(Closed) Completely DEVASTATED. Married, splurged $4500 on photography and no pics of US

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@maureen9004:  I agree, it seems like you booked a photographer whose shots you don’t care for. After reading your post, I thought about all the photogs I looked at before choosing. There are very few photos I found where the bride and groom are looking at the camera head on.

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Why do you need a close up outside if what you want if a close up of you and DH?  It’s not going to show much of the background anyways??  I guess it’s hard for us to understand what the problem is without seeing examples.  Can you black your face out in a few and show us or something?  No one will be able to give constructive suggestions without seeing your photo vs. an example photo of what you wanted.

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You hired a photographer with a style you did not like. You received photos and it’s in his style but you don’t like them. I feel for you because it sucks you didn’t get the photos that you wanted but I really don’t understand why someone would hire a photographer whose photos they didn’t like. 

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@mrslmbtobe Do a search on here and see how many times that has backfired. What if this was a trusted friend then she would be out of money and have a ruined friendship over it. Hiring friendors is the #1 way to ruin a friendship. Esp if said friend doesn’t do it professionally. I just hope your expectations are in line and are not disappointed because they didn’t give you what you wanted.

As for the OP her first mistake was hiring a photog who’s style she didn’t like. YOU CAN”T CHANGE A ZIBRA’s STRIPES. Hiring a photog and them telling them to change their style to something you like is only setting yourself us for HUGE disappointment.

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Of course we’re going to defend the photographer. Yes, they’re a wedding vendor offering a service, but their also an artist that provides a service within a specific style. It’s not like you hired a caterer and paid for steak but got chicken.

OP, I’m sorry you’re so upset, but you hired a photographer with a style that you didn’t like. How did you expect to get something different than what he offers? It sounds to me like he did his best to shoot what you wanted, and his mistakes lies in booking a wedding for someone who wants him to change his style. I personally have turned down bookings for brides who say “we love your work, but we’d really like xxxx”. Great, let me recommend you to xxxxx!

If you’re truly unhappy with the images, and your husband has already relocated, I’d suggest waiting until you yourself have joined him and find another photographer for a “day after” session. They’re actually very common these days because clients are finding they want photos in locations that aren’t feasible the day of the wedding. Yes, it’s an added expense, but in the end if you are really wanting more couple shots you need to seek out a photographer whose style meshes with your vision.

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I can’t add much that the other bees and photographer-bees haven’t already said.  So +1 everybody else.

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I think a huge part of the problem is a confusion of different styles of photography. You say you told your photographer you wanted photojournalistic shots, and it sounds like that’s what you got. Photos with the bride and groom looking at each other, interacting, watching the sunset are all intended to evoke a natural photojournalistic style. But you described these as cheesy poses.

It sounds like what you actually wanted are traditional posed portrait. Those are the ones that are close ups of you looking at the camera. If you tell a photographer you don’t want the ‘cheesy posed’ photos, you’re asking them not to take any of these portrait style photos which you didn’t get. 

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I think everyone is being too hard on the OP. If she explained what she wanted and the photographer said he could deliver it, then he should have delivered it. HE knew his own style. If he couldn’t deliver what she wanted, he should have walked away from the wedding.

As far as asking for what she wanted, she shouldn’t have to ask for every single shot. That’s ridiculous. There are customary wedding shots that any professional should already be famaliar with. My photographer was relatively new and she still had a list of customary shots. Obviously the OP didn’t receive them.

And the PP that suggested she should have learned photo speak to specifically tell the photographer what she wanted? Do you specifically tell a surgeon how to remove a kidney or do you trust him to do his job? Everyone shouldn’t have to be professional photographers to get decent wedding photos.

OP, I understand and I’m sorry you weren’t happy with your photos.

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@futuremrskelsey: I realize that this thread was started a year ago, but I also want to add that I also understand what the OP is going through.  We also did not get one traditional framable wedding portrait of myself and DH. 

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@cerenatee: +10000 Totally agreee that there are just some shots you should not have to specify. 

I don’t think the OP is saying she wanted to change his style, but assumed that these types of photos come standard.  I am guilty of the same thing!  OP I hope that you were able to finally get your bridal portrait with DH!!  It’s a nice excuse to wear your dress again. 🙂  


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I’m so sad that I didn’t read this before I got married Cry.  It’s very sad to know that this is more common that I thought. 

My husband and I had a friend of ours take the photos.  I had seen his work and loved it.  However, he is not an experienced wedding photographer.  I was initially hesistant about having him shoot our wedding but my husband reassured me that our photos would be great. 

I just received about 2/3 of our photos and while some are great, some are just terrible.  He really didn’t have the eye of a wedding photographer.  He missed so many details that in my opinion make the photo.  My husbands tie is crooked in every photo–which is not a huge deal but I feel like it would have been so easy to just fix it or mention to us that it needed to be straightened out.  The other thing that really bummed me out was that he didn’t get a photo of us kissing, or walking down the isle at the end of the ceremony.  I simply don’t understand how he could’ve forgotten to take those two shots. 

I think I’m mostly disappointed because I felt like he was not honest with us in regard to his experience shooting weddings (he’s somewhat of a new friend).  I felt like there was a lack of planning, creativity, and time management.  Three things I feel like a photographer should have been on top of.  Some relatives and friends have asked me “why didn’t you say something while he was taking the photos?” Well, the simple answer is that during my wedding I was happy and enjoying myself and mostly, I trusted that he would do a good job.  Bad photos were the last thing on my mind.  I know that as time goes on I will get over it but honestly, I will always have a bit of sadness that we were a practice run for him on our special day. 

I really hope that brides to be take the time to read this board and/or others that deal with this topic so they can make sure to make an informed decision on their photographer.

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