(Closed) Completely DEVASTATED. Married, splurged $4500 on photography and no pics of US

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  • Wedding: October 2012

I gotta agree with the other girls on this. And even with your added explanation, you said that you FORGOT to ask specifically for the photos that you feel you did not get.

You got exactly what you asked for. You mostly got his style because it is HIS style and what he’s good at. You also got some traditional photos.

You didn’t get as many traditional photos as you wanted and you didn’t get each and every specific traditional photo you wanted. But… you did not make sure to ask your photographer for a specific amount of traditional and you did not ask for the one of you both on the grass.

Photographers are not psychic and cameras are not magic.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: November 2011

I really loved this one photographer in my area but ultimately decided not to go with her because after reviewing her work, I didn’t love her shots – they were too “posed” which isn’t my style….

Sadly, it seems the photographer assured you that he would provide the shots you wanted and it seems he didn’t deliver to the standard you had hoped….I agree with PP’s that you should forget this photographer and get another one to re-do the bridal shots.  I don’t think you hired a bad photographer at all, I just think that you and him had different ideas about what his work should look like. 

Can you show us an example photo????

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Buzzing Beekeeper

It sounds like you got what you asked for, not what you meant to ask for. I’m sorry you aren’t happier with the final product, but if I was being put in cheesy poses I’d probably say “that’s not really what I want, can you just take some of us like this” and smile into the camera. Before dropping a lot of money on something you have to think “What do I want out of this” and do your homework! Research wedding photos, and if you see an aesthetic you respond to, choose a photographer who will capture that.

I’m sorry it didn’t turn out how you wanted. You can do a re-shoot if it bothers you that much, but you really don’t have just cause to be angry with the photographer it sounds like…

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I think the best you can do is try and see if you can pay less money than $4500 and get very few photos from him. Then make a collage of photos you collect from family & friends. Then later to a TTD shoot and also combine them. Make a collaborative album. That way you can turn this into a memorable and fun experience. In future, be VERY SPECIFIC with anyone you deal with. No two people assume in the same language. Yeah, really.

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I’m confused as to why you would splurge on a photographer whos work you don’t even like?

Apparently photography was very important to you, so booking that photographer was your first mistake, your second mistake was expecting him to change his style for you… And your third was expecting him to be able to read your mind.

I’m really sorry you don’t love your pictures, but I don’t think it is the photographers fault.

Get some other pictures taken with a photographer you do like and then let it go.  You can’t go back in time and change anything so just move forward.

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It sounds like overall you are happy with what you got, but are missing one or two shots.

I would speak to the photographer about that.  If one or two of the wide-angle shots are good, see if they can be cropped and enlarged to be closer up.  Usually the photographer images are very high-res and you can do quite a bit of this before they become blurry or grainy.

Also, as others have suggested, ask your guests for photos.  I have quite a few guest photos that are wonderful shots the photographer missed.

Even if you spend a lot of extra money for extra pictures, you’ll always look at them and know they weren’t taken on your wedding day.  What’s the purpose?

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Definitely see if you can get a photo of the 2 of you from far away cropped.  Who knows it might look awesome.  Also if you get a good shot from a friend, maybe it can be edited to look like professional quality/

Also don’t beat yourself up about not asking for that shot on the day of your wedding.  Most of us only plan a wedding once, we can’t expect it to go perfectly (think about the first time you did anything new).  Its great that you have good looking at the camera shots with your family and bridesmaids.  You can make your husband pose for photos for the rest of your lives, but you probably won’t get all those people together in the same spot again. 

You mentioned that your husband has already relocated. You might feel better once you join him.  I know I would be freaking out about a lot of things without Fiance to bring me back to earth.  If you are still upset about the lack of a photo I don’t think you should try to recreate it.  The new photo will just remind you of the missed shot from your wedding day.  Why not make your 1 year anniversary or birthday or something a special event?  Do something super special, get your hair and makeup done and hire someone to do a one-hour portrait shot.  They are usually way cheaper than weddings. 

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  • Wedding: June 2011

Just be open minded about editing not so great shots into great shots and try cropping pics like pp have said. I was very unhappy with my photographer and with my pics, granted we only paid him 600 so I shouldnt feel too bad… I ended up having to do a lot editing, if you have photoshop you can totally transform pictures, now after spending a lot of time on my pics I’m actually loving them so hope you can too

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@gingerbreadgirl: I was thinking about a cropped photo as well.  If the far away ones wouldn’t work, do you have a posed one with a bunch of people including the 2 of you that would work?

It sounds like you are really upset about this, maybe you should make an appointment with the photographer to discuss your issues (even over the phone).  Try not to complain about what was done, instead stick to what you really want.  He might be able to do something to help you out.

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Honey bee
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breath you’re freaking out. 

Ok you booked him eventhough he was “not my style.”  There is your mistake.

Why did you think his style would be different for your wedding?

If you want to redo, redo it with a diferent photog, one who’s style is yours.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

This is why a good photographer should never shoot a wedding as a pure photojournalist. Even in cases where couples insist they prefer photojournalistic coverage, this is not the case. Every couple (or their parents) wants a traditional, looking into the camera shot or 10. 

I would recommend culling the photos down to your favorite 50-100. This will give you a better perspective. 1400 is a ridiculous amount to deliver.  It’s overwhelming to weed through that many photos.  Create a new folder and drag your absolute favorites into it from the ceremony, family formals, reception events. You might be surprised when viewing them this way. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2012

From a photographer’s POV I would be really confused if a client hired me and then complained they didn’t like my style AFTER the wedding. Why hire me? There are plenty of photographers out there, and countless styles. I know you’re upset, but you can tell an artist all you like what you want, but they can’t just magically change their whole style.

Wedding photography is definitly an art that takes a lot of time to perfect and the great thing is, each photographer does it their own way. My style certainly isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. But I’m going to shoot a wedding my way. I’m the artist.

On the other hand, your photog shoudln’t have promised you something he couldn’t follow through. I think it’s unfair you wanted him to change his whole style for your wedding, but it was very unprofessional of him to promise you he could, when he obviously couldn’t.

Make the best of what you’ve got. Negotiate with him, call your friends and ask for their photos on CDs. Some photos are better than no photos.

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I understand why a lot of bees are defending the photographer, but the photographer is still a wedding vendor – paid to provide a specific service to the bride.  Even if what she wanted didn’t exactly align with his artistic vision, he should have given it to her.  Futuremrskelsey liked his more creative shots, but I don’t think she’s wrong to assume he’d take some standard portraits as well.  There are also many ways to get a creative portrait, maybe making the background interesting/unexpected but still have a clear, close picture of the bride and groom, shots that show them both in their full outfits, etc. etc.  Futuremrskelsey, I totally understand your frustration that the photographer seems to have placed his own wishes/art above capturing the most important people/moments of your day.  Sounds like the good news is you really just want more beautiful portraits of you and your husband, and he’s the easiest member of your wedding party to wrangle for a reshoot!  I’d definitely get another photographer whose style is less “photojournalistic,” go to a beautiful place and have an anniversary photoshoot.  It could be on your 1 month, 1 year, whatever.  It won’t be your wedding day, but it could be more special since it’s so separate, and just a day for the two of you without all the other people/the whole circus that a wedding can feel like.  So sorry you’re dealing with this and I hope it all works out!



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THIS. THIS post is exaxctly the reason why we are asking a trusted friend who does photography as his hobby to do our wedding pictures. While some of the artsy photos are nice, they are just not us a couple, and certainly not “frame worthy”. I totally get 100% of what you are saying here. Also, if you told your photographer what kind of photos you wanted you absolutely should have got AT LEAST that. Heck, you paid him enough!

I am sorry you are going through this 🙁 It would be my worst nightmare. I am friends with a ton of photography pages on FB and honestly, while the photos are nice to look at, I WOULD DIE if they were MY wedding pics!!! Who wants to frame a photo of you and your husband kissing around the house? Definitely not me…

My advice would be to ask a friend if possible with a good camera and good knowledge of what they’re doing to take some nice pics of the two of you. Either that or ask around if there are new photographers trying to build up a portfolio who will reshoot your photos for as cheap as possible. I totally get that that ONE shot is important to you. I hope this works out for the best!

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