(Closed) College – did you ever have a horrible semester and live to tell?

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Busy bee
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I was in a similar position – it was because my best friend/room mate dropped out of uni and moved miles away and then a week later I broke up with my boyfriend, because I was feeling so sorry for myself I took a big “what’s the point” attitude, my grades suffered because of it and I felt even worse.

The best advice I can give you is talk to people, family, friends, staff at your college – I did that and it reminded me how much I wanted to be there and that even though most of us have a number of trip ups we WILL get there in the end, because deep down we know it’s worth the stress!

The good thing is you are able to retake it – and you’ll have even more drive when you sit it this time so you’ll be totally fine, it’s just a little blip.

I hope this helps 🙂

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Bumble Beekeeper

Yes. I have actually failed said class twice. I think it was more of an issue with the professor than anything. He’s the only person that taught the class and he and I did not see eye-to-eye. Once you re-take the class, the new grade replaces the failing one on your transcript. Really, it’s not the end of the world, I promise.

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@MissPine: Oh. Man. I had two really bad semesters. The first bad one was the first time I moved away from my parents. I basically had the “crazy teen does what she wants without parents telling her what to do” syndrome. I didn’t manage my time, didn’t give a hoot about Spanish class, and got a C.

The second one, was after transferring colleges. The school bascially screwed me over, didn’t let me into the art program after telling me I was in, hitting me with all sorts of stupid unnecissary fees, and just… blah. It was the second time moving away from family, but I lived farther away, and instead of a small college town, I moved into the city. DE-PRESSING. I failed two classes… and I’ve never failed anything in my entire life!!!! Sometimes you just hit a roadblock, that’s just a life thing, I figure. It can’t be rainbows and bunny farts all the time, can it?

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My second to last semester was really bad. I had horrible anxiety and I was convinced that I was dying after a trip the ER for heart palpatations. I barely slept. I was so focused on school that I didn’t really have a social life at that point. I basically drove myself crazy. I pulled through with a 4.0 that semester somehow, but I was at the doctors basically every week convinced that there was something wrong with my heart. It was rough. You just have to do the best you can! Talk to someone about it! Don’t give up…it’s soooo worth it once you have that diploma, honestly. Take some time for yourself. Why did you fail the class? If it’s because of the material, see if there are tutoring services. Make yourself go to the professor’s office hours. Talk to someone who has taken the class. There are a lot of resources out there. If it’s because of work, maybe lessen your course load? Think about what’s best for you and your GPA.

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I liked taking summer courses to lighten my course load during the regular year and found they were easier. So one year I decided I’d take an intro course on Buddhism, easy and interesting right? Uh not so much when your professor is a raging alcoholic who shows up tipsy, disappears for “breaks”, comes back hammered, and rambles on with ancient Buddhist stories that you think are just some weird biligerant rant. He actually fell down during class one day. I kid you not. Well roll along to the final, and it’s questions about all his biligerant drunken Buddhist tales about burning houses and wheelbarrows! No one wrote it down because it didn’t make a lot of sense. It was AWFUL! I got a 50 dead on, and I realize I only got the pass as a gift. Lesson: Buddhism is a harder class than you would think. LOL!

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Sugar bee

I was afraid I would fail a finance course once but just made it through the exam thanks to a lot of tutoring hours. I know it may be too late now but maybe you could talk to your professor and see if you could retake the exam or part of the course you failed in order to avoid fallign behind by having to take the whole class again.

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Almost every semester I was in college, I’d start out doing great…and then some shitty family thing would happen and it would pretty much derail me. One semester, my grandmother had a stroke. The following semester, my great-aunt, who I was very close to, passed away. Just some examples…

However, each time, I fought my way out of all the crap and managed to have a B average. I’ve never failed a class, but I have gotten academic warnings (I had a passive-aggressive professor who preferred to make me look bad to the dean instead of actually talking to me about participation–she felt I wasn’t speaking up enough and made my life miserable on those grounds). The point is, you’ll survive! 

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Last semester I took 5 classes at once (instead of the usual 4), and all of them were in a group of the most difficult classes in my major. It was AWFUL! I wound up with straight As, but I felt like dropping out of college. I probably cried at least once a week. ….Am I weird for thinking it was totally worth it? lol. I would do it again.

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I’m in grad school right now, and I totally understand the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. However, I once had a friend in undergrad who told me that if you truly want to do something, no matter how difficult the obstacles, you will find a way to make it work.

I’m sure things will work out. And don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities for a full-time student. This time around, you know the class is tough. Start off the first week of classes by asking to meet with the professor during office hours, seeking out private tutoring if it is offered free on campus, and set aside at least a few hours of study time each week, even if you don’t have an exam for several weeks.

Good luck!

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My first year of college was just awful. I left my friends and boyfriend behind, I couldn’t find a job all year but got no financial aid or help from parents, and I made zero- that’s right, zero- friends. My classes were okay but a couple were pretty tough… it was the only thing I had in my life though, so I did okay. At the end of the semester boyfriend and I had a really rough time, and ended up breaking up. It was pretty sucky.

Year two, I moved home and attended a closer college, with no boyfriend and no friends back home since they pretty much all forgot about me. Got a job I didn’t particularly like. I ended up getting super sick both semesters (but separately each semester) and having to drop all but one class each time, but the school refused to give me a full refund and no refund at all for the second semester. Only good thing was that boyfriend and I got back together after several months and got engaged 🙂

Flash forward to now. I’m back at the original school, getting a job, making a few friends, and I’m taking 18 credits and in love with every class I have. I’m also planning a wedding with the love of my life and I have great friends back home. Not sure how college did such a 180 for me, but it definitely can get better, so don’t give up! I almost dropped out completely after last year but I’m so glad I didn’t!


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I had a horrible year and still graduated on time! I started out as a math major freshman year, but due to it not being a good fit for me, roomate drama and ex-bf drama I actually failed 2 classes and stayed home 2nd semester, taking a break from school completely. I went back sophomore year, changed my major, lived with new friends, got a new bf and 3 years later graduated on time! I had to double up on courses every semester and take summer classes, but it was worth it!

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Busy bee
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Yup, I got my first D in college! I think it was my 2nd year. It was in Plant Biology (the most boring class ever). I had dreams of going to med school but I discovered that hardcore science was NOT my strong point. I knew that because I studied my ass off for the 1st midterm and got a 24/40. Then I didn’t study at all for the 2nd midterm and got a 20/40. So obviously plant bio was not my strong point. It wasn’t a failing grade because a D is passing at my alma mater. It was a failure to me because I had been a straight A student in high school!

Don’t let it discourage you. Use it as a learning experience and see what you can do to change! It happens to the best of us!

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