(Closed) Comments about my figure are starting to irritate me!

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I wish that was my issue! Lol. At least your family is not telling you that you look pregnant in every dress like mine! At the end of the day, you know you look good, it’s your day and if they want to make judgement calls then I would leave them out if the dress picking if I were you. You aren’t marrying them so just worry about what you want to look good in! I think a fitted mermaid on your shape would be perfect! Why hide your assets ?

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I hate when people think it’s okay to comment on other people’s bodies! They think they’re being helpful but it’s just rude. Take what they say with a grain of salt and just try to ignore them. Whenever they say something, just remember what your friends tell you and try and think about all the reasons why your body shape is so awesome and why YOU like it… because you liking it is all that matters!

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I feel the same sometimes, but I have a medical condition which results in weak muscles, including around my stomach. Basically the muscles don’t work properly so my stomach hangs out (amongst other things!). I am a bit over-weight which actually hides the problem a bit but now all I get is ‘you need to loose weight’, before it was ‘that makes you look pregnant’. It is only my mum and older family friends – people my own age think I look fine! I keep reminding myself that at the end of the day it’s my body, I’m comfortable and what anyone else thinks doesn’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with being a pear shape – if you are happy then everyone else should be too.

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I think it’s because most stylists will tell you the classical feminine shape is as close as possible to an hourglass figure, and when you don’t have this morphology naturally (most women don’t), the purpose is to try to achieve it by tricking the eye. For pear shapes, it’s putting more emphasis on your top half with color and patterns, and using neutral colors at the bottom. Wearing A-Line skirts with empasis on your waist, etc. I don’t think they meant to be offensive when they adressed your shape and what would look good on you (although I don’t think it’s polite to do so when their advice is not solicited). 

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I wondered about this- not you specifically of course! I mean I get similar comments occasionally but the opposite (large bust/ smaller bum lol) & I’ve always wondered if women with larger butts ever felt the need to hide them because of attention… Ex. staying away from tight fitting pants like some women with bigger boobs would stay away from v necks. 

  I’m just rambling now, but I’ve always thought of mothers and etc as being more modest so I don’t take what they say too seriously though I know hearing the same things over and over can be annoying esp comments about weight/ body shape. Sigh. Also I’m glad youre happy with your figure, you shouldn’t have to hide it or draw more attention to your waistline unless you want to. Ps congrats on the weight loss!

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Tell them to go kick rocks. You are BEAUTIFUL, weight loss or no weight loss, and if you don’t have a problem with it then why should they?? Your FH loves you as you are!

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julesbeeb:  That. Is. Annoying. I’m a size 16 with an hourglass figure so my boobs and hips are pretty big, and my mom and sister (sizes 4 and 0 respectively) were all about picking dresses that would cover all that up. Know what my dress looks like? Strapless fit-and-flare, fits like a second skin and shows off – GASP – CLEAVAGE. I love it, my FI’s gonna love it, and that’s all that matters. You rock your bubble butt!

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I think a lot of this is generational.  Think about it: we grew up with “Baby Got Back,” J-Lo, all those late 90’s, early 2000’s songs like the “Thong Song.”  That probably wasn’t the case for them!

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People can be so judgey! Especially the people that are supposed to be supportive! When I tried on dresses, I heard it all – “you’ll never be a size 4 like your sister” “you should really try covering up your flaws like you wide hips” etc. I made it a point to tell my mom, aunts, grandmas that this was my day and I didn’t care if I wore a tent, I’d still be the most beautiful woman at my wedding and they could suck it. I’m naturally busty & curvy, even when I lost weight for the wedding, I still had DDs and a booty. Don’t pay attention to the judgement of others. Wear what makes you feel like a princess!

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njfashionista29:  I think there’s still a difference between pointing out shapes that would be flattering for someone’s body and saying rude comments about someone who will never be a size 0-2-4. If I brought my mom and sister dress shopping, I would expect them to analyze how I look, and tell me what they think looks the most flattering on me, for my body type. Similarly, I’d be honest when giving my opinion to someone else, whether it’s because she doesn’t like her belly, doesn’t have big breasts (or is busty), doesn’t like her butt, etc. I would try to help her find the best options for her body, making sure she feels confident about herself and doesn’t think constantly about any ”flaws” she might think she has. But never in a way that would sound like a harsh, judgemental criticism of someone else’s body. What you’ve been told while you were shopping is awful and doesn’t sound helpful at all. You’re lucky you were confident enough with your body image that such nasty comments didn’t affect you too much and you chose to embrace your curves with pride. 

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