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From my research, G diapers are a bit of a hybrid, whereas BumGenius are full-on CDs.  I believe that BG come in sizes and one-size options.  Same with FuzziBunz.  It seems like BG and FB are the most popular pocket CDs, but there are a ton of other options out there (hybrids, covers, all-in-ones, etc.) 

You should try visiting a site like Jillian’s Drawers for information.  I believe they also have a CD trial program where you get 10 different CDs for 30 days and just return whatever you don’t like – seems like a great idea.  Jillan’s will also let you return new CDs within 30 days after your baby is born, regardless of when you buy them.  There are also TONS of YouTube videos out there on CDing – everything from getting started, how to use them, washing, comparing different brands, etc.  Just do a search and you will be amazed at how much you find.

I am trying to keep it simple, so plan on using pocket diapers and would like to use all one kind. Right now, I am trying to decide between the BG and FB, but leaning heavily towards the BG after reading a ton of reviews and watching some comparison videos. 

Good luck!

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I looked into those, too, and they are confusing.  There are different options based on your and the baby’s needs.  I read that the all-in-ones are better once the baby is a bit older (3+ months).

This site has pretty good information, but I’m still a bit confused none the less:

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Thank you for this post. Were still a few years out from being a possition in which we want to have kids but CD are an absolute must. Darling Husband and I were both CD as babies and believe in it heavily. Check with your local municipality some of them offer a few hundred dollars to help you get started. In some counties in Quebec Ive heard of this since it costs so much to send regular diapers to the dump they like to heavily encourage parents to CD. I know in our area there is a home and online business who sells cloth diapers and every 2 weeks she offers workshops. Also if you having a midwife that would be a good person to ask for help.

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@mrsSonthebeach:  Congrats on weddings AND a baby!  Exciting times for you.  I agree 100% that cloth is the way to go.  We went 50% with my first(they were still safety pins and a diaper cover 14 years ago!!  Too tricky for daycare) and plan to go 100% cloth with the next two.  $300 for two kids for diapers?  Yes, please.  Sure beats $6000!!

My nephew is in Fuzzinbunz and I plan to use the same.  They are AMAZING.  How the diapers have changed…  He is now almost two and has worn them since birth and there is still plenty of room to grow.  In My Humble Opinion they are the easiest to use. They use diaper liners so the poopies are easier to remove.  There is a cover and an insert, use two inserts for night, Its so easy. 

Here is the link to our local purveyor.  They hold classes/talks about the different types of cloth diapers so you can try putting them on a baby doll and see which one would work best for you.  Try finding a local store near you as they most likely will do the same as CD can be very intimidating if you haven’t seen them in action.  PM me with any questions!



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I’ve been doing tons of research myself on cloth diapers, and then tried to explain to Darling Husband, lol.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

In general I’ve found there’s 3 main options.  1 – All in Ones, 2 – Cover plus an insert, 3 – pocket diaper.

All in One (AIOs) – These are considered the easiest cloth diaper and the most similar to disposables.  They’re all one piece, when dirty take the entire thing off and wash.  The con is that they’re more expensive than other types of diapers and can take longer to dry due to all the layers of material needed for absorbency.  Bum Genius does have a new type called Freetime, where the inner layer is attached at only one end, which is supposed to make drying quicker. 


Cover plus insert – These are basically 2 layers.  One is an absorbent layer that goes closest to baby. There’s also an outer layer to make it waterproof.  The benefit to this type of system is that you can keep reusing the cover for multiple changings, and just change the insert.  The insert also dries quicker than AIOs.  For the inner layer you can use:

Pre-folds – these are basically square of cloth with extra layers in the middle that get  folded and then secured around the baby.  You can use a little clip thing called a snappi, or updated diaper pins that lock closed.  This configuration is the cheapest option, and the inserts should not have a problem drying.  The bad thing is that you have to fold them and then secure them around the baby.

Contours – This is like a prefold that doesn’t need to be folded, it basically looks diaper shaped but has nothing to secure it.  You can secure with a snappi/pins, or I’ve heard you can also just wrap it around the baby and put the cover on to secure the entire thing. 

Fitteds – This is an insert that goes on just like an AIO or a cover with built in snaps or velcro.  Just like the other inserts it’s not waterproof, so it needs a cover.

Inserts – these are strips of cloth that get laid in the diaper instead of securing around the baby.  These are inexpensive and don’t require the extra step of putting them on the baby before the cover.  They can also be used as “doubler” on top of one of the other types of inserts for extra wetness protection. 


Pocket Diapers – These are like an AIO, except that you need to stuff the pocket with an absorbent insert.  In some of these you need to take the insert out before washing, and in some the washer agitates them out.  The drying time is quicker, but the drawback is that you need to stuff each diaper.


Personally, when the time comes I’m leaning towards some of the BG Freetimes, along with some Thirsties Duo diaper wraps and either their inserts or contour diapers.  

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http://www.diaperjunction.com I buy from here and they have a lot of info. The book reference above, I got free during a promotion…didn’t need it, but loved it.lol

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We use cloth! What do you want to know? We use pockets, BumGenius 4.0 and FuzziBunz one-size. We also have a couple from the Little Flower Project/Assunta Store, which are very similar to the BG 4.0s. The Bums are my favorite, they seem to fit her the best and don’t seem to leak like the FB do.  

I’m a fan of the pockets. They dry quickly, stuffing takes like 5 minutes and you can do it while watching TV or something, they are easy to use. My Darling Husband was against cloth because he thinks it’s gross and he even has no issues changing them. I just leave them in a tub and then pull the liners out as I’m putting them in the wash. Quick and easy and no messier than changing the dipe in the first place. 

All of ours are pre-owned. We have 32 diapers and paid about $200 total for them. Diaperswappers is a good website to look on. Diaperpin has a listing of all the sales the various websites run. 

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Bear in mind that most daycares will not use CDs.  Otherwise it’s an earth friendly choice.

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We use flat cloth diapers  and we have four or five over pants which prevent any escapes and stop their clothes getting wet. We bought 2.5 dozen nappies which was maybe $100 here in NZ and we realised we saved maybe $700 in the first four months so WOO. 

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