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@Miss Otter:  I went off the pill 5 months before the wedding and started having regular cycles immediately (which was really shocking since I have PCOS). I’m not currently TTC but I had been on birtch control since I was a teenager due to the PCOS and wanted to see if my body could kickstart itself.

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I quit birth control this month and started charting. So far, it seems normal. We’ll see if my temps go up this weekend/early next week. 

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I quit birth control this month, but we aren’t trying to conceive until February.  I wanted to get my cycles regulated first.  Plus I started forgetting to take it all the time!  My first period/withdrawal bleed was normal, so I am anxious to see what the next month holds as far as regularity.  I have never been excited to have a period, so this is a weird thing haha.  I am using an app called BabyMed on my iphone to track my periods and when I am ovulating.  I am not planning to temp or use OPKs once we start trying though, at least–not at first.

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I came off the pill about 8-10 months before we started TTC.  I charted for the first few months just to make sure I ovulated on my own (I’d been on birth control of all kinds- pills, patch, shot, more pills, different pills- for about 12 years).  I stopped charting for a while, and started again maybe 3 months before we started TTC.  I also started taking prenatals at that time.  Before we were ready to get pg we used condoms as our only form of birth control and had no issues.

When I came off the pill, I noticed I got a little bit of a breakout before my period, but nothing major.  I also noticed that my sex drive was a little higher as well.  I also ovulate a little later in my cycle (not on day 14, but closer to 18 or 20) and that was very helpful information to have when we wanted to get pg. 

We actually got pregnant our first cycle trying, which I think is a combination of being aware of my body & my cycle, a lot of luck, good timing, and more luck!

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I went off hormonal BC two years ago, and my cycles regulated in about 4-5 months. 
We have been using NFP for BC purposes for the time being, until we decide to actively start TTC.  It’s great, I highly recommend it. Good luck! 

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I went off BC 7 months before TTC.  We had been planning to start earlier, but decided to go on one last trip first.  I’m glad I had that much time.  I didn’t chart right away, but I suspect I wasn’t ovulating for the first 5 months.  I had regular periods after a very long first cycle off, but I only had my period for about 1-3 days and it was very light (like barely anything).  I had no cramping or other PMS symptoms that I used to have before BC.  About 5 months later, the cramping, long heavy periods, acne, sore boobs, and other PMS symptoms came back with a vengeance.  I suspect that’s when I started ovulating again.  But I was spotting early every month before my period.  I started charting when we finally started TTC and realized I had a very short LP.  5 months of trying and finally some b-complex later, we got our BFP.   So I guess the point of all of that is my cycles took a long time to regulate after BC.  Some ladies are lucky and they go back to normal right away, but it sometimes takes a long time.  

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I came off in April and started TTC in Sept. I started charting right away so I know tha tmy cycles got back to normal and i ovulated pretty much right away.

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@Miss Otter:  Just wanted to say that I am in my first cycle off BCP so I don’t have any advice, but my doctor told me it was absolutely fine to start trying in the first cycle off even though I had been on BCP for 12+ years.  I definitely think it would make it easier to figure out when you O, etc. if you chart/temp for a while before to see how your cycles go (I’m currently trying to figure all that out), but at least according to my doctor, it’s not medically necessary.

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i went of bc pills after about 15 y of use in may. Since june i have been tracking and it seems that my first 3 or 4 i did not ovulate but last time i did so it definitelt can take a few months to get back to ‘normal’. My current cycle seems a bit crazy though so not sure if last month was a fluke or what? I am still.having a hard time remembering to take my temp consistently which makes charting harder….

 we are using condoms i. the meantime but i am hoping to get better charting and use that as natural.fam planning until post wedding/when we decide to TTC. We are both older (30s) but neither of us is really ready so we want to make sure when its time we are ready to go (though we know its a big risk to wait and we just have to deal w that)

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I went off BCP in July, and started taking my Basal Body Temperature right away, and charting. Your body is bound to be whacko for the first little while off the hormones, so for me it was comforting to chart because at least then I knew what was going on. The first month off them we were not trying, not preventing. I’m in the middle of my third cycle right now, and for this cycle and my second we were actively TTC. First cycle was 27 days, second was 39 days, this cycle looks like it’ll be around 30.

How I felt different: I no longer cry at the drop of a hat, I have a sex-drive again (and the first month off the pill was INSANE with that), I’m starting to get more CM (cervical mucus) back, I have less headaches, I have more energy. My first period off BCP was HELL – super painful, heavy flow. I was on the pill for 4 1/2 years.

That’s about it!

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@Miss Otter: I have to say you are a smart lady for thinking of coming off of BCP before you are ready to TTC.  I had all these fears about coming off of BCP after 15 years – acne, cramping, moodiness, etc… and then when I stopped – *crickets*!  I feel like NOTHING is happening.  I’m on CD45 of my first “cycle” off of BCP and now I WISH I could notice some symtpom indicating that my hormones are regulating.  We were going to take the not trying / not preventing approach, but with no AF in sight I feel like I am going to drive myself crazy with wondering if I’ve ovulated and POAS.  I have started charting temps hoping that I can see something. 

It seems like it’s a 50/50 shot – either AF shows up right away or you are left waiting and wondering.  Hoping mother nature is kind to you! 🙂


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It took me 7-8 months to get back to normal after coming off the pill.  I was also stressed out as well, so I don’t know if it was the stress or coming off the pill that kept me from ovulating on a regular basis.  But, in the first eight months I ovulated twice.  Since then I’ve had more or less regular-ish cycles.   We still won’t be TTC for another year or so.  But, I’m glad I went off well before we wanted to start trying and started charting right away.  It’s made me far more comfortable with delaying having kids since I don’t have any reason to think we’ll have difficulties getting pregnant. 

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