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  • Wedding: October 2014

Not enough food!  Now I’m not saying a wedding needs to have an 8 course dinner or that it can’t be a cake and punch reception.  Just enough that there’s at least a modest serving for each guest.

I went to a wedding last summer where the buffet was so poorly stocked that even though people were taking tiny amounts of food to stretch it out, about a quarter of the guests got nothing.  Not even a piece of cake because that was too small for the number of people and the only dessert.  All there was to drink was some really bad coffee and some really disgustingly sweet red punch. 

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  • Not providing drinks and/or snacks while the wedding party is taking pictures after the wedding.  I went to a wedding where we sat for an hour in the reception hall waiting on the bridal party to come in.  There wasn’t even so much as a water fountain available and it was (past) dinner time. 
  • Not utilizing both sides of the buffet table.  If you’re having a buffet, it is wise to have both sides of the table open for lines, and two sets of tongs in each serving dish.  That way, there can be two lines, moving fluidly.  It sucks standing in heels for forty-five minutes waiting on food.  Especially after you’d already waited an hour for the buffet line to even open up.
  • Sticking to one genre of music for the reception.  You have to have variety in music, something for everyone.
  • Not providing a seating chart.  I HATE going to a wedding reception where there is no seating chart.  I want to know what table I am supposed to be sitting at, instead of walking in and having to awkwardly squeeze in somewhere.

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  • Wedding: April 2014

Awesome post! I agree with each and every one of you.

1. Loud music just doesnt sound right. You are at a wedding not a concert

2. Tall centerpieces- I honestly thought about having tall centerpieces. But somehow the flashy person in me seems to have disappeared because now I just want everything as simple as possible.

3. Too long of a cocktail hour- Most people are coming to your wedding hungry most likely. I am coordinating a wedding and she is having an hour and a half long cocktail hour–WITH NO HOR DOURVES!! I tried to tell her but I can only go so far as the coordinator. We personally are thinking of taking the pictures before the wedding so that we can enjoy our hor dourves that we are paying for and it will shorten cocktail hour. Plus my makeup will be nice and freshly done..i dont know what the temp  will be in louisiana in june.

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  • Wedding: September 2012

– Long and multiple speeches. The last wedding we went to there were 6 speeches I believe and I every single one was so drawn out.

– A proper A/V system – I don’t know what’s worse, long speeches you can hear or long speeches you can’t hear at all while front of the room is laughing. This was totally the DJ’s fault since he would fix it for one speech and then the sound was awful again for the next one.


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  • Wedding: February 2012

So funny I read what you said about huge centerpieces, the other day I saw an episode of Four Weddings where the women and other guests at the table were trying to talk and they picked up the centerpiece and put it on the floor!

I went to a wedding where the cocktail hour went on for 2 1/2 hours and by 9:30 we still weren’t eating dinner. I was really put off by that and thankfully this wedding was right before mine and I arranged things just so things would flow. That was part of my reasoning for doing a first look. I wanted plentiful and gorgeous pictures of us and I knew that unless we did make our guests wait 2 1/2 hours we’d never get what we want.

 ETA: I 100% agree about enough seating at cocktail hour. I have no medical reason for needing to sit, but I’m wearing heels and perhaps trying to balance a plate and drink and eating utensils all while wearing the heels and the fancy dress. 

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  • Wedding: May 2012

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Not enough food!  Now I’m not saying a wedding needs to have an 8 course dinner or that it can’t be a cake and punch reception.  Just enough that there’s at least a modest serving for each guest.


This is my biggest fear.  We are having an afternoon wedding so we are just doing cocktails and appetizers but it is hard to guess how much food people will eat.  I have my Fiance in one ear saying thats not enough and my dad (who is paying for it) in the other saying no one will eat that.  People don’t go to weddings to eat food (obvi he hasn’t been to a real wedding in 20 years) 

I went to a wedding last summer and they had cupcakes instead of a cake and guests went up and started eating cake before the bride and groom even arrived or got a chance to cute the small top cake.  I wanted to go up and guard the cake until they got there. 

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  • Wedding: October 2012


-One genre of music.  I went to a wedding where it was all Italian music and the guest were just staring at eachother. 

-Ugly Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses that only look good on women who are 5’10” and 115 pounds.  I am not bitter AT ALL about a horrendous gown I had to wear that showed off every lump and bump.  Nope, not at all.


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  • Wedding: September 2012

I forgot this one: maybe check out your venue in the season that you wedding is held, or at least think ahead to what it will be like. I went to a wedding in a greenhouse, they had only visited the venue in January, well in August it was SCORCHING.

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– too much time in post-wedding pictures and nothing for the guests to do, or places for guests to sit.

– having music that isn’t dance-able.

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Bumble bee

* Not enough food. Buffet is one thing but a plated dinner that’s tiny is the worst! After one friend’s wedding, Fiance and I had to order a pizza.

* The long drag time between ceremony and reception. That same wedding had a 3 hour delay before cocktail hour and a 2 hour cocktail hour. We’re doing pictures before and food immediately afterwards. I’ve been to so many like that, I knew we’d want to avoid that at all costs

* No assigned tables. I hate the mad dash to find a table when you realize you don’t have one assigned to you. I think it’s really hard if you’re a family with kids too, to try and find seats all together.

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  • Wedding: May 2013

If you have a good florist, the center piece thing isn’t an ordeal. On our first meeting with our florist she informed us of center piece heights and we’ll have three different center pieces through out the reception and the highest ones will be tall think clear glass things (think wine glass stem) with flowers on top so guests can see across and talk to one another. 

-Playing only fast popular music- What about your older guests who want to dance? What about people (read: men) who are more likely to dance with their partner for a slow song than something faster? 

– Echoing others, too much time doing post-ceremony photos. 

– Having someone use an iPod to do ceremony music who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I think you can pull off the iPod thing, if you know what you’re doing (we could hear the dial on the iPod rotating and the music wasn’t flowing at all..lots of stops and starts)

– A photographer who does their job, but stays out of the way. I don’t want my family having to lean to the side because the photographer is literally standing in front of them during the ceremony. 

– Not having seating during the ceremony for everyone (makes other guests feel second rate and really, chairs are not that pricey to rent). 

-And one last thing…don’t have a phallic cake. Think of a fondant banana cake made to look like a penis with truffle “balls” at the base. The groom “went down” on the cake during the cake cutting. YOUR GRANDMOTHER IS WATCHING!!!

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  • Wedding: May 2013

Too many speeches.

Boring slideshows which don’t show the ‘couple.’ What does your childhood have to do with your wedding? Isn’t that what your grad party is mostly for?

Bars where you have to wait in line, limit what you can carry with you and ask for your ID everytime. Annoying.

Buffet lines at 450 person weddings… and a single line, at that.

Big gaps between the ceremony and reception.

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  • Wedding: March 2012 - Pelican Grand Beach Resort

I think a HUGE mistake is to choose all food that you and Fiance like without any thought of whether these dishes are crowd pleasers. You and Fiance only need to like one of the entree options and a few of the hors d’ouevres, because you won’t be eating every item anyway, so think about your guests when planning the rest of the food.

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  • Wedding: February 2014

Having a four hour sit-down dinner and thirty minutes to dance. No joke–why did they even pay for a DJ?

NOT getting transportation for the out of town guests, and expecting others to be the taxi service for these people. (I was in a wedding where my Fiance and I ended up driving groups of people back and forth between the church and reception hall, which were not close together. My Fiance was pissed).

Not having any idea of what is actually going to happen at the reception! In the aforementioned wedding, the bride didn’t have a schedule for the reception, saying she just wanted to let it be, and she’d figure it out on the fly. Well, that meant jamming a whole bunch of stuff into the end of the wedding, because it had been forgotten about. It also meant the bride was running all over the place trying to coordinate things.


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  • Wedding: October 2013

Not telling people that there will be a cash bar!

I am against cash bars in general, but if you’re going to have one you should at least let your guests know in advance.  A lot of people just don’t carry cash on them anymore, and it’s awkward to not be able to drink when other people can or to borrow money from other people you know there.  

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