Co-sleeping with dog?? (Poll)

posted 8 months ago in Beehive
  • poll: Does your dog sleep in your bed?
    Absolutely! : (107 votes)
    50 %
    No way! : (95 votes)
    45 %
    I hate dogs... : (10 votes)
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    brideandblue :  our dog is a massive grey and she is not allowed in any bedrooms. We are ttc in the year and I don’t want her to learn she can go into our future kids bedrooms. Id worry especially when they are little and are still learning on how to interact with a dog. She’s pretty good she sleeps in her dog bed and will come find us and bark into bedroom and stop at our open door and not cross the threshold. 

    I’m also against dogs in beds because I once dated a guy who had a dog that he’d allow to sleep in the bed. She’d hog the whole thing and I remember once finding a dog hair in my butt crack after sharing some afternoon delight with the boyfriend. Did not enjoy that and kind of skeeved me out that I was bare assed where the dog was sleeping. 😯


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    brideandblue :  Thats what we are currently doing. She knows now that when lights go out she has to hop in her own bed – the problem is that after about 30 minutes she sneaks back onto our bed and we have to kick her off again :/ she is getting a lot better and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel lol it’s just been a fairly long process.

    I think if we had implemented this from the start she would have been fine though x

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    We’ve never let our dog sleep with us, we have two cats as well and they don’t sleep with us either. I can’t stand the thought of animal hair and god knows what else in my bed. You can’t bathe dogs every day and they’d be bringing all sorts of crap (literally) they’ve walked through and got on them into the bed and making it dirty and smell. People like to think their dog is clean, but unless you never let them out of the house or you bath them every day they’re definitely not clean. 

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    Absolutely not, we have two dogs and they have their own bed which is next to the radiator and they sleepy together. My fiancé used to allow his dog to sleep with him and it took forever to get him to stop but it’s worth it to not get kicked and licked and hassled all night. I like my space to be mine 

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    We have an 11 month old puppy and he sleeps in a crate at night. He’s fine in there! He whines when he needs to go out but he likes being in his crate and he’s comfortable there. We’ve said it’s the best thing we ever did for him. 

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    My massive white shedding German Shepherd is absolutely allowed on the bed. However she prefers to sleep in the shower! BUT she gets up every morning for cuddles and it is hands down my favourite part of the day. I would be happy for her to sleep on the bed but I know she wouldn’t! Far too hot for a big doubled coated dog like her.

    I have not yet died from infection and there is a decent amound of hair on the bed and indeed everywhere. The house however remains relatively clean, if not prehaps quite as clean as before especially at this time of year when mud is my worst enemy. 

    I think though that the babies thing should be your biggest priority. If you think it would be a problem in the future when you have children you should start now as you mean to go on. Apart from anything kicking the dog off the bed suddenly after years of snuggling, seems rather mean! Better to have never allowed them on there in the first place. 

    Enjoy your new pup when they arrive! 

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    We have a bit of a different situation where my dog hates being near humans for too long so would never sleep in bed with us. The only time he ever has was when we moved from Toronto to Amsterdam and he was jet lagged. He ditches us after 10 mins and goes to sleep in his bed beside our bed. 

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    Our dog is allowed in our bed and he generally spends about half the night with us and then goes and sleeps on the floor. Granted he is tiny so he hardly takes up any space

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    I have 2 big dogs 60-70 lbs. one of them doesn’t sleep on the bed; she would prefer not to sleep in the room even but we make her because we sleep during the day and she’d bark at things and wake us up. 

    The other one is my “baby” and I have a special connection with him. Raised him from a puppy and he was an emotional support animal for me when I was alone and suffering depression and PTSD. He has special needs himself- epileptic and blind from birth. He is always by my side and cuddling up. Since adding my FH to the bed we have trained him to stay in the corner of the bed by my feet so it doesn’t disturb his sleep. But he usually curls up behind my knees and I will wake up instantly if I sense he’s having a seizure so we can make sure he’s safe. 

    Any future dogs will be trained to stay off the bed however. Studies show people sleep better without dogs on the bed. Plus the shedding/cleanliness/obedience aspects. 

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    brideandblue :  A tip for when you get your new puppy and want to train them to sleep in their own bed – definitely start as you mean to go ie. don’t cuddle in bed and then try to move them. Get a plastic laundry basket like below,put your puppy’s bed  in it and place the basket right beside your bed. Expect the puppy to cry at night for at least 3-4 nights, but stay firm. Try to dangle your arm from the side of the bed into the basket so he/ she can feel you there. Each night it’ll get better and better, stick to a routine so the puppy gets used to it and knows what to expect. Once your puppy starts sleeping through the night with no fuss,you’ll be able to get rid of the basket and just have the dog bed. 


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    To answer your question…

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    Our dog totally sleeps with us, no regrets! 

    He’s small and doesn’t shed so it doesn’t bother our allergies. I’m the one who started off being harsh the first night, and Darling Husband felt too sad for this little puppy crying in a box. He said “just for the first two nights”, well 3.5 years later….haha

    ETA: he has never needed to go to the bathroom in the night, not once! He was house trained in less than a week and always slept through the night so that was never an issue. 

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    Two people in this poll are monsters. 

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    Nope! Our dog used to sleep in the bed with FH, but it just totally grossed me out. I had dogs growing up and they all knew not to come into the bedrooms. Plus my FH and I already take up the whole bed! We don’t need an extra 40lb animal in there!! 

    Just with the amount she sheds and all the stuff she gets into, I just really don’t want to sleep in the same space. She transitioned fine. Her bed was by our bed for a while and we moved it to the living room recently to start to prep for when we have a baby! 

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