Co-sleeping with dog?? (Poll)

posted 8 months ago in Beehive
  • poll: Does your dog sleep in your bed?
    Absolutely! : (107 votes)
    50 %
    No way! : (95 votes)
    45 %
    I hate dogs... : (10 votes)
    5 %
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    My 2 dogs sleep with us but they are very small, like cat size, and they barely shed.  If we had a bigger/short haired/shedding dog it would not sleep in bed with us.  Easier said than done though, it probably WOULD end up sleeping with us no matter what I think hypothetically.  Especially if it was a young dog or puppy that wanted too.  Older adopted dogs don’t necessarily want to sleep with you, they prefer their own bed often times, it varies more in that case than when you bring a young pup home.

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    Buzzing bee

    Yes, we do. One dog will only come up when called so she normally doesn’t sleep with us, but even when she does come up she rarely stays on the bed all night. 

    Our husky does whatever he wants but we don’t really mind. Sometimes it’s annoying because he will jump up early in the morning and will cuddle into ys so it wakes us up but we generally fall back asleep every morning when my husband leaves for work he takes over his spot. When I get up I actually have to coax him to get off the bed. 

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    Also. Our cats sleep with us too. One cat has her own pillow that she keeps on and the other one likes to sleep on my legs. So we have a full bed. 

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    brideandblue :  

    I’m very excited for you! We just got our puppy a couple of weeks ago and it has been lovely. 

    Our puppy is exceptionally well behaved and I hope you have the same experience. 

    Our puppy sleeps in a crate. He’s perfectly fine. We do not like the idea of a furry animal in our bed; we think that is unsanitary. Another problem is our puppy is very small and delicate. Jumping out of our bed could lead to a fatal head injury or a broken leg. 

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    Bee Keeper

    I love my doggies but we don’t allow them on the bed. All other furniture, fine, but bed no. Even hypo allergenic dogs are still pretty dirty, and I don’t want that in my bed lol. 

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    Honestly it totally depends on the dog.  My dog is currently sleeping at my feet.  But that’s because it’s cold.  Most of the time she wants to be under the bed, where she keeps all her toys.  She’s a hoarder.

    My step daughter’s dog is a pain in the butt.  She sleeps in our room when my SD is not here and that darn dog keeps me up all night!  She is either on top of me or bothering my dog, who gets anxious and licks me to calm herself down.  Then she freaks out at my cat who wants to sleep on my pillow. I have tried to crate her at night but then she just whines, which also keeps me up.

    I think you should start with crate training, which is the best way to potty train anyway, and after you get to know your dog’s personality you can decide whether to let it up on the bed.

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    mrsautumn36 :  The people I know who have teacup dogs don’t walk them, they actually bought those because they’re tiny enough to keep as ‘house dogs’, not allowed outside and only brought to socialise at another teacup’s home. I thought it was a weird thing to do but I figured that was one of the reasons why they breed mini dogs…

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    I love my dog but personally don’t like the idea of having him sleep with me.  we have had him since he was 10 weeks old and he is now 11 years old.  He has slept on the bed twice both times after surgery and he was relentless trying to sleep with me after he recovered. 

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    Our dog was initially trained not to go on the bed. However when Darling Husband started travelling for work, I couldn’t sleep so caved and let dog on the bed. Ok so sleeping with a dog on your own is glorious and absolutely amazing and snuggly. But sleeping with a dog as a couple, not so much. He likes to always be in between us and it is an intimacy killer, obviously. Not we have trained him to only come into bed for a quick cuddle in the morning only. So of course he is up and waiting at the door at sunrise every day haha.

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    I had a small, 7 pound pup who slept with me from the time she was properly potty trained. I don’t regret it one bit. Had I gotten a bigger breed, I don’t think I would have done that. Also.. not to try to sway you from your breed of choice, but both Goldens and Labs can cause allergy issues with little kids, and while normally very family friendly, can be a bit much for small children to handle. I’ve known quite a few people that ended up rehoming theirs because their children stayed sick, or they had some issues of jealousy with the animal. Not with aggression per se, but they can be overwhelming with a small child. If you plan to have a family, I might would open up to a hypoallergenic and/or smaller breed dog, but in the minimum hypoallergenic. 

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    We let ours sleep with us, but she’s a 9# chihuahua. Big dog?? That would be a hard no. 

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