brunch instead and it was a lot more fun.  You should consider telling family to hold off on bday/xmas gift exchanging until after the wedding is over, as well. 

If we do eat out, go out, buy clothes, get extra gym things, etc – check out groupon, livingsocial, lifebooker, bloomspot, ideeli, shopittome, hautelook, slickdeals, dealoftheday, etc. there’s tons and tons of deal sites.  never buy something full price, it always goes on sale.

We shop at places like Walmart and Target and we get some REALLY nice things.  I really really really hate to pay for shipping, but sometimes shipping is cheaper than the time and gas spent to go to the store and sometimes the online deals are better.

Check coupons online and in circulars.  I’m not a big couponer, but always always always google for coupon codes before buying anything.

I don’t know about other drugstores, but my Fiance and I get 20% off everything at RiteAid.  You sign up for a free wellness card and once you hit $1000 points, you get 20% off all future purchases (or the sale price, whichever is cheaper).  We let people use our card all the time to quickly rack up the 1000 points and then you get 20% off for the full year next year.

If you don’t have to buy a new car, don’t.  Shop aruond for cheaper insurance rates – I heard of some people increasing their deductable to get cheaper monthly rates.  If you can buy an older car, do so.

I learned a lot of these little things by reading the book Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  It’s life-changing. 

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, you can always ask if they will work with you on the price – especially in the smaller boutiques.  Ask if they’re offering any incentives, any deals, etc, or what kind of deal they can offer on the sample dress.  And, don’t be fooled into buying an expensive veil (they should NOT cost $400 – you’re only wearing it for an hour!). 

Time is money.  Do your research!  Good luck!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

yep garage sale

I made about $250 on garage sales; $100 for two sales–sell stuff you don’t need anymore, electronics you can sell on craigslist and sell well; if your Fiance has electronics he doesn’t use these sell well-you declutter as well

I sold all my gold orphan earrings for about $100

seek out and become good friends with someone who works on the airlines, they have buddy passes and you save a ton, going to the UK is $440 total any time of year including airport tax round-trip business class; they get 6 passes a year and some go to waste! I know this bec sis is a flight attendant and it came in handy for my hubby and my long-distance relationship at the time he was from the UK


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2014

@GoldenBeauty2202012:  change from all week. we are puting 100 bucks each away a month and we are both saving our change. i dont use any change to pay for anything ill give them a dollar at the store just to get change back for what i pay for ; ) we have a jar set in our closet. i put all my change in it. i bartend so i get alot of quaters every week. i have learned to live without cashing them in. in about 3 months i alone saved almosr $700 ; )

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

There was a bride on here once that had a special jar for wedding saving. Her fiance and her had to put a dollar in if they said or did certain things. I think eventually they extended the rules. It could also be a good way to break a habbit you don’t like about yourself. I’m pretty sure they ‘saved’ a lot of money that way.

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: June 2013

I tutor, and plan to pick up another tutoring gig this fall.  That will be money that will ALL go toward wedding expenses.  

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

We opened an ING Orange savins account and transfer money from our checking into once per month.  The interest is more than a regular savings account so it helps a bit and it’s separate so I don’t seen the money when I check my regular bank acct (out of sight, out of mind).  It is still liquid enough that if you need it (like when we made deposits) you can transfer it to your checking and write the check to your vendor.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

recycling cans/bottles, yard sales, using coupons…maybe you could try selling mary kay or avon? you would need to spend some money on your kit first, but if you have friends & family who will buy from you, it may be worth it.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

My Fiance and I save up by taking money out of the bank and use mostly cash. We always round to the next dollar for the change, even if we have the few cents. We take the change every day plus his tips and put it in a jar. We are less likely to spend change for thing and any dollars that we might have, I burry it to the bottom of the pile so we don’t see it. Out of site out of mind.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

Use cash only

empty your pockets daily, put all the change aside and don’t touch it!

don’t eat out

pack lunch for work



well, that worked for me anyway

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My mom gets a wine bottle and puts it in her closet. When she has change/ a couple of extra singles, she shoves them in, and since it’s a wine bottle, she can’t get it back out. When she is ready, she breaks the bottle. 

What about little jobs like babysitting, dog-walking, etc? Or cleaning? 

Good luck! I hope things work out. 

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