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    If you have that many “must have” shots, I would organize them. Preferably in order of when you think they would be taken.

    ETA: I have no idea if that is too many or too few “must have” shots, but it seems like a lot to me. I haven’t attempted to make a list like that though. And I think its better to have more based on the fact that this is your photographer’s first wedding. You probably have too many for the engagement shoot though. Generally those are an hour or two long, and you need to allow time for outfit changes (if you’re doing them), scenery changes ect.

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    101 must have shots? That seems like a lot to me. I feel like he will just be scrolling through this list furiously trying to make sure he gets every shot rather than coming up with his own ideas and capturing genuine moments. I know he’s not a pro but generally photographers are creative and like to capture their own images rather than copying other photographers work off of pinterest. 

    I can’t really answer the rest of your questions. Our photographer was a pro and we could tell it from the moment we met him. He put us at ease. I didn’t give him a single list or tell him a single must have shot. We just trusted him complletey to capture our day.

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    @JoJoDahling:  Also, if the list includes family shots, I would write out who is supposed to be in each picture. I wouldn’t necessarily give him the list of who is in those pictures, but it might be nice to give to whoever is organizing everyone (maybe your mom or MOH) so that they can gather the next group while pictures are being taken.

    I think the best person to talk to about your lists is your photographer. He might be happy you’ve made lists because he wants a lot of input from you. Or he might think you don’t have time for that many shots. If that is the case, going over the list before the wedding will let you know how many “must haves” yt on a list for shots that would be nice to have.

    Your wedding (assuming that date is correct) is in July. I would pick a date after your RSVP deadline but a couple weeks before the wedding when you can go over the final list with him. I would also talk with him about your list for the engagement shoot before the day of the engagement shoot. If you wait until the day of you might end up overwhelming him. At the end of the meeting about the engagement shoot, you might mention having a similar meeting to discuss ideas for pictures you want of the wedding.

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    I agree that 101 seems like a lot. And definitely try to organize and prioritize them. And maybe think about more general things like pose vs candid. Photos of details. Photos of people. And ask if he is comfortable organizing people for the group shots. And keeping on a timeline. Or if you need to designate someone to do these things.

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    If you’re that worried your photographer won’t know what he’s doing – PLEASE hire a pro! Friendships can be destroyed over bad wedding photography. You could end up being devestated at having “no good wedding photos”.

    1. “Must have” lists that are over 10 are usually too long IMO. I know a lot of websites will state “100 must have photos” but a pro will know what they are doing & won’t need that list UNLESS there’s something unique / different about your wedding. Or if a certain part of your wedding is very important to you, than let your photographer know.

    2. See the sticky’d posts under the photography tab.

    3. I’ve never heard of engagement “must have” lists… maybe show a few poses to your photographer that you’d like, but don’t expect it to be exact. This is to see how you interact, if you’re giving a lot of direction to your photographer FIND A DIFFERENT PHOTOGRAPHER. That’s their job to direct you. Don’t be afraid to say, “oh lets do this!” & have some suggestions but you should be able to trust your photographer.

    4. With a pro, you wouldn’t need to do that. Honestly, even if I were new to wedding photography & my client gave me a list of every single photo they wanted me to take, I’d be kinda offended & likely overwhelmed. And I’d have a mini book! I’d probably be so busy reading the list, that I’d miss a lot of the photos.

    5. You shouldn’t have to give advice to your photographer, maybe give them a heads up of something extremely special or different about your wedding.

    Get a contract! Whomever you use, you will need a contract. This will protect you (what if he doesn’t show up, he gets sick, etc). This HAS happened to people! The photographer just didn’t show up & they had no photos.

    Now, if this friend had done weddings before & still wasn’t pro, that would be completely different. But this looks like yours is his first wedding & honestly, its a huge gamble for both of you. I understand everyone starts out somewhere, but a photographer should be a 2nd shooter at their first few weddings.

    I would recommend meeting with other photographers that are in your budget. See how you feel after meeting with them.

    And, what kind of photography does he do? I’d also recommend moving up the engagement photo session if possible, to see how you feel after working with him.

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    Please don’t get upset if he cannot capture all of the 101 photos. Some may not be doable on the day with the resources at hand and you may run out of time.

    I sent my photographer a heap of photos i liked. He warned me from the get go even before i sent any that some might not be achievable and to not be upset if i didnt get them all.

    Also for each 101 photos there will probably be around 5 shots taken to get the best one. So it can take up plenty of time.

    With your engagement photos i wouldnt worry about the list. Keep it in the back of your mind and be natural and maybe try a couple of the poses with your partner.

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    Just because your photographer takes good landscape photos doesn’t mean he will know how to capture a wedding. Landscapes don’t move, drink, are highly emotional, or working against the sun and a tight schedule in a variety lighting situations.

    ALSO, you can’t just show a photographer an image and expect them to know how to recreate it. It’s like taking someone who likes to cook to a 5 star restaurant and then expecting them to know how to recreate the meal just by tasting it.

    Keep your list down to the MOST important shots. He’s not going to be used to the flow of the wedding and having that list is going to stress him out even more and he will miss things that are unfolding around him.

    I know you said you cannot afford to pay someone, but I also don’t want you end up broken-hearted because your expectations were to high. There is a reason pros charge what they do. Check out these two posts I think it will help you understand what goes into it a bit more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/this-is-why-1 and http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/advice-for-photographer-shopping

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    @JoJoDahling:  Thats a lot of must have pictures. At least one of the photographers Im looking at wont even accept lists like that and I can see that list overwhelming the others. They would end up spending too much time going over it and trying to get things organized rather than getting pictures of the events and going ons.

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    I felt this way with my original photographers.  They’re very talented and friendly, but it because increasingly apparent that our styles clashed.  I spent a lot of nights coming up with shot lists because I thought their portfolio didn’t show what I wanted captured and I felt a lot of stress about it- “I must tell him every single photo I’d like taken” is exactly how I felt .  At about the 6-month mark, I switched photographers.  I ended up paying more but I feel SO much better.  Even though I plan on giving her a list of a few key details, I honestly feel like I could forget the list and I would still love my photos.  Lesson learned: you shouldn’t have to direct your photographer to get the photos you want.  You should love what they do and trust their vision.

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    Has this friend shot a wedding before? There’s a HUGE difference between wedding photography and other types. 

    I think you may be setting yourself up for disappointment, with that large of a “must have” list. I had about 25 on ours, and we still didn’t get all the shots (didn’t wrangle some of the people together for their photos- was such a busy night!) I wasn’t worried because our photographer was directing us, not the other way around.

    You may be able to simplify your list- for example, if you want detail shots- just write “details”- and when you meet with him, review that you’d like photos of your dress, shoes, jewlery, etc.

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    My advice- post pone the wedding till you can afford Any vendors.. Having all friends/family do the work for you usually turns out badly. Also many will have to put their own money in so essentially they are paying to work for you, nor do they get to enjoy the day. Working a wedding is not an easy job, its stressful and not for the inexperienced. It ruins relationships and sets up disappointment more often than not so just be prepared.. You’re asking a lot of these people because You cannot afford it. Not trying to be mean just want to give you an outside perspective. Good luck. 🙂

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