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ClaudiaKishi :  I have the pocket BumGenius (4.0s) and they are my favorite because you can customize them with different inserts.  I also have the freetimes but you are stuck with microfiber.  You can try out the microfiber and can get away with that for quite awhile (at least 6mo or so) but eventually you would need to add more IMO.  I eventually replaced all of my microfiber with hemp (thirsties) and bamboo (lovemy baby or something like that).  I’ve also used flour sack towels and flats (GMD).  Hemp can be kinda pricey but they hold a lot and are not bulky.  My bamboo ones aren’t bulky either.  Flour sack towels (FST) and flats are bulkier but cheaper and super easy to wash.  They make charcoal bamboo that some people like but the ones I’ve seen all have some microfiber along with the other stuff and I was trying to go with no microfiber.  I’d probably just start with the newborn size microfiber and see how you do.  They are the least bulky anyway and work at the beginning.  Then you can try out new things later without being overwhelmed up front.

Hard water does make a difference. You can test your water at the pet store or buy those $10 strips.  If it is over a certain amount fluff love will tell you to use a water softener (calgon or borax).  Powdered tide has the most water softeners already included I think.  If you don’t use a water softener with hard water those minerals will become trapped (esp in microfiber) and then they will trap ammonia and can cause rashes.  I line dry my diapers (not the inserts) but they’ve gone through the dryer and you will be fine.  Just don’t use dryer sheets at all.  

I have 30 diapers which means I do laundry 2x a week at the most.  I put mine in wet bags and that pretty much holds everything in (no smell).  Wash the wet bag with the diapers.  It does seem overwhelming at the beginning but it’s really not complicated at all once you understand everything.  I would recommend the fluff love facebook group, you can learn a lot.

Diaper sprayer would work.  I use disposable biodegradable liners a lot (go in the trash, don’t flush even though they say they are flushable).  Or if it’s bad I just swish them in the toilet.  If you breastfeed the first 6mo that EBF poop can just go straight into the wash since it’s water soluble.  

My diapers are on baby #2 (10 mo old) and in great condition.  They did stretch out a bit (5.0s are supposed to be better on the relaxed elastic) but that hasn’t really caused any problems (no leaks) so I didn’t even bother replacing most of the elastics between babies (well I did maybe 8-9 of them to see how they did but i can’t any difference in practical usage between the 2).

I will also add, with my second baby I used newborn covers and flats (GMD) but I really did not like them on my baby because he stayed pretty wet.  IMO you would need to use a fleece liner to keep baby dry (people just cut up cheap fleece walmart blankets).  So I ended up using disposables instead.  So I very much prefer the stay dry lining of the bumgenius diapers, it works very well! 

flour sack towels you buy at walmart for $10 in the kitchen area  I have the novice (light green stitching) and they fit tri-folded into the pockets.  Intermediate  or medium might fit but you’d have to measure!


These are kinda useful- 

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We are currently cloth diapering my 11 week old (tomorrow!).

I have a very big baby. He is almost 15 lbs, if not already. The newborn covers still fit him. I would absolutely not shy away from newborn cloth diapering. We were on the fence and had some disposables on hand in case we didn’t want to exclusively cloth diaper, but I ended up giving most of those away.

We tried Motherease, GroVia, Rumparooz, Lil’ Helpers, and Blueberry. Our strong preference is towards prefolds + covers + snappis. I find that we travel with less items because you can use the cover multiple times and just switch up the prefold. The prefold also provides great coverage. We’ve never had a blow out using them.

Runner-up is the GroVia Hybrids. They are quick and snap in easy. The downside is that they don’t always contain the big poops to the insert, so you have to replace the insert and cover more often.

We don’t love pockets because it’s more time-consuming, results in more laundry, and doesn’t have as much coverage.

Out of what we purchased, here is what I would recommend to a new mom asking what should they buy:

Newborn: six covers, 36 prefolds, one set of snappis




Twoish months and up: Either six to eight covers + 36 to 39 prefolds, the GroVia Live package, or a combination (we have four covers, 18 prefolds and the GroVia Part Time package); you’ll want to get a few boosters for nighttime





Diaper pail and three pail liners:



Three wet bags for on-the-go:


I strongly recommend this wet bag. It has two zippered compartments. When you’re traveling or out and don’t want to bring the entire diaper bag for a change, you can store clean items in one side and dirty in the other. When we flew, we prepared two wet bags for the trip so we just had to grab one out of the diaper bag when we didn’t a change instead of rooting around for everything we needed.

Cloth wipes: 36


We do laundry every two days. I would do it more often because I’m a bit nuts about laundry, but they shouldn’t be sitting longer than two days, three maximum. I’ve never had to use a diaper cream on him. Not sure if that’s just him or due to the cloth diapers.

We use Seventh Generation 4x liquid detergent. I try not to use products that contribute towards animal testing, so we won’t use Tide, etc. Visit Fluff Love University for tips on detergents. If you want our washing routine, I can send that as well. My husband made a solution with lemon water last weekend and sprayed all the newborn diapers, let them dry in the sun, and then popped them into the laundry with the regular-sized dirty diapers. All stains came out awesome! We are using the newborn prefolds as burp cloths and drool catchers now.

If you have any questions, let me know! We’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, so let me put this knowledge to use!! 

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Rumparooz Newborn cover + Oso Cozy Better Fit Infant Prefold:

GroVia Hybrid:

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