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Ap2010:  maybe think about what sort of business you want to own and do something useful towards that e.g. culinary if you want to own a cafe or catering business etc

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I can only comment insofar as how certain degrees are considered over here but for sure, pop culture would be totally discounted as a valid subject. It’s probably an enjoyable luxury to study but nothing that would set you up in business or be taken with any seriousness.  

Geography and history are usually major subjects here and both break down into categories – physical/human geography and economic & social history/constitutional history for example. As someone who studied history at a higher level I’ll always recommend it. But I wouldn’t say it goes very far in a vocational sense.

I agree with the pp who has said that you need to think about what sort of business you might want to run. Then pick whichever minors are likely to improve your chances of running a business. Being an entrepreneur takes more than just a degree but it certainly helps if your degree has any vocational relevance to whatever you plan to specialise in.  Your current list is somewhat “scattergun” and I can’t easily see what some of your proposed minors would do to assist your current ambitions. Also, are you not planning to use your vet tech degree?

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Hey- It sounds like you have a lot of great ideas and are taking good steps forward. I agree with cpik that it depends on what kind of business you want to own, as to what minors would go along with that major, but you should also consider your interests (and talents i.e. design) in that topic. What good are courses if you’re just doing it to pass, and don’t master the knowledge/skills? 

Assuming you are in the USA- Have you talked to the Career Center at your school yet? They have trained staff available to help you with this major life decision. The staff at the Jr. College may be in the habbit of encouraging their own programs vs. lifelong planning you typically find 4 year institutions. (I’ve seen this first hand.) Also, it’s possible the jr. college serves the community for free, where as the 4 year only serves its students. If you are not yet enrolled there, they may not be able to meet with you until you are one of their students. Sometimes there is a liaison from the Career Center to the Transfer Office- this person may be able to help you before you are officially enrolled- and for free.

I work in this felid and I would be happy to help you out if are having trouble getting traction. 

In the grand scheme of things, if you have yet to start the vet tech program, you have some time to pick the Minor. 

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i think graphic design, marketing or communicarions would be most helpful for a small business. 

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Unless you want to open your own vet clinic, why would you get a vet tech degree before getting a bachelors in business? I think instead of focusing on owning a business “of some sort,” you need to figure out at least the area of business you want to go into. Don’t major in business just because you want to own “something” someday. You don’t need to have minors figured out before you enter college. You don’t even have to have your major figured out — most people end up changing their mind at least once. Why don’t you get into college first and then take some classes and figure out what you like.

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Unless you hope to open a business involved in food or travel, I would avoid culinary or geography. To be honest, most of those areas sound like interests, as opposed to valuable minors for a vet tech/business owner. You can take some courses in them without minoring in them.

Have you thought about a marketing or PR minor (though that may fall under communications at your school)?

Also, why not major in whatever you want your business to be in & then minor in business? (Or vice versa might work, too, I guess.) I’m not seeing the connection between vet tech and owning a business unless you plan to start a unrelated business on the side and work as a vet tech until it takes off? 

Honestly, though, good for you to know what you want! Don’t be afraid to change your mind, though. I switched majors unexpectedly, and I love what I do.

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Ap2010:  graphic design for sure

The rest are kind of nice but not practical and certainly not skills you can list on a resume that would make you stand out. ” pop culture?” Just watch the news and read People, haha. Same with Mass media.

 marketing communications majors/history ect are a dime a dozen. 

Graphic design will be the most useful especially since now for businesses to be successful you pretty much have to have a website, ect. This will make you very attractive to employers

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So you want to be a vet tech, shop owning, interior designer? I’m sorry to sound snarky but you really need to sit down with an academic advisor at school to look at relatable degree pairings because the ones you’ve thrown out are all over the place. A general degree in business is pretty worthless (I’m sure someone will have something to say about that) unless you have some type of skill to back it up. Of the minors you listed I think graphic design or something in public relations would be best to go with a business degree.

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Ap2010:  You don’t need a business degree to own a business. Do you even know what sort of business you want to own? It’s not as easy as just saying “I want to be a business owner”. Being a *successful* business owner takes a lot more than just the desire to work for yourself. 

As a woman with formal business education, experience in whatever business you are hoping to start is FARRRR more valuable than any of the degrees you have mentioned. I can’t stress that enough. So, it’d probably be more beneficial for you to do proper research and try to get your foot in the door to learn the ins/outs of your desired field than to harp on the perfect classes to take. 

Since I DO support education, though, I’d have to echo PP’s in minoring in graphic design, marketing or communications… All of which would at least be applicable in almost any business setting.

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Ap2010:  I’m going to echo everyone else and ask what kind of business do you want to open?  If the minors you listed don’t pertain to that then I wouldn’t bother persuing them.  Having a bunch of unrelated minors may sound fun and interesting but they also equal time and money.  

Also, there is more to being a business major than just learning how to own a business.  If your future business fails you can still find a job in your field, working for someone else.  If you can’t find a job you like you can always go back to school for the vet tech program.  Pursuing the vet tech program first just seems like you’re putting off what you really want to do and if your business is successful then the vet tech degree will have been a waste of time and money.  

It looks like you have posted several times about college majors.  If I were you I would enroll in a 4-year college and start taking the core classes.  Get the core classes out of the way while dipping your toes into the subject you might be interested in majoring in. This may save you time and money and help you figure out what you will truely enjoy doing.  If you jump headfirst into a major you [don’t really know that much about/dont have much experience with] you may end up unhappy and it can take much longer to get the degree you actually want!  

I also cannot stress how imortant being honest with yourself is when choosing schooling.  One of my best friends has enrolled and dropped out of college several times because she won’t face the facts.  You need to know what you are capable of, how much of a commitment you are willing to make to school, and if the major you’re pursuing is going to make you happy and is worth your time and money.  It may sound harsh, but it will save you in the long run!  

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I have a bachelors in equine science and specialized in reproduction, but am an equine tech at the moment until my dream job opens up at the embryo transfer place in the city. 


Ive worked at a lot of barns and managed a repro farm And honestly, I spend less time with animals as a tech than I did feeding or cleaning stalls. Also, keep in mind that they are all sick or injured which can be pretty gross or gruesome sometimes, and you have to deal with abuse/neglect cases. In addition, a lot of tech work is cleanup and assisting so you’ll be doing some grunt work. a lot of places will hire you without a tech degree and train you in, so school may be a waste of time and effort. I don’t know how much of this you knew but it’s always good to be prepared. I love my job but it’s a lot more science based and a lot more hard work than just playing with animals all day. 

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