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  • poll: Do you currently or want to use cloth diapers?

    I have a child/children and use cloth diapers

    I have a child/children and don't use cloth diapers but am interested in trying

    I am pregnant/don't yet have children but am interested in cloth diapers

    Other (in case I missed something!)

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    Commenting to follow ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m only 15 weeks but have been planning to cloth nappy since we started TTC over 2 years ago ๐Ÿ™‚

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    NewfieBullet:  So excited you started this thread!  I’m really looking forward to what everyone has to say.

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    My first question: do you use different laundry detergent to wash them?

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    NewfieBullet:  You don’t have the option, tried and hated them… we tried them yeah no thanks.  I do so loved the many differ styes out there but it just didn’t work out for us

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    Following! I have one daughter and we didn’t use cloth with her, but I’m pregnant with #2 and would love more info!

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    I’m REALLY interested in cloth diapering, but baby will be heading to daycare around month 4 or so, and I’m not sure if I should do cloth diapering at home, and disposables for day care (I haven’t been able to find one near us that will take cloth diapers).  DH thinks it will save us in the long run (especially since we’re planning on more kids), but I’m not sure…

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    What style/brand of diaper do you use? i use flats and prefolds. i’m an old school kind of girl. i like using fleece liners (which i cut) in them, but that’s really it. i use mainly thirsties two size covers. but also have bum genius, some etsy, wool, etc. i did use all in ones (bum genius) but honestly, it’s such a pain to separate them and wash them separately and with special detergent and build up and blah blah blah. simple is for me.

    How many cloth diapers do you have? flats, i have a ton. like probably 100. i buy the flour sack towels from walmart or target (seriously) and they’re my favorite diaper. prefolds i have 10 newborn, 5 preemie (which i use as doublers for nighttime now), 45 small, 45 medium, and 45 large. i use my flats much more than prefolds. 

    What do you like about the diapers you use? they’re so customizable. the flats i use fit a newborn and a 1 year old. i can fold them exactly how i want and make them nice and tight. my whole system is very simple. 

    What don’t you like about the diapers you use? nothing!

    Any other recommendations? i used to use special soap (charlies soap) now i use whatever because it’s flats mainly. 

    i love cloth diapering, and will for every single child i have! 


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    arielmerms:  i answered up above ๐Ÿ™‚

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    What style/brand of diaper do you use? We use Rumparooz and Ella Bella Bums (we’ve tried Bum Genius, Bumkins, Alvas and Sunbaby too)

    How many cloth diapers do you have? 37

    What do you like about the diapers you use? The pretty styles, especially the custom ones. Seriously, check out Ella Bella Bum and/or the Buy and Sell FB page. The custom designs and patterns are AMAZING. It’s seriously an addiction!

    What don’t you like about the diapers you use? Rumparooz have a shorter rise so we had to unsnap earlier

    Any other recommendations? Don’t buy a whole stash right away, buy a couple of each brand to see what you like best. I bought 25 Rumparooz and I wish I had bought less once I found how well the EBB’s fit.

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    melisandescott:  I’ve thought about the same thing. 

    Does anyone use cloth diapers at home but have to use disposables for daycare? Does it end up being just as cost effective?

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    1. I use bumgenius 4.0s and freetimes. 4.0s are pockets and freetimes are all in ones (aio). They are all one-size (8lbs+)

    2. I have 30 which is perfect.  I wash about 15-18 at a time so I always have some on hand.

    3. These are the only ones I tried.  There are so many brands out there and types I just wanted to keep it simple. I choose one-size because I didn’t want to have to buy multiple sizes (increasing my cost). I also choose these because (once the 4.0s are stuffed) they are ready to put on. They go on just like a regular diaper. This makes them very easy for husbands and grandma’s.  

    4.0s are not as bulky as freetimes.  This is only a big deal the first maybe 6 mo ago. When baby is still really small the freetimes are too bulky, so I used 4.0s with the newborn insert for the first few months. Then we had to start using the regular insert. Now that she is bigger the freetimes fit her better and hold more urine (since there are 2 inserts sewn in).

    So now I use both freetimes and 4.0s. Freetimes are nice because you don’t have to stuff them, but they take longer to dry. And they hold more on their own. 4.0s dry faster but you have to stuff them. You can add additional inserts to both to increase absorbancy. My Dear Daughter is 9 mo and I haven’t had to do so yet. But she will fill up the 4.0s faster because I only have the one insert in them. 

    I am glad I have both types.

    I have never had a single poop blowout in cloth…but I have in disposable.

    I still use disposables for traveling and usually overnight (1 diaper per night) because they just hold so much urine.

    If youre having more than 1 kid they save you a LOT! Plus, believe it or not,  there is a good market for used cloth diapers. I bought mine for about $16-18 each and could sell them for at least $8-10 used. 


    4.I can’t think if anything I don’t like other than they are bulky compared to disposables when baby is super small. By 6 mo it wasnt an issue at all. They definitely dont hold as much urine as disposables so you just need to make sure to change them every 3 hours or so (disposables hold a freaky amount of urine).

    5. Look for a local cloth diaper store. Many of them have tris. You pay $150 (or whatever) and get diapers for your newborn. After the trial period is over thst $ goes as credit to buy whatever style you like.

    Look for a local cloth Facebook group. Good for tips, questions, and buy/sell/trade.

    Think about what is important to you. If $ is a big issue get prefolds and covers. 

    Get a good wetbag. 

    I use flushable liners now that my baby eats solids and I just flush the poop away. No diaper sprayers or dunking my diapers in the toilet.

    Make sure to find a diaper cream that is compatible with cloth diapets


    Laundry: I only was about 2x-3x a week. 

    If baby is exclusively breastfed (no formula, no solids) the whole diaper goes into the wetbag. You need to get the poop off otherwise (as best you can). I just unzip the bag and dump all the diapers in along with the wetbag. Two cycles with an extra rinse at the end. You can read up on that. I use country save powder and it works for me.  After I put the inserts and bag into the dryer. 4.0 shells and the freetimes get hung on my foldable drying rack. 4.0s are done by morning and freetimes take 1.5 days or so. You can sun for stains although stains don’t bother me.

    Laundry doesnt take more than 10-15m of my effort  per wash…so im not sure why people think they’re a lot of work…they are not at all!  I think only when baby is a newborn you might have to do laundry more often, because you go through more poopy diapers with a newborn than an older infant. Even then the most I did was laundry every other day .

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    Great idea for a thread!  I’m currently pregnant and we’re planning on using cloth.  We’ll be using prefolds and covers during the newborn stage (we’re registered for Osocozy prefolds and have tiny covers from Assunta Store), and then we’ll be doing pockets during the day and fitted diapers with covers for overnight.  We have some Bum Genius 4.0s and a handful of pockets from Sunbaby right now.


    My question for current CDing moms is, what is your wash routine?  Also, have you had any laundry problems, and how have you solved them?

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    Commenting to follow. We are planning to cloth diaper so I’d love to read up on what you mamas who already do it have to say ๐Ÿ™‚

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