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LuluInLove:  I have 1 bummi small prefold starterpack I bought 2nd hand for 40$ & 1 pack of econobum prefolds. She’s growing out of the smalls right now (chunky thighs) so I’ve ordered another pack of econobums & a couple of medium bummi covers since DH finds the velcro easier than the snaps.<br />Also, I run my washer on “Heavy Soil” but don’t do a pre-wash or extra rinse.

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LuluInLove:  We bought a stash of 25 Rumparooz pocket diapers. They’re pretty expensive but they’re great, we love them!

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I DD is 11 months old and I have been cloth diapering since she was 4 months.

We have about 15 Bum Genius 4.0 (which are a two-in-one system. They have a removable insert and pocket)  (http://www.bumgenius.com/) and a few Thirsty Duo covers (http://www.thirstiesbaby.com/products/cloth-diapers/duo-wrap/) that we use with prefolds (we rarely use these). I do have one All-In-One diaper, but prefer the pocket diapers because they dry faster and I can adjust the absorbency easier with the pockets (add additional inserts). I purchased the Bum Genius diapers at Buy Buy Baby with a $5 off coupon or 20% off (they take Bed Bath and Beyond coupons too) which would price out to be about $14 each.

I have a sprayer that is attached to my toilet (http://www.bumgenius.com/diaper-sprayer.php) and I spray the poop off with that (even when EBF). However EBF babies poo is water soluble and it is ok to just through them in the wash with out spraying. Pee Diapers just go into the pail.

For my diaper pail I have a stanless steel trash can with a lid that is opened with a foot pedal. The liner I use is a Planet Wise pail liner (http://www.planetwiseinc.com/Planet_Wise_Pail_Liners_143_subcat.html), I do not add anything to the pail. I put the liner in the wash with the diapers. 

As for a washing routine: I wash them every other day. I seprate the inserts from the pockets and rinse them. Then I wash them with soap with hot water. Then rinse one more time. During the warmer months I line dry everything outside in the sun. During colder months I put the inserts in the dryer and line dry the outer shells. The sun does wonders to stains. I am probably in the minority, but I use Tide Free. I haven’t had any problem with using Tide, it does seem like others use Charlie’s Soap (http://www.charliesoap.com/) or even make their own detergent. I have striped the diapers once and I did this by adding bleach and Dawn dish soap to the wash cycle. 


I hope this information helps!

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Oh I forgot to add….When out and about I carry a Wet Bag in the diaper bag. This holds the dirty diapers until we get home. I also use Planet Wise for this. (http://www.planetwiseinc.com/Planet_Wise_Wet_Bags_39_subcat.html)

These bags are also great for soiled clothes or wet towels and swimsuits from the pool or beach. 

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We use AIO (Bumgenius Freetime), wet bags for dirty storage (planet wise), diaper sprayer, and our washing machine. When our kid started solids, we added disposable/flushable liners because eventually, their poop will firm up and you can just dump it off clean into the toilet, but until that happens it’s anything from stew to peanut butter. (I’m seriously sorry I’m using the metaphors, but you asked and I’m trying to be clear!) The diaper sprayer will get it off well, but it was just too much of a headache to stand there spraying at like, 3am or something if he pooped in the middle of the night. We also have a 1:10 bleach:water spray that we keep by the toilet. 

So, if a diaper is wet, we spray it with the bleach water and toss it into the wet bag. We keep 1 by the changing table in DS’s room. If the diaper has solids, we take it to the toilet, spray the solids off with the sprayer, spray it with a little bleach solution and put it in a 2nd wet bag we keep by the toilet (we own 5 large ones–3 are always out, 2 to spare). When the bags are filled, or we need new diapers (which for us is roughly every 2 days), we take them down to the washing machine, do a prewash, then a heavy-duty wash with extra rinse. Everything gets dumped straight into the wash with AIOs and wet bags–the bags included. No removing the pads, no washing pails, etc. Some people like to soak; we never did that, and instead did the prewash on cold to prevent stains (the heavy-duty would be hot). I usually air dried them to get them further sanitized in the sun, but I also live in a warm climate–may only be a summertime thing for you, but I’m pretty sure all the varieties can go in the dryer (ours can if we need a quick turnaround). We did not dry the wet bags only because our dryer has a tendency to rip the waterproof lining which makes it…no longer waterproof. So we air-dry those always, and that’s why we own 5. 

EBF can go straight into the wash without spraying. Breastmilk is completely water soluble. But, for us, we decided we’d better get used to spraying, so we did it from day one. 

We strip the diapers every 6 weeks or so, which is a fancy way of saying that we give them several extra rinses. 

Other stuff we have on hand: disposables (for travel, for the times we get lazy), two compact wetbags we can bring with us on the go in case DS spoils his diaper (they each hold about 2), cloth diaper friendly butt paste (we use CJ’s Butter, which is ridiculously expensive, but we both hate the smell of Desitin anyway). We have cloth-friendly detergent; personally, I think my Costco stuff is fine, just don’t overdo the detergent. 

Sorry this is so long–I could talk about CD all day!

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I use prefolds, mostly Bummis but a couple of other brands too, and Thirsties Duo Wraps with snaps. I also use wool soakers, 1 WoollyBottoms and some similar ones from Etsy. I plan to make my own too using the Katrina Soker Pattern. I wash every 2 days usually, sometimes 1 or 3 though depending how fast she goes through stuff. I have disposable liners and a diaper sprayer to attach to the toilet once she starts solids, but for now the EBF poop goes in the washer. I use Nellie’s Laundry Soda to wash. I do a warm prerinse, hot wash with detergent, and an extra warm rinse at the end. I hang to dry (the prefolds get stiff, but I just rub them down with my hands when I fold them and they soften up). Between washes, the used diapers, used cloth wipes, and used liners hang out in an unzipped large Bummis wet bag. We don’t bother to zip it up since she’s not mobile yet, but that will change once she is. I also have 2 travel sized wet bags that hold ~6 used prefolds. I have Bummis wet bags and a Planet Wise wet bag and I much prefer the Bummis because they dry faster. The Planet Wise has an outer cotton layer that just takes forever to dry and it’s never ready by the time I need it.

I also have a couple of Mother Ease OS fitteds, some Muttaquin fitteds, and some Kawaii and Alva pockets. The fitteds were gifts and we use them sometimes (the ME overnight with boosters and wool for my little heavy wetter) and the pockets are for babysitters and grandparents. I have 11 pockets and that’s probably more than enough.

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We exclusively use Flips covers and inserts in our family. We’ve used them since my son was 8 weeks old (he’s almost 11 months now) and love them! We have 24 inserts and 10 covers and I do laundry 2-3 times a week. We use a trashcan with a lid for a dry pail and love our Planet Wise liner. We have two liners so even if one is in the wash, we still have one in the pail since our son’s poops wait for no one! We have pups in our family so we ALWAYS have doggie poop bags and we’ve used those when cleaning a poopy diaper. Now that my son is pooping solids, I use a wipe to grab poop and put it in the bag. I continue to put all wipes used to clean his tush in there as well. When done and all clean, I tie the bag and dispose of it in the trash which is taken out pretty much daily. It’s just what works for us! Because of this, we never had to spray. My son has become a super soaker so I use two inserts on the largest setting of the cover for bed and when we go out and so far, we’ve been leak free! When we wash, I do 3 prewashes on cold (we’re still stain free!), 1 heavy wash on hot and 2 additional rinses and strip once a month with bleach. I dry his inserts in the dryer, always completely dry with 2 cycles. I hang dry his covers and they are usually dry by the time his inserts are which was a main point for us. When we go out, we use a Planet Wise wet/dry bag for any soiled inserts and it’s been great. We try to get full mileage out of our covers and wipe them down with a wipe and then down again with a dry cloth to remove moisture and reuse it until bath time at night, or until it absolutely needs to be thrown into the pail (poop smudges or just…stinky). We find cloth diapering to be extremely easy, convenient and much more comfortable for our baby, who is almost a toddler! WAAH! We think it’s definitely one of the best decisions we’ve made for our son. Hope this helps! 

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For background, my daughter is 2 weeks old today, so I’m no CD’ing veteran, but here’s what we are doing for now:  Do you use a wet or dry pail, or both? for now we use a wet bag–it is waterproof and has a zippered top. We throw it in the laundry with the diapers sometimes. Baby’s diapers aren’t that smelly yet, so it works great. It just sits on the changing table.  If your baby is EBF do you rinse off the poop before it goes in your pail? I am EBF, and DH rinses the diapers with a sprayer attached to the toilet tank before they go in the wet bag/laundry How often do you wash? Probably every other day to every 3 days. We have 6 covers and 24 liners, so they last while. I definitely recommend getting the kind of diapers with a removeable liner to put in the cover, rather than having to wash the cover every time. Newborn pees/poops are so small that they are most of the time contained on the liner itself. 

ETA: we are using Softbums Omni and Echo diapers and like them a lot

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Figuring out the routine that works for your family is key, and everyone does seem to do things a bit differently, but here is what has worked well for us after about  3 months of experimentation (our baby is almost 4 mos. and we started with the CDs at about 3 weeks):

– we use a regular plastic kitchen trash can with a lid that raises by stepping on a pedal, and we have two large wetbags that we rotate in the can/through the wash. We do a load of diaper laundry roughly every other day, when the can is between 3/4 and completely full.

– we have a mixed stash, but almost all one-size pocket diapers: mainly Kawaii Baby and Alva Baby, some BumGenius and FuzziBunz, and an odd TotsBots and homemade diaper here and there. We like the Kawaii’s best, followed by the Alvas and FuzziBunz. We like the heavy duty Kawaii Baby with two inserts, one charcoal bamboo and one regular, for overnight, and the rest of the time we use just one regular insert (either microfiber, bamboo, or hemp – no strong preference among those three).

– we use a diaper sprayer and disposable liners to remove as much poo as possible before washing. Even though our baby is still EBF, we just prefer to have as much as possible of the poo dealt with in the toilet and not in the washing machine. And when we start feeding solids we’ll already be in the habit of using them.

– Our wash routine: start with a soak cycle on cold with the highest water level (I read online that it’s important to do this to rinse away as much urine as possible before starting the wash, so that you aren’t washing all your diapers in what would basically be a urine+water solution). Then we switch to hot, adjust the water level to the actual amount of diapers, turn on the extra rinse, and add a nearly-but-not-quite-full scoop of J.R. Watkins fragrance-free detergent.

– at the end of the cycle, I pull out the wet bag as my litmus test to see whether the detergent rinsed out sufficiently: if there are little bubbles clinging to the PUL side, there is still detergent residue on everything and it needs a better rinse. If I only see water droplets, I know it rinsed clear.

– any lingering stains get a couple of hours in the sunlight. It’s really amazing how well that works!

Both DH and I have been really happy with how well CDing has worked for us. We used disposables on a couple of trips (~3 days each), and we had blowouts galore the entire time, whereas the cloth really seems to contain things a lot better for our baby. I chuckle now at how intimidated we were those first few days – if I could do things over, we would have started with cloth even sooner!

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I use a small garbage can (one with the foot pedals to lift the cover). I put a large liner bag in it. I use the dry pail method. I mostly use prefolds, but also have some AIO/pocket diapers.

All my EBF diapers go in without rinsing, as do my wipes. I never have had an issue with smell, and wash every 3 days.

When they are in the wash, I would do a pre-rinse, heavy wash (hot) and spin. That usually did the trick and got everything clean.

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