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  • poll: Do you like cluster rings?

    Yes- beautiful! Id wear it!


    Just a way to get "more ct for your buck".

    I own one (cluster ring) and love it!

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    I agree with the PP who mentioned that it usually comes off as trying to “pose” as a larger center stone. I have several friends who got cluster rings (for some reason this trend has exploded in my area), and a few of them have actually said that was why they did it. If you truly like this style, by all means get one. If you’re considering it because it resembles a larger center stone, I don’t suggest it because I think it does a very poor job of that once you get within arms length of the wearer.

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    I personally don’t like cluster rings that are made to look like one large diamond, but I do love clusters that have their own look and that you can see is a cluster.  If you are looking for something for less money but bigger or flashier have you looked into halos?  They are definitely cheaper than solitaires (well unless you get a 2ct centre stone), but can be more flashy and sparkly.  My ring is a bezel set princess cut halo with a .5ct centre stone and it’s .75ct in total with all the pave diamonds around it.  I always wanted a halo to give me more “bang” for my buck.  Like a lot of woman in this day and age, money doesn’t grow on trees and I told my fiance if he ever gave me a ring worth a down payment on a house, I would kill him! So this worked really well for us.  Here is a picture of my ring (it sparkles in person, I just can’t get a picture on my finger to look as good as our professional engagement pictures)

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    @anchors_away:  I hate almost every cluster I’ve seen. Like HATE. but I LOVE trid ring from your grandma. It has a retro feel.  It would be shameful to tear it apart!!!

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    it seems that people either love them or hate them. Mine is an invisable set ring but i guess it can be considered a cluster as well. 

    It was not something that i wanted but when Fiance got screwed over by the first jewlery store and lost over $4000 i didnt want him to spend even more money, but i didnt want to give up size either. So in my case it was “more bang for the buck” but we have every intention on upgrading in the future. 

    I love my ring and get so many compliments but it wasnt what i wanted at the time, it took me a while to love my ring but now i realize that it means more than just the piece of jewlery.

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    Its interesting that people are making almost a moral judgement about these rings (cheating, lying, faking). It’s like you don’t want people to have a ring that looks large if people can’t afford it. Seems bitter to me. Plus, the ring is not for you, or to impress others with wealth, its for the person whos engaged….

    Do you guys feel the same way about people getting other clear stones that arent diamond? 

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    @teabiscuit:  Personally, I don’t mind people getting these rings because they think it looks like one large center stone. I also don’t mind other things that look like a diamond but aren’t (moissanite,asha,etc.). I’m getting a moissanite, which I don’t plan to tell people isn’t a diamond. However, I posted what I did on this thread because I feel like clusters are not a good option if that is your goal. The cluster ring is not convincing as a larger center stone if you are looking at it from very close at all, and there are many other alternatives that are much more convincing with similar price tags. 

    Also, I think you are exactly right about people not wanting others to look like they have a large  ring if they can’t afford it. I think many bees take offense to others getting the same look for much less money (you’ll see why if you look at virtually any moissy vs. diamond thread). 

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    @blingbling:  Thanks!  I’m struggling with it because I feel like it’s beautiful, but just so not my style so I’ve literally never worn it, it just sits in my safe…  I hear what you’re saying though 🙂

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    @janie-janie:  THIS exactly! Right on the money. But, hey, it’s your ring OP! You should get what you love 🙂

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    I would be so nervous to wear a ring with that many diamonds in it!

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    This ones a little busy but I’m sure in person its amazing. But one thing I noticed about this ring is that it’s an invisible set. I had an invisible set promise ring from my bf and it was constantly losing diamonds. I just took it back to Kay’s for the third time in a year to get fixed. And a ring that big it would probably be constantly losing diamonds. 

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    Hey my cluster sisters!  I’m am a huge fan of solitaire.  The stem, cut,…I can go on forever.  I went to my jeweler with my boyfriend and changed my mind.   There are ways to get a classy look with a cluster style. I’m in love with the round one above and other styles.   The first one was toooooo busy.  Nothing stood out to make it special.  May be if you take one halo off.  IDK.  It about him too.  If he is proud of the ring he brought …..suck it up and rep your man.  :). We all different personalities  and home life.   Why get a big rock and not own a house.  In time you can upgrade…if u want

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    Some can be beautiful. My promise ring is a 3 stone cluster ring and I really love it. It looks vintage to me. That being said I do like some but I personally do not like the style you chose for me. It’s too much bling for my taste and with clusters I prefer a solid band with one single cluster or a 3 stone like these… gorgeous!


    I wouln’t having one of these myself actually LOL. Of course my engagement ring will be a single stone solitaire which is what I personally prefer. But if you love that ring get it!! There is no rule that says you can’t wear a life saver as your engagement ring IF that is what you chose and love! I personally am not attracted to square shapes too much so that is why I say the style you chose is not my taste. 

    In the end it does not matter what others think because it’s all about YOU and what you love! Make sure you really love it and can wear it all the time though I must say that. I had a 3 stone ring that had different shape stones and had a lot going on and I ended up hating it in the long run because it became too flashy for everyday wear and I wish I had chosen a simple solitaire.

    Geez some of these comments are almost rude. I can add that some people just don’t want to spend a certain amount of money on a ring (I am one of those people) so even if I could spend more I wouldn’t and that is just my preference. Just because you chose a cluster ring it doesn’t mean you’re trying to fake a large solitaire. I personally love the cluster look just because.

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