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    Nope , I assume they just like colored

    Yes, I assume they couldnt afford it


    I have a diamond or white stone(moissy, cz)

    I have a colored gemstone

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    @CreatureFromTheBlackLagoon:  Yes it is two dragonflies holding the center stone :). The little creatures have a lot of sentimental meaning to both me and my husband. They also symbolize rebirth, good fortune, and luck.

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    I looooooooove gemstone engagement rings. They are so original and out of the norm. They show some strong character in my opinion.

    I chose my e-ring and it was a smoky quartz. The brown sparkle was stunning. Some friends told me I should say it was a brown diamond but I disagreed. I was so happy to wear a gemstone. The only problem was that it got scratched up after a year and I had to change rings 🙁 I do adore my new diamond ring but my first choice was a gemstone. Here is my beauty:

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    No, I don’t automatically think they couldn’t afford a diamond. I can generally tell what an expensive ring looks like, though.

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    I can’t help trying to mentally calculate how much a ring costs no matter what it is, but of course you never know– I doubt I’d be able to tell a moissy or a diamond or a white sapphire from first glance!

    I don’t do this to judge people or try to be a jerk, though. I just can’t help it, I think because I work in the luxury goods field and I’m interested in who is buying what, and I happen to randomly know the cost of a LOT of things just randomly from exposure to my industry. I’d be abble to make a more accurate guess about the cost of your shoes than the cost of your ring though!

    Also Kate Middleton wears a sapphire and there are fancy colored diamonds centrally on display in Harry Winston, that the guy told me START at $6 MILLION. So are colored stones for “cheap” people? Ha, no.

    Like basically there are easier ways to guess how much money someone likes to spend than rings. Some people look rich naked– all that money people spend on highlights, healthy meal deliveries, personal trainers, teeth whitening and straightening, botox and facials isn’t for nothing! 

    But really there’s no point in judging, trying to guess is just a habit some people develop I think.

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    There are A LOT of clear stones that could pass for a diamond that cost a lot less than a diamond, white sapphire, moissionite, cz, ect…   Its pretty hard to tell whether a white stone is a diamond or a cheaper stone.  

    I do want blue or purple sapphire in my ring, which I’ve told my SO about a hundred times, in case he forgets.  (I still semi expect that he will still give me a diamond, because he is traditonal.)  However, precious stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires have been common throughout history.  Blue sapphires, in particular, have long been common in engagement rings throughout history, as they represent commitment and love.  I would prefer a sapphire because I am a history nut, and also because it is slightly unusual.  Also, Debeers, a co. which controlled a great deal of the diamond trade, launched a very sucessful marketing campaign to encourage the use of diamonds as the only acceptable stone in an engagement ring. 


    I must admit, I would judge someone who admitted to having a semi-precious stone in their engagement ring, like an amethyst or a aquamarine.  I love both of those stones, but not in an engagement ring.  That said, I would probably also judge someone who had a cz or other nonprecious white stone in their engagement ring or who had a silver ring.  


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    I got no “cheap” comments about my coloured gemstone.

    I’m willing to bet Kate Middleton didn’t either.

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    I always just assume they wanted a colored stone. And honestly, if you start looking into gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, they are cheaper than a diamond, yes, but really, not be too, too much! I wanted a sapphire, but the cost was upwards of $4000 for the ring I liked, which is NOT chump change. I can’t stand cattyness over rings. You like/got what you like/got and that’s that. Let’s stop shaming each other. 

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    @SaugaBride:  Considering that colored gemstone erings are gaining in popularity (many celebs have them), I’d say no, I don’t think of them as cheap. And speaking as someone who has a colored gemstone ering, I know for a fact that some gems are more expensive than diamonds.

    And tell people that think your ring is “cheap” to kick rocks!

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    @beetee123:  please pictures!!! I’m a bit ruby obsessed! 

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    @wrkbrk:  sure thing


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    Fiance wanted a coloured gemstone for me, but I was worried about what a lot of people say — that coloured stones look less like engagement rings.  And since we don’t look like a traditional couple, I was really invested in having a ring that immediately “read” as an engagement ring.  So I don’t ever think people are cheap for having them.  It’s just a bolder choice where I am — this part of Virginia is pretty much diamonds only for engagement rings.  It’s probably different elsewhere.  Diamonds are just traditional here, and when I see a girl with a non-diamond engagement ring, I often think she either loved the stone or she’s really fashion-forward/bold.

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    Certain types of gemstones cost as much diamonds, so I wouldn’t automatically assume the couple couldn’t afford a diamond.  I would just assume they wanted a colored stone to be unique.

    By the way, that’s pretty rude for people to say that you have a cheap stone OP, some people just don’t know any better.

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    @SaugaBride:  don’t listen to anyone else. Your ring is beautiful. Shape and color are gorgeous. morganites are beautiful, soft and feminine what could be more bridal than that!!!

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    @wrkbrk:  I don’t have any pictures of my actual ring yet since I don’t have it, but I know my SO has it locked away for future use! 🙂 Mine is antique, so it is hard to find an exact picture of it, but here are some similar ones:

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    Well, I don’t see girls with diamonds (or clear stones) and think “Dang they could afford a diamond!” so of course I don’t think “Dang they couldn’t afford a diamond!” when I see a colored stone.  I assume they got the ring they wanted and loved. I mean… I’ve seen gals with colored stones throw $100k shindig weddings… you can’t possibly tell me that they couldn’t swing a few grand for a diamond, had that been what she wanted.

    (PS, some colored gemstones are more expensive/rare then some diamonds!)

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