(Closed) College Bees. What kind of studier are you?

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Busy bee
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@Mrs Hedgehog: I am exactly the same.  Studying for a pharmacology exam only seems to stick if I talk OUTLOUD to myself…not sure why but its always worked for me!

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Busy Beekeeper
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All in all? A terrible one. I get so easily distracted. But I’m definitely a visual person – so I have to read it, then try and remember it by writing it down. Obviously I’m better at essay-tests, lol. My papers I’m a total procrastinator generally and end up with A’s. Who knows. There’s gotta be a reason behind it….maybe.

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Busy bee
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Yeah, I get distracted easily too. But when I do study, I highlight important stuff and make copious notes in the margins… but I usually don’t start studying or reading until the last minute :-/

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Not only do I talk out loud, I also use flash cards and equate things with stupid sentences, for example, I have to rememeber something about Taft’s foreign policy; Taft was by far the most overweight president this country has ever seen. He was so fat he got stuck in a bath tub and hence petrolieum jelly was invented to get him out. So I make up a fun sentence about his policy= his morbid obesity and I remember it forever. I know it’s called a mnemomic device but I think of it as a different device. I am REALLY BAD with night before stuff. I just wrote a 4 page paper from scratch that’s due tomorrow in under 2 hours. I’ve done this all my high school and college career and have never received poor marks, so I figure I work well under pressure. 

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Helper bee
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The worst kind lol. I’m not even an allnighter, I’m way worse than that! I literally wake up the morning of the exam, pull the plastic wrap off my brand new-never been looked at-textbook, and skim through it. Yup, that’s how I got through my undergrad. I somehow ended up with higher grades than most of my friends, or even higher than class average too which made everyone really mad lol.

However, when I do actually get around to study I filter my notes. I first write down things that I don’t immediately understand. Then I go through those and rewrite down anything that still confuses me. I keep doing so until there’s nothing left on the “I don’t get it” list. It works for me and I am able to visually remember where things were on the page, so writing them out reinforces that.


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Honey bee
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A horrible one. I get distracted extrememly easily, so typically studying means reading over the notes about an hour before a test. My grades never suffered though, I always made A’s and B’s, so I suppose it isn’t too bad.

I wish I was better at studying.

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Buzzing bee

@Mrs Hedgehog: I’m exactly the same way, I need to say things outloud, rewrite notes in pretty colours, walk around, I constantly wait till last minute (sometimes even the last day of late submission, like with the essay I’m currently working on) and I pull a lot of all nighters.

*Sigh* I love learning but am a terrible studier/essay writer

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Helper bee
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I’m a distracted studier. Most of the time (when the Fiance is home) I have to go to the library and seclude myself in a corner somewhere because my house is too noisy. However, I ended up taking more breaks and surfing the internet more…kinda like what I am doing RIGHT now! 🙂

I’m trying to get better and I see improvement in my studying skills, but it’s kinda funny that I’m going into my last quarter of undergrad studies and I’m just now seeing improvement!

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Buzzing bee
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In undergrad I didn’t have to study that much.  It’s harder now.  In this program, we’ve consistently had 16-20 hours of lecture for one class every week – and it all builds on each other.  (Then there are smaller classes, practice based work, etc. etc.).  If I didn’t regularly study, I definitely would not do well in my classes. 

Sometimes I miss the 3 credit hour lectures from undergrad.  Meeting 16 hours a week, every week, for just one of the classes (x3 years) gets old quickly.

To actually study: I write out all my notes (even though we get powerpoint slides) and then condense the information to what is most important.  Then, I review it a second time prior to a quiz (using a highlighter for key points).  Before the exam, I will review it a final time and use a pen to underline just main words.  By that time, I’m able to go through all the material really quickly because I’m just skimming the highlighted material.

@blondilocksI saw on your profile that you’re going to be a pharmacist.  When do you graduate?  I’ll be done in May 2012.  (sorry, I don’t know why it’s italicized)

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Helper bee
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Generally I compile all my notes/study guides/relevant books and essays and write out a whole study guide. It helps me review and I feel like by writing/typing I am able to remember the material better. Although, I review that study guide over and over after i write it, but I really like to have all of the relevant info on the same page and it makes studying much easier.

The worst is when I procrastinate so long that I don’t have enough time to compile the information, let alone put it to memory!

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Bumble bee
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I’m not usually a procrastinator…but senior year has changed that! I’m on weddingbee when I have a final on Wednesday and Thursday….

So, right about now, I’d call myself ADD & a procrastinator. haha

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Honey bee
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Let’s see. I underline a lot. I usually just use a pen – I don’t like markers. I also write notes in the text. 

For some classes. I would condense the notes I had taken and studied from them. Close to exam time, I would walk around and mutter to myself. 


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I’m a procrastinator, big time. But I’m a ‘thinker,’ too, so while my friends are feverishly writing draft after draft, I’ve just done the research. Then I sleep on it for a few days, and then crank the paper out the night before/day of since it’s been ‘marinating.’ I’m easily distracted, too, so I’m a very active underliner/circle-er in my books so that I can keep focused. And my class notes are copious. I like to re-read everything I write when I am prepping for a final, so the more fluid and lecture-like it is, the better for me.

Law school is the WORST for procrastination…I generally only have one exam per class at the end of the semester. So who studies once reading and review starts rather than prepping as ya go? – this girl. Thankfully what’s worked through HS and UG is working now, but yeesh, you think us procrasti-bees would learn!

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