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I think everyone has at some point. I had a friend petsitting for me and the collar my dog had on snapped. She ran away towards a VERY busy road and my friend and her bf panicked and ran after her. It took about two hours to reign her in as she weaved in and out of traffic. I was just happy that I didn’t have to be there to witness that!

I’m glad your pup is safe and sound, and guarantee you will never look at the garage door the same way again 😉

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On Christmas eve my 11 pound pup was dangling in the mouth if FI’s dog’s mouth, being shaken violently. I am very lucky she didn’t get her neck snapped. We are going to a professional dog trainer who specializes in aggression towards other animals…$3,000. ugh. that was NOT in the budget. But it could have been a $3,000 vet bill. So I am seeing the glass half full with that one.

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Oh gosh! So glad it was just a close call!

I have had a few. The most recent was two summers ago (so its been a while.) One of my cats ran outside on to our balcony (we live downtown, it is a small town in the country but STILL its downtown!) So if he got loose I would probably have never seen him again! 🙁 I grabbed him as fast as I could hung up on my mom & everything getting to him. Needless to say the door is carefully watched when opened now!

The most horrific is when I lived with my parents still (SAME cat.) He is a sneaky one!! lol

We use to let him outside when I lived with my mom because he would just stay in the back yard & she lives in the country outside of town, so he would then come to the door when he wanted back in. Wellllllll, they got a new dog & the dog scared jax (the cat) by chasing him around the backyard! So Jax ran to the front yard & across the street into a huge field full of those bushes with thorns! There was NO getting inside it. So (reminder this was in the dead of winter) I went to that spot (small little hole he crawled through) for 2 or 3 days straight with food calling for him in the freezing 20 degree and lower weather staying out there from 7AM to 11PM NO JOKE! FINALLY the last day he came out (I thought I would never get him back!) & That very night a snow storm came so just in time! 

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We’ve had many close calls, including escaping from the house and having to chase the dog down the street.

Today was the worst, and it was no longer a close call but a real issue. Our boy got in a fight with another dog at the dog park and before Darling Husband could grab him, the other person stepped in and grabbed the other dog, causing our dog to bite her : – I showed up MINUTES after it happened. Worst. Day. Ever. I’ve messaged her online, as she didn’t swap any info with Darling Husband (but I know who she is), and she told Darling Husband that she wasn’t going to report it – I guess that’s my ‘close call’ moment. I have no idea how bad it was though, she didn’t show us and left just after I got there. 

Sucks he did it, but in a dog scuffle they get in a flight or fight moment and reaching in is dangerous. I always approach a dog fight with two people if I can, not alone.

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Our cat got out and ended up getting sprayed in the FACE by a skunk. We had to run out because he was crying at the top of his lungs and hysterical. My husband wrapped him up in a towel like an infant and gave him a bath. His eyes were totally red, he was foaming at the mouth, terrified, panting. It was horrible! We laugh about it at his expense now, but GAH that cat smelled awful. And probably traumatized. 

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In our old place we had a giant fenced in backyard, but when we got our dog she somehow found ways out (I still don’t know how.  We patched the fence once, but she kept managing.   I swear to this day she jumped over the fence (5 feet) like Lassie or something.  I think this happened 3 times that she was actually “gone” and we lived right by some busy streets.  So.  Scary.

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Satine was sitting on my grandmother’s lap when she suddenly jumped off to chase a bird or squirrel.  I never moved so fast in my life.  Luckily, she never ran into the street, but she ran a good ways away from our house.  My heart was beating so damn fast.  She has never done that before.  It was the first and last time.

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@7-9-11bride: so scarey! Just the other day we had a big scare! We are renting right now and one window in my husbands office does nto have a screen. I tell Darling Husband all the time NOT to open that window. Well, he had it opened anyway one day. I came back to his office to bring him his dinner and the window was all the way open! And guess who was out side the window on the ledge????!!! OUR FOSTER CAT! And guess who was halfway out the window? OUR BABY…OUR CAT! I totally freaked out but kept a calm voice because i didnt want to scare any of the cats and them fall (we are on the second floor). Darling Husband calmly got up and got the foster back in but than our cat went out side the window. I seriously just started cyring. I couldnt really do anything because I didnt want to startle him. Darling Husband got him safely in the house though. I was so scared and so mad at Darling Husband. needless to say, I dont think Darling Husband will be opening that window again anytime soon! Now that was a close one. 

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Toby, our silky terrier was playing with a friend and her son when he swallowed a rubber ball.  No one saw him playing with it, except the 3 year old son.  He was vomiting after eating, very lethargic, etc.  I was terrified, and of course, Darling Husband was out of town.  I rushed him to the vet and after the x ray, he had emergency surgery.  It was the worst moment of my life.  He is my baby, and I can’t imagine him not being here. 

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Gizmo once was hanging out with me outside, he’s a very well trained dog. He heels very well. Side is his main command. We’ve done TONS of training. 

Anyway. We were outside, and he was sitting on the porch with me, and he saw a cat for the first time ever, and there was NO STOPPING HIM. And I used to live next to an express way/toll road. Right where the toll is. And so people are GUNNING out of them, and it was 5pm so rush hour in the direction he would have been in first.

He followed that cat, and I yelled GIZMO STOP DOWN, damn if he didn’t laydown in the middle of the road. And wait. I yelled SIDE, and he came right back and laid down beside me. He got a big ole bowl of popcorn after that.


Second time, this was after we moved, and he got out the front door and we live right on a busy road, Cary Street if anyone wants to look it up, or knows the area. This man pulled his car to block the flow of traffic and called him to him. I was shaking I couldn’t even talk to command him.

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oh my! I would have been FREAKING OUT! Roediger, my shorkie, once scared the crap out of me… we were outside and he saw a cat and ran after it! The cat jumped through the gate (we lived in a gated condo community) and he’s so small that he followed it! A car was coming and I was screaming for him to come back, but he didn’t stop running. I was already halfway up the gate/fence to jump over it when my now-husband yelled at me to get down (I was just recovering from a broken foot). Luckily, Roediger stopped before the street, but I swear my heart had stopped. He really freaked me out that day… he was usually such an obedient dog! Knows all his commands perfectly but he just wanted that cat bad, I guess.

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I just came home and my yorkie had gotten in the kitchen trash. I had to call for him and when he came down the stairs, he had a plastic bag stuck on his head! I freaked. It was a good thing that i didn’t make an extra stop on the way home,

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I’ve only had two close calls that I can remember. I have a crazy cat. She was caught in a have-a-heart trap as a kitten and brought into the petstore I work at. I love her to death but she’s a nutjob and only lets us pet her if we are sitting in certain places, never likes to be picked up, and especially doesn’t like my fiance to pick her up. We have a huge fishtank so when we do water changes we run a hose from the tank out the backdoor. I thought all the cats were locked up but apparently crazy J was out. She went outside and sat at the bottom of the steps. My fiance saw her and tried to catch her and she bolted into the woods. We spent an hour or so looking for her but we figured we were scaring her so we went back inside. We got everyone in the bedroom and slept with the doors open incase she wanted to come back, this was last December btw. We got up a few times to check, no J. My fiance and I both came home early from work the next day to search for her. It took about 3 hours of searching but finally the dog paid extra attention to a fallen tree I had walked by 10 times. J was hiding down inside. We grabbed her and wrapped her in a coat so she didnt freak out about being held and get loose again. I doubt she ever would’ve come home. 


My other close call was with my bosses dog. I was watching him for her while she was out of town for a week. He’s a mostly outside dog so I just had to go feed and walk him. He’s pretty polite and sits to put on his leash, so I would just open the gate, hook him up, and off we go. Well one night I missed with the leash clip but the dog heard the click and took off through the gate. I ran after him but he wasn’t stopping. He’s a husky so I just pictured him running and running, then running some more. I called my fiance crying for him to come help me because I couldn’t even see the dog anymore. I got off the phone and walked to the other side of the neighbors house. The dog had his head in the trash can. I told him to sit and hooked the leash right up. From the on I went completely inside the fence to hook up his leash.

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Just a few weeks ago my oldest dog Lucy ran right out our front door and was heading for the street because she saw a squirrel. She is a hound, fwiw. I was running after her like a crazy lady screaming, “Lucy, Stop! Come back!” And “Wait! Stop!” to the BUS that was heading towards her. :/ I grabbed her and had to bring her in by the collar because obviously she wasn’t on a leash and she weighs 60 lbs. I was shaking for a good bit. :/ Scared the CRAP out of me. A bus was heading towards my baby! And didn’t see her until they saw the crazy lady (me) running down our hill.

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