(Closed) Completely DEVASTATED. Married, splurged $4500 on photography and no pics of US

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: October 2009

So, did he take the pics and just not send them to you, or did he not take those pics at all?

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Honey Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2009

I’m sorry that you didn’t get the picture that you wanted.  I actually don’t have a basic picture of the two of us looking at the camera either but I knew my photographer was the more photojournalistic type and I love the pictures that we got.  I would call them and talk to them calmly to see if there is anything you can do.  There might not be though.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2011

When I opened this thread I thought you got no pictures, but it seems you got no close up pictures of just the two of you looking at the camera. That’s a very specific request and I doubt your pictures are horrible because you don’t have that specific picture. Just let yourself cool down a bit and I’m sure your pictures are great!

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2012

It sounds to me you booked a photographer who is comfortable with doing poses and you hate poses. A photographer just can’t change their style overnight. You can’t ask a photographer who does nothing but posed formal shots to start shooting photojournalistic just like you couldn’t ask a photographer who was more photojournalistic to do strictly posed shots. 

If you only want a few photos of the two of you, maybe call them up and ask if you can do another session. 

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  • Wedding: September 2011

My brother in law is a wedding photographer and he recently had a similar dispute like this with one of his brides. She even went so far as to take him to small claims court over it and she was not successful. Your photographer did his job and provided you with your photos in a timely fashion. You can try talking to him calmly about the situation and see if he has any suggestions but honestly you stated that you knew what his photography style was going into it and that it isn’t in line with what you wanted. You can’t expect a photographer to change his artistic vision in order to meet your expectations. Maybe you and your husband can hire a new photographer whose photographers are the style that you wanted when you get to your new city and start fresh. 

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Sugar bee

I wouldn’t go spending more money on him. Good or not, your style clearly isn’t  his so I would do as PP suggested and search out and do some extra photos, TTD or something with some new blood.

Sorry your going through grief though, that sucks!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2012

Don’t get more shots done with him if you hate the ones you have already. You’ll always remember that those were from a later time, and they will look, and you’ll remember them, as affected and posed. They can’t replace the memories of the day or how you looked and felt at the time. Life is not a movie, you (I’m assuming) are not a celebrity, you can’t let pictures be the most important thing.   You asked for photojournalism and you’re upset that you didn’t get posed shots? Lots of my friends have said they experienced a big let down from their wedding pictures. The photogs sites and blogs look so good, but those are with other people. You’re always more critical of yourself, there are probably some great pictures in there that you’ll like once a little time and disappointment passes.  

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

Yeah, this really sucks, but I’m confused as to why you would splurge on a photographer that you knew was totally not your style. If you are going to spend that much money on one, I’d be sure that you liked their work! He probably needed some instruction about photos that you DID want, too. If you told him no cheesy photos…well, posed portraits sort of count as those basic cheesy pictures, so you probably should have been very clear about what you did and didn’t want. I’d just get another photog close to home, choose a good location and get back in your wedding gear to take some great portraits of you two all done up. I wouldn’t fly him back out or anything and spend that much more money on it!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: February 2009

I know you are upset. Many Bees experience a letdown after their wedding day with the photos. I’ve told other Bees this-stop looking for what you don’t have and think about what you DO have. You are creating a problem where there really isn’t one.

Breaking down your subject line and post, it appears at first glance:

1. You have no photos of just you two-but you DO.

2. You have no photos of just the two of you looking at the camera-but you do, inside.

3. You have no photos of just the two of you looking at the camera in the grass/in the sunset-but you do, they are just wide shots.

4. You have no photos of just the two of you looking at the camera in the grass/in the sunset close up, but then you say you DO have one you like, but it is in a building. That’s not a big deal-many brides have photos taken indoors because of weather, time, time of year, location, etc.

There’s no problem here, in my opinion. You received 1400 photos less than two weeks after your wedding day. You aren’t crazy about some, that’s to be expected.

But what you wanted was too specific. You should have listed “I want one full length close-up image taken at 135mm with us filling the frame and looking at the camera, traditional style, in front of the grass after our wedding, not before.” Honestly, that’s very specific. We aren’t mind readers. Mentally, I check off when I take an image (traditional shot looking at camera-check!) and I don’t re-do that same pose in every location. That would take forever.

The $4500 you paid, you seem to have buyer’s remorse. Perhaps it was too much and now you are finding fault with the photographer, or perhaps your husband is upset with you since he felt sick over it.

You hired someone that was not your style. You shouldn’t have done that, or backed out after the engagement session. He/she was trying to accommodate your requests-you don’t like posed, so he did natural shots, such as looking at each other, interacting, or the sunset instead of facing straight into the camera for a more natural, less posed look. Now, it seems you really wanted posed after all, very posed.

I think looking at the sunset is the most natural shot-it is unnatural to stare into the camera in that case, I think.

It is also possible that “straight on” is not your best angle or the most flattering to you or the groom, so the photographer was trying to position you best for a great shot.

As far as what you can do, I am torn. If I was considered the best in the state and hired for my work and delivered 1400 images within 10 days, I would be absolutely shocked to hear a client wanted a reshoot for something that was not my fault (presumably for free AND combined with trash the dress). I value customer service and want every bride to be satisfied, but honestly, I would feel you are impossible to please.

What if you and the photographer go back out and he/she doesn’t change their style overnight AND takes straight at the camera images? Ask yourself if you will be satisfied, or will you find fault that the photo was still taken too close or too far or not showing your bouquet ehough or showing the bouquet too much or including too much or too little background-things like that?

Why did you cry and beg on your honeymoon before even seeing all the photos? Was your mind already made up that you wouldn’t like them? Try to be positive and love what you do have. To upcoming brides, don’t micromanage your shots, but if you are extremely, extremely specific, please let the photographer know in great detail upfront so they can try to please you.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: July 2008

It sounds like the photographer shot the wedding and it’s on par with their other work. You booked a photographer that did not share your style.

There are so many forces at work here like how much time did you give them for portraits? What do the actual photos look like? Is there an actual problem with the photos or are you being overly critical? What kind of realistic solution are you looking for?

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Sugar bee

I don’t think you have to redo your shots. First, take some time. In a couple of months you will see your photos differently and suddenly notice great shots you glossed over before, you have a lot of photos to look through. Second, have you considered the possibilities of editing? If you have wide shots that you like, or shots with other people things can be done to crop the photo in order to shift the focus or remove people. I know my cousin had the same concern and his photographer was able to crop out the wedding party from a formal pose so it looks like the ühoto was taken of just he two of them.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: February 2009

You should share some photos here and get the Bees’ honest opinions. I do feel your family and friends are agreeing with you to make you feel better, etc, but in reality, many may be saying to themselves that the photos look fine or it is a silly concern. If this is the biggest problem with the wedding, you did great! 🙂

As a photographer, I am telling you that what you requested is not standard and was outside the realm of normal.

How much time did you spend taking portraits with just the two of you? And what is wrong with the angles on some that you feel you can’t frame them?

I don’t know how you can possibly ask the photographer to Photoshop these. We can’t make a profile photo a straight on shot, for example, and most photogs charge heavily to make a fake photo-that is, removing the bridal party, etc, as that wasn’t what occurred in real life.

You can ask your guests to share, but I highly doubt that will be what you are looking for, as the guests photos will definitely, definitely not be a straight on photo where you are both looking at the camera straight on. How would the guest have had access to your outside formal portrait session?

Ultimately, you should have included this on your shot list if it was important to you, as well as the other shots you mentioned. At the very least, it is a good warning to other brides to be to pay attention on your wedding day and arm yourself and a bridesmaid with the same list as the photographer, include everything you want on it, and not give up because you just couldn’t think anymore. Much heartbreak would have been saved if this had been the case. He didn’t know you wanted this shot, and you didn’t even know you wanted this shot until you didn’t get it.

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