Coming off birth control?

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mandipandi :  It doesn’t impact my libido at all, but stress certainly does unfortunately.  I lost a few pounds (3-5) and was slightly more prone to a pimple now and again both times I’ve quit BC.  Not being on birth control led to less overall headaches, but much more severe bleeding, cramping, and migraines close to my period.  It’s different for everyone. I know IUDs are the preference of many of my girlfriends and they have far less side effects that oral contraceptives. 

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I came off BC a few months ago; i’m also 30 and have been on BC since I was 16. I’ve always been on Tricyclen Lo.

My sex drive hasn’t really change (always had a high one), my skin is drier and my period has changed dates and i’ve had alot more cramping and back issues. I’m hoping this is just a temporary thing as my body is adjusting. No weight change yet; though I definitely feel bloaty more often then normal

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I didn’t notice any differences when I came off the pill other than being able to feel when I O.

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mandipandi :  I literally just got my first period yesterday after coming off exactly 1 month ago (9/10) and holy hell! These cramps are out of control. I was on BC for 3 1/2 years and decided to stop due to irregularity and just wanting my sex drive back also. While I still had bad cramps on the pill (and had them before) this was like some next level ish remembering how bad they were before. But my sex drive has been way better, I have less cravings, and I still had breakouts on BC so I also have them now. 

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Has anyone found that their periods are actually better since coming off the pill?? I never had really bad periods to begin with, but while I was on the pill they were definitely heavier and crampier than they are now (am currently on my fourth cycle since coming off the pill). My last two periods have lasted exactly 2 days and been fairly light. I also used to get really sore boobs the week before my period when I was on the pill, and that no longer happens now that I stopped taking it. In fact, if I weren’t temping I would really have zero idea when to even expect my period now that i’m off the pill…there are virtually no indicators that it’s coming! No cramps, moodiness, sore boobs….nothing. I hope that’s not a bad sign!

OP, my sex drive has increased since coming off the pill, although it definitely fluctuates throughout the month. It is highest shortly after my period ends and then crashes again in the 2 weeks leading up to my next period. I honestly have zero sex drive during the LP. I have noticed the slightest uptick in acne siince stopping BCP. I never had any acne on the pill, and now I might get like one small pimple right before my period…but it was like that beforeI went on the pill, I think. 

It’s only been 3 months but haven’t noticed any weight change one way or the other. I also didn’t gain or lose any weight when I went on the pill so wasn’t really expecting a change there.

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‘ve been off for 3 months after being on the pill for 16 years (aged 30). I went on in my teens initially for very painful periods but wanted to stop now I’m getting older for heath reasons. I was worried my period would be like in my teens again when I stopped, but so far so good. They are taking a while to settle down, long cycle and (6 day period but not heavy or painful, with brown discharge for a day before and after, but otherwise no spotting the rest of the month). I actually find the ovulating time of the month is worse, cause I haven’t experienced those sensations in so long! Some painful cramping, back pain and very sensitive nipples lol! But nothing I can’t manage for a few days, and I’m tracking with an app so I know why it’s happening. Honestly initially I felt pretty awful, I had a withdrawal bleed right away then my period came two weeks later. I felt dizzy, nauseous, more emotional, was bloated around my tummy, I had a few pimples and greasy hair, heartburn and funnily enough more saliva (less dryness everywhere!) Sounds intense, and apparently coming off the pill can mimic a lot of early pregnancy signs…. But after 6 weeks that has settled down. No weight gain or loss, but I do notice I get a tiny bit heavier just while I have my period. On the plus side I just feel much better overall and more in tune with my body. Hard to explain. My blood pressure and heart rate has gone down, I sleep much better (though more vivid dreams) also fewer unexplained feelings of anxiety/depression that was starting to creep on, and increased libido, yay! We will use condoms now until TTC. So overall, a very good decision! I’ve read about people who don’t have any issues stopping and others who have a rough time and takes up to 6 months to a year to settle down and feel better. Just prepare for a lot of self care and eat really well, as this helps rebalance your hormones. My friend came off 2 years ago, not TTC but for health reasons and has said it’s the best thing she’s done, but you just gotta surrender to the process!! I hope it’s a positive decision for you too! You can always go back on if not. Everyone’s different, you dont really know until you try! Xx

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I’ve ranted on other threads sorry Bees! I’m 42 days off the pill after being on it for 15 years as we want to TTC. My period hasn’t returned yet, so I don’t know what that will be like but it was much heavier/more crampy before I started the pill. Overall I have felt like complete crap. I’ve had headaches most days, nausea/heartburn, fatigue. My skin isn’t breaking out thankfully but it has become very oily. The final kicker that has started in the last week – I’m losing A LOT of hair. I haven’t noticed any change in my weight or sex drive. I hope my body sorts itself out soon cause the last few weeks have been awful.

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I am 23 and have been on the pill since I was 15 due to irregular periods. I came off birth control in January of this year due to experiencing excruciating stomach pains during my breaks, migraines and horrible mood swings so my Dr took me off them. At first I had a major increase in sex drive (fiancé was pleased!!) but then it tapered off to a more normal level. My periods settled down after about 3 months and then they started to become later and later and I got quite bad pains during sex…turns out I now have a cyst on my ovary so it appears that the pill masked that for me! 

In saying that, coming off was the best thing I ever did. We aren’t TTC, just using condoms and are quite happy! I may go back into the pill soon but for now quite happy.

good luck! 

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I was on BC from age 18-25. 

I never realized I was depressed until I came off of it.  I used to cry over things that hardly even stress me out now.  I also noticed a big leap in my sex drive. 

I’ve always had bad skin, and I have more hormonal acne breakouts now than I used to on the pill, but they are manageable.  Ironically I have LESS cramping, my flow is roughly the same though.  My period came regularly for the first couple of months, but then it started coming later and later.  I started taking Maca Root for this reason and now my period is regular when I’m on the supplement.

I have MUCH more energy now that I’m off the pill.

Weird things I’ve noticed: I stink a lot more.  I used to NEVER sweat through my deodorant, not even at the gym.  Now sometimes I have to re-apply mid-day. I have more unwanted hair growth, like I used to get one ugly black chin hair a month and now sometimes I get 3 (ughhh).  Also, my boobs get really sore and swollen before my period comes, that never used to happen.

Maca Root helps with the acne, hair growth, and period regulation.  I take one with breakfast and one with lunch and I notice a huge difference when I’m taking it as a supplement.  It also increases my libido (but I don’t use it for that reason)


I will NEVER use hormonal birth control again.  We use condoms now, and totally not ideal but if that’s my biggest problem I’ll count it as a blessing.

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I tried going off for health reasons, but my skin went from clear to trash.

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I LOVED the pill, it was very good to me but we are ttc so I went off of it last month 🙂

My boobs shrunk almost 2 cup sizes! My face is amazing and I was super acne ridden as a teenager. I have more facial hair though so my waxing bill went up. Also, body odor. I stink more! Deodorant is a must now whereas before it didnt really matter. Iʻve had headaches like never before though but I didnt link it to going off the pill till other bees mentioned it. 

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My libido improved when I stopped taking the pill.

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