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Helper bee
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New bumgenius colors?! Anyone see the new ones coming out in december. I think I want one of each.. I especially love the tangerine color.

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Buzzing bee

@jubyju22: I’m in love with the Albert print but can’t justify buying more…maybe if I sell some…  🙂

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Bee Keeper

@jubyju22: I have two of the tangerine colors, I just love the bright colors!  I also got the blue and fuschia colors.  Couldn’t help it!  Makes the old ones I have look faded and dingy, LOL.

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Sugar bee

Here’s my review of some of the diapers we have.  We use osocozy prefolds with various covers or pocket diapers.  I prefer velcro to snaps right now, but already at 3-1/2 months she’s playing with the velcro so I’m not sure if she’ll be able to undiaper herself in those soon.  Our baby was long and thin, when she left the hospital after losing some weight she was 6 lbs 2 oz and we started diapering her the day after we got home from the hospital.  She’s still above average for girl length but now also above average for weight but not quite at the same percentile as length.  Just to give some perspective since diapers fit differently built babies differently


Thirsty xs with velcro – great, trim, thin, fit her the best when she was super tiny no complaints

Rumparooz newborn covers with velcro – my husband prefers these, are a bit thicker so a bit more bulky than the thirsties but not too bad, still fit her at 3-1/2 months while the thirsty covers only kind of fit her at this point.

Rumparooz Onesize with snaps – probably both my husband and I’s least favorite cover.  I’m pretty sure it’s the snaps that make this one goofy.  It’s trimmer than some of the other one size covers but the top is just super weird with the way the snaps and waistband go.  Started fitting maybe around 10 lbs or so.

Econobums Onesize with snaps – Just recently started fitting her, maybe around 11 or 12 lbs, but no complaints, thin material but haven’t had any leaks, nothing fancy.

Wonderwrap Onesize with velcro – Really high rise, which makes them not one of my favorites, though maybe they will be later on.  Just fit her around 11 or 12 lbs.  No leaks just still look a bit big on her and go way over her belly button.


Bumgenius 4.0 Onesize Velcro and Snaps – Favorite for night diapering and car rides, no diaper rash in these, not sure if it’s the microfiber they use to line the pocket or what but it’s great for her bum.  But they’re boxy diapers on her so I feel like they look a bit goofy under her clothes sometimes.  There also usually is a gap between her stomach and the front of the diaper.  I can get a much better fit across her tummy with the velcro than I can with the snaps.  Also don’t love their inserts, makes diaper more boxy so I usually stuff them with other diapers stuffing or a smaller prefold.  Got some seconds off the cottonbabies site for $10 (don’t come with insert but I don’t like their insert anyways) and they showed up in fantastic condition, just a small pen mark, definately worth it.

Fuzzibunz size small snaps – This is a sized diaper instead of the Onesize and right now is by far the most trim pocket on her, but she’s about to grow out of the small – boooooo.  

Rumparooz Onesize snaps and velcro – These are my husbands favorite, don’t know why, it might just be the colors/prints we have.  She has a bit of a bubble butt in these but overall pretty good and no complaints or leaks.  Again I prefer the velco but the snaps on these don’t give us the same problem with the tummy gap that the bumgenius do

Totbots Onesize velcro – Love the print we have but gives her a bit o bubble butt.  Also since the insert is connected to the outer part of the diaper you can’t dry the outside seperate from the liner.  Since the liner takes longer to dry either it takes a looooong time to line dry or you have to stick the outer part in the dryer, which isn’t as good for the outer, waterproof part of the diaper.  

Bumgenius 3.0 size small – probably my least favorite.  It’s not really a pocket since you can’t unstuff it so have the same drying problems as with the totbots.  I’m not sure if it’s more sensitive to the washing routine than other diapers but we’ve gotten leaks several times with this diaper while we haven’t with the others.

Kawaii bamboo Onesize should come today!

**The stash is varied because I just looked for good sales on diapers while I was pregnant that had good reviews without any brand loyalty.  It’s working out for us so far to have a mishmash.  

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Blushing bee
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ok question here!

I’m planning on using prefolds and covers but I’m not sure how many I will need.

The covers I’m going to buy are

smalls– up to 14lbs

one size — 10lbs – 30lbs

how many of each will I need?

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Sugar bee

@dj:  I would say a minimum of 4 covers/size and 2 dozen prefolds per size.

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Bee Keeper

@jubyju22:  http://babybellebottoms.com/

There aren’t any CD retailers around here so I have to order them online.  But they ship super fast, which is great because I always wait to order my RG detergent until I’m out (bad planning I know).  The “new” bG colors were available a couple months ago, I didn’t realize that not every retailer had them.

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Sugar bee
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I just made my first cloth diaper purchase, me and Darling Husband made the decision to cloth diaper while TTC for a lot of reasons. I am just 7 weeks, but I didn’t want to miss the fuzzibunz promo, because we want to use some fuzzibunz one size diapers, in addition to othere, so I just bought 6 of them. I can’t want for them to get here so I can try to order my 2 freebies! I am pretty excited to get our cloth diaper stash going!

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Blushing bee
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bees with prefolds…

is there much of a difference between 4x6x4 and 4x8x4 at the newborn age?

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Helper bee
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Are covers/prefolds effective for newborns? Which brand of cover and prefold seems to work the best? We will probably switch over to a different type of CD once baby is out of the newborn sizes. 🙂 Please pardon my CD ignorance- I have been trying to do some research and read this whole thread! There is so much to know/learn!



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Sugar bee
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I have been researchng CD for a looooooong time, even taken the time to read through this entire thread however…  Pretty much, most online resources to be foundlisted are US online stores that cannotrefuse to ship certain products (ahem cottonbabies & bumgenius) to Canada, nor are the free shipping offers on those sites valid for international customers.


Here are the (some) online stores that I have tracked down that are based in Canada & will actually ship to Canadian addresses —I have tried to excluded online stores that ONLY resell one  brand, look sketchy, or have incredibly limited selections (you are welcome online shopping & rural Canadian bees) –I haven’t bothered to do a price comparison on any of the sites, you’ll have to shop around and figure that out yourselves.

Green Bum Bum -Brands: Fuzzi Buns, Kissaluvs, bumgenius, flip one-size, econobum, lolliDoo overnight, GroVia

Rockpretty Baby -brands: Fuzzi Buns, bumgenius, GroVia

Growing Up Organic -brands: Bottom Bumpers AIO, LoveyBums (never even heard of either of these brands)

EcoBaby Canada -brands: fuzzi buns, monkey doodlez, happy heiny’s,  thirsties, goodmama, bumkins, bumgenius

Sweet Little Bottoms -brands: drybees, AMP, GroVia Orgnics AIO, Happy Heiny’s, Best Bottom, Charlie Banana, bumgenius

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot -brands: monkey doodlez, fuzzi buns, bumgenius, bambinobums, apple cheeks, GroVia & ecobums coming soon.

Little Tree hugger -brands: rumparooz, bumgenius, fuzzi buns, AMP, GroVia, Happy Heiny’s, Flip, Bamboo baby, Kissaluvs, RearZ (pre-folds), thirsties, Apple Cheeks,

Pure and Simple babies -brands: softbums, Flip, Rocky Mountain OS, AMP, Happy Heiny’s, DryBees & DB overnights, bummis,

Natures baby basket -brands: bumgenius, fuzzibuns, applecheeks, bamboo baby

Adorable baby Shop -brands: bumgenius, flip, bummis (swimmis)

Cozy Bums -brands: bummis, GroVia, Kissaluvs, AMP, bumgenius, fuzzibuns, apple cheeks, Happy Heiny’s, Baby Kangas, Charlie banana, Flip, bumboo (tons of NB selection)

Booty Boutique -brands: flip, AMP, bumgenius, bummis, fuzzi buns, GroVia, Monkey Doodlez, Tots Bots, WollyBottoms covers,

Baby bellhop -brands: bumgenius, GroVia, tots bots, AMP, flip, thirsties, fuzzibuns, kissaluvs, sustainablebabyish, bummis, sloomb, sweet pea,

Bumbini -brands: bummis, Econobum, Hemp Babies, Little Beetle, bumgenius, Dream-eze, Monkey Doodlez Microdoodlez, Flip, Omaiki,

Gorgeous baby -brands: GroVia, bumgenius, goodmama, bummis, wolly bottoms, econobum, thirsties, weehuggers, flip, osocozy, hemp babies, tots bots, fuzzibuns,

Hip Baby -brands: AMP, bambino, bummis, bumgenius, flip, fuzzibuns, Bamboo AIO, Blue Dog, kissaluvs, Little beetle, Mother-ease, Sandy’s, snappi,

New & Green -brands: fuzzi buns, grovia, Easy Fit AIO, bumgenius, AMP, Baby Kicks, Bummis, kissaluvs,

Little Monkey Store -brands: bumgenius, swaddlebees, AMP, GroVia, Flip, Bummis, Sustainablebabyish,  sweet pea

Toots n Tots -brands: Charlie Banana, Apple Cheeks, GroVia, bummis, AMP, Hemp Babies,  bare Bum, 

lalaladybug -brands: applecheeks, Bamboo baby, bumgenius, charlie banana, Dri-line, funky diaper, fuzzi buns, happy Heiny’s , rumparooz, sweet pea

eco bebe boutique -brands: bumgenius, grovia, monkey doodlez, AMP, Bamboo baby, Berry Plush, Sugar Peas, fuzzi buns, GAD, knickernappiies, MiniMaestro, Sweet Pea, Flip, econobum, Diaper Service, Pumpkin Patch, sloomb, thirsties, best bottoms

My Simple Baby -brands: econobum, dandelion, tiny tush, bumgenius, flip, happy heiny’s, fuzzibuns,

Velvet tush -brands: AppleCheeks, FuzziBuns, AMP, Happy Heiny’s, Bummis,

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Sugar bee
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Here are the additional (Canada based) sites I found for those interested (again, excluding sketchy websites, and retailers only reselling single brands):

By Nature -brands: AMP, bumgenius, Easy Fit, Flip, GroVia, thirsties, applcheeks, fuzzibuns, Happy Heiny’s, Bamboozles, Kissaluvs, Mother-Ease, Sugar peas, bummis,

The Cloth Diaper Shop -brands: fuzzibuns, blueberry, rumparooz, bumgenius, AMP, Charlie banana, flip, GroVia, Itti Bitti, Thirsties, Swaddlebees, Bamboozle, Rainbow Waters, bummis, weehuggers, lil joeys, wolly bottoms, kiwi pie, best bottoms, birdseye weave

So Green Baby -brands: AMP, bumgenius, GroVia, Rumparooz, Easy-fit, best bottom, sweet pea, bummis,  hemp babies, baby kangas, flip, fuzzibuns, happy heiny’s, sloomb, kissaluvs, sugar peas, thirsties,

Bare baby Earth -brands: bumgenius, flip, happy heiny’s, fuzzi buns, econobum, bamboo cloth diapers

Caterpillar Baby -brands: softbums, grovia, sposoeasy bumgenius, AMP, Tots Bots, Happy Heiny”s, LolliDoo, Flip, Goodmama, Blueberry, Fuzzibuns, baby Kangas, Rumparooz, econobum, kiwi pie, kissaluvs, thirsties, sloomb, Sugar peas,  bamboozle, birdseye, bummis, weehuggers.

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Sugar bee

@dj:  At newborn age the thickness probably doesnt matter too much, just have to check the regularly.  I have some 4x6x4 and at 4 months theyre still fine for us but I know that wouldnt be true for all babies.

@MrsStrz:  We had thirsties xs and rumparooz newborn covers and liked them both.  thirsties has a better notch for cord stump but the rumps didnt bother her and rumps newborn covers still fit her on the largest setting with a thin prefold.  people seem to love the green mountain prefold but ive never used them.  we used osocozy and theyworked fine.  no complaints but i dont rave about them like some people with green mountains do.

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