Co-sleeping with dog?? (Poll)

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  • poll: Does your dog sleep in your bed?


    No way!

    I hate dogs...

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    brideandblue :  My two dogs have always slept with me, they are each 15lbs and dont shed much at all. When my husband started staying over while we were dating it was an adjustment for him as he never had dogs growing up. He moved in with me, and we were planning to move to a new apartment and I told him when we did I’d try and teach the dogs to sleep in their doggy beds instead… That lasted like….12 minutes lol. They would whine when we wouldnt let them up and I spoil them rotten so we gave up on that.

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    Our dog sleeps with us and even though I wish I had the extra room, I love him sleeping with us. He is a 75 pound black lab mix so he isn’t exactly small haha We trained him to not get on the bed until we are all settled in so he squeezes in wherever he can find room. And he stays in the same spot all night, doesn’t move, and doesn’t wake you up until after he knows you’re already awake. So besides the room, it really isn’t a big deal. There have been a few times where I have kicked him off because he was taking up too much room but when he goes and lays on the floor I just feel so bad!

    As far as the hair goes, yeah it sucks. But I just change the sheets often and we have a duvet cover that can easily be washed. He is our baby and he loves to cuddle so that’s just how it is. 

    Also, SO got him a few months before we met and so technically I’m the intruder in the bed haha

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    I have a non-shedding hypoallergenic dog who spends most her time inside. She’s 11 lbs and sleeps on our king sized bed. She is super well behaved and tends to be at the foot of the bed. In the past, I haven’t even let my pets in my bedroom, but she is just the exception because of how she acts. After owning her for about 6 months we realized that she would love being on the bed and would do really well. Her favorite thing is when we sleep in. She notices when we first wake up and if we go back to sleep she comes and cuddles. Larger dogs, dogs that shed, dogs that go outside alot, dogs that interact with other dogs alot, or dogs that want to take up room where you want to be…all big old nos.

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    Personally I think it’s not a good idea for a puppy. When you’re training them, they need consistency (and it’s a lot easier to potty train if you’re using a crate – they can’t sneak off the bed, pee in the corner, and come back to snuggle with you).

    I do let my older dog come up on the bed occasionally, and only when she is specifically invited. I didn’t start doing this until she was older and fully trained. I try to limit it because as someone else said, they will definitely “test” you – if I invite her up, she’ll “ask” to come up every day for the next 10 days lol.

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    NO. We have a strict no-dog policy. Even when I lived alone, my dog didn’t sleep with me. He was crate trained as a puppy and now prefers to sleep in his crate. When my SO travels for business, he might snuggle with me for a bit,  but he’s always on the floor/in his crate when it’s time to sleep.

    We have friends who let their dogs sleep in their bed every night. 2 big dogs and 2 humans in one bed. They never have sex anymore because of it. If they try to lock the dogs out, they whine and scratch at the door until they’re let back in. No thank you.

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    I’m very confused by people who keep their dog out of the bedrooms all together.  You spend all day away from them and then lock them out and away from you AGAIN?  If you’re only going to be near your dog four hours in a 24 hour period, that’s not good. 

    I have four dogs, all of whom have beds on the floor around the edge of a corner of my room.  I built pallet beds, put a waterproof crib mattress on top, and got some pregnancy pillows, which I cover with cute blankets.  Aaaand my dogs have durable, washable, inexpensive beds. They don’t “sleep” in my bed, and they all follow the command “off” quite well.  They’ll come up to snuggle for a bit, and then when SO and I are ready to sleep, I send them to their beds.  They go, sleep through the night, and don’t stir unless their bladders or stomachs are speaking to them in the morning.  And dog can be trained to go to its bed, as when I used to have just two, they slept with me at the foot of the bed.  With four, it’s impractical and uncomfortable, and I promise, with some adjustment, the girls did just fine getting used to their own space. 

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    Yes and no. Our dog is allowed on our bed (he’s currently sleeping there now) but he has a bed next to ours which I typically make him sleep in. I love cuddling with him but he’s started affecting my sleep which is why he has his own bed. When we first go to bed he’s there with us but after a little bit of cuddling I move him down to his own bed. At about 5:00am he climbs back up into our bed and sleeps with us till we wake up around 7:00am. We let him sleep with us as a puppy but he eventually got too big and started interferring with our sleep (we couldn’t stretch our legs out and he likes to sleep totally pressed up against us). If he was smaller it wouldn’t be an issue. We wash our entire bed once a week and now have couch covers on our furniture, so everything stays pretty clean and doesn’t get that gross dog smell.

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    Our 65 pound rescue pit loves to snuggle and sleep with us. We recently got him a crate and now he sometimes spends half the night sleeping in there when he wants extra space. We’re trying to transition to where he sleeps in there the whole night. I love him and he’s so sweet, but he’s adamant about laying in between my husband and I and I’d like to cuddle the husband occassionally too! 

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    I grew up with large golden retrievers and my parents always had them as outdoor dogs. When they were inside, they had a blanket they stayed on and did not roam around the house, not allowed on the furniture, etc and they slept outside. So when DH and I got our first dog together, we decided he was going to be an indoor dog but I was still hesitant to him being on the furniture and bed.

    We actually did not allow him in the bed for the first few months until he was neutered, and then he was crying and whimpering SO bad we pulled him up in the bed and honestly never looked back. At this point 4 years in, I cannot imagine my life without him in the bed and don’t sleep as well when I am not at home with him there. He mainly sleeps underneath the bed, but if it is cold he sleeps up with us. Even on nights he sleeps underneath the bed he usually is up cuddling with us before he goes to sleep, and on the weekends he can’t wait to jump up and kiss us when we wake up. Just this morning, I noticed one of my small pillows I cuddle with was down by my feet and he was using it as a pillow all night! 

    Edited to add this awesome snapchat I had in my phone:

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    our dog is only 10 pounds but that 10 pounds sure can take up a lot of space! he used to sleep with us but it really got to be too much of a disturbance for both of us. he woke us up alot during the night. now we have a schedule. he lays with us for a bit, we give him lovins then we tell him its time for bed and he jumps down and gets in his own bed. then when my husband leaves for work (1.5 hours before i have to get up) our dog jumps up and lays with me. i dont mind that

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    Our 27lb dog sleeps with us. She usually goes under the covers and sleeps at the end of the bed, but sometimes she sleeps in between us on her back underneath the covers like a person and it is the absolute cutest thing. On a rare occasion madison is a bed hog. But we wouldn’t have it any other way!!! 

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    We let our cats sleep on our bed so I dont think a dog would be much different EXCEPT for the size. If you have a king it would probably work. 

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    As much as I LOVE snuggling with my golden the few times he’s tried to come on the bed at night were disasters lol. Instead of sleeping vertically (like us) he will lay himself out horizontally and completely cut off where my legs are supposed to go. He is a total bed hog so we usually tell him to get off lol. 

    He was crate trained the first 1.5 years so didn’t get used to sleeping with us anyway. Now he usually sleeps on the floor at the foot of the bed. 

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    my dog slept with me growing up. but when my husband moved in with his dog, i did not want pets on the furiniture or bed. 

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    brideandblue :  Our dog sleeps with us (except during the summer she tends to sleep on the floor, i think she gets hot). She normally sleeps on top on the blankets by my legs.

    and by *by* i mean, under, between, next to lol. If it becomes annoying or uncomfortable, i usually nudge her to get up and she moves. 

    But i will say there is nothing better than  doggie cuddles in the morning when H gets up! She takes his spot and we lay and cuddle until i have to get up. 

    I make sure to make the bed in the morning to minimize pet hair in the bed. 

    Edit to add: our dog is 62 lbs and our cat enjoys the bed too, but doesnt sleep with us 🙂 

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