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Helper bee

I constantly get compliments on my ring. I think its because I clean it often and the sparkle is hard to miss on my hand so people look. It might be that people are just not noticing it bee. Give it a nice polish and see if it does the trick. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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I keep my nails manicured which draws attention to my hands a lot. I do get quite a few compliments but primarily on the color of my ering (I have a periwinkle colored sapphire solitaire). When I wear my blue moissy I get a lot of compliments because of the sparkle and fire. I have the rings I have and the set I have because I love them- not for anyone else. It makes me a little uncomfortable when people have gushed about my set in person (I’ve had friends do it), so I actually prefer when people don’t really notice it or when they compliment my ring quickly or with curiosity about the color and then continue with the matter at hand. (Side note- I love sharing on the boards and receiving compliments as well as gushing over others’ rings- that’s a big part of why I started posting after being a longtime lurker).

I never really noticed wedding sets before getting engaged and now I notice them a lot more, but I rarely say anything to anyone about their rings when I’m out and about.

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Sugar bee

I think some woman don’t compliment other women’s rings in public for fear of how it will make their SO feel, if they’re with them. There’s just this stigma to rings that isn’t there for other jewelry. Also, if a woman doesn’t have an e-ring, she probably doesn’t even notice yours. I never noticed rings before I considered getting married.

I’ve actually considered issuing compliments to other women about their e-rings (I’m way more observant of them now that I have one), but I either forget, or it doesn’t seem to fit in with the conversation, or I just think, nah. I have to gear myself up to give compliments about other things too though. It’s weird, because sometimes I feel people feel the need to give a compliment back, if the receive one, and it’s just awkward sometimes.

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Honey bee
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penny1403 :  I get compliments fairly regularly even after six years. Its usually at the checkout, hairdressers, nail salon and at work. (I work with mainly women who are at that getting engaged age!!)

I really think compliments really depend on the style of your ring. If its huge, uber sparkly or a little different than the norm, then you are more likely to get a compliment from a random. 

The important thing is that you love it and compliment it daily 😊

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i think it depends on a persons taste if they compliment your ring or not, if they’re into that shape or style than they’ll compliment it but if not they’ll stay shut, i just got engaged and i’ve got tons of compliments but i do have a friend who told me prior to me designing my ring “if you get a big diamond band i’ll say i like it but i really won’t” and i got a big diamond band and when she saw it she smiled and said “you got the band !” no compliments from her and i truly don’t care 

i feel like if your ring a bit different than what people normally see you’ll get more compliments, i normally don’t compliment people who have a solitaire ring, just a center stone and a plain band but that’s because it’s not my style or taste, doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty it’s just not what i’m into!

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Buzzing bee
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I get compliments all the time from total strangers (though all of them are women), which surprises me because outside of the high-grade clarity of my diamond, it’s not an overly-special ring…just a “boring” solitaire 1-carat diamond and plain band (which is exactly what I wanted haha). The compliments are always super enthusiastic, and people just want to know everything about this boring little ring.

It might be a cultural thing, I’m unsure. I don’t tend to compliment people on their rings in response, so I’m genuinely as confused as you are lol!

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Busy bee

I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on mine. I work at a doctors office, so a lot of compliments have come from patients. 

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Worker bee

I have gotten about a dozen compliments on my ring since getting engaged 8 months ago. I have a very classic ring, its a round stone on a thin band of diamonds. I have seen my ring a million times in a million different variations. So i don’t expect to be complimented that often! What i find is i get a lot more compliments on how big my ring is. I think when you have something that sets your ring apart, people are more likely to compliment it. I’ve also had some people who i think admired my ring and purposely didn’t compliment it because they were upset they arent engaged ( i know these people well, im not just assuming strangers are jealous of my ring lol) Being engaged is a beautiful thing but for some people it is really upsetting to see someone have what you want and you can’t get. 

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Bumble bee

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penny1403 :  I only get compliments on my ring from people who knew I was recently engaged, and only like the first time they saw me since I got engaged (“Omg, congrats on your engagement! Let me see your ring…beautiful!”, and only like 30-40% of my friends and family have done this. I’ve never gotten a comment from a stranger besides like, my dress consultant at the wedding shop, the venue coordinator, etc. – i.e. people in the wedding industry trying to get my business. 

I’ve done kind of the same thing as my friends once my friends get engaged (Omg congrats wow what a beautiful ring! etc) but I’ve only complimented a stranger once and it was when I was deep in the throws of ring shopping and I had a hotel concierge with a gorgeous marquise ring in yellow gold I just thought was so unique.

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Sugar bee

I get a fair amount of compliments on my ring, but I’ve noticed it happens more in some environments. I also have a slightlly more unusual ring (yellow gold, light yellow antique diamond) so I think it is more noticeable.)

For example, situations hwere my hands are more “on display”, like at the coffee shop and the barista is handling me a latte.  The lighting in the coffee shop is amazing and my hands are right in front of her face. Likewise in stores with good lighting. 

It definitely gets noticed in jewelry stores, which makes sense. 

I fly a lot for my job, and I’ve had quite a few flight attendants comment on it.  I think it’s a combination of the lighting angles  (diffused sunlight) and the fact that they are standing and walking around the cabin and would have a good view of my hands if I’m working on my computer or reading on the kindle.  

Most of my comments are from other women who are clearly into jewelry. Sometimes I wind up chatting about jewelry for 5-10 minutes with someone who was a stranger. Sometimes I meet a new friend this way!

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Bumble Beekeeper

I got a few compliments when I was newly engaged, everyone was just excited to see it. Nowadays, I notice people looking, but no one really comments.

I remember complimenting a woman/customer at my last job and she said “Omg thank you! No one ever says anything about it, but I really love it” or something like that. It was nice and I felt like I made her day lol. I think a lot of people are too polite to say anything, but I think compliments should be given freely and often. 

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Helper bee
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It’s been about 2 weeks now and I haven’t received any compliments yet 🙁 That’s probably because I got engaged before I got my “real” ring (the proposal ring is now my backup ring for vacations and such). So when people found out, I didn’t have my bling on hand lol! I am mostly alone at work, with mostly men, so no real chance for compliments there -_-

I am wondering if I will get any when I am out and about one of these days… I have a 9mm sapphire, but get more compliments on my nails lol.

I do understand why people may not notice or say anything though. That’s just how it goes

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I don‘t really get that many compliments – I have a classic solitair and most people seem to think it‘s rather simple and not really an eye catcher. I can‘t take my eyes off it, though. But with all the 2 ct double triple halo pavé options all around (which I think are beautiful on others)…. guess I can‘t keep up with that 😉 

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Sugar bee
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I don’t get compliments on mine. It’s not really the current style, so that might be why. It’s a relatively small diamond with a chunky ring wrap. 

I do see people looking at it sometimes. I can’t tell if it is because they do like it or don’t like it.

I don’t really compliment other people on their wedding rings, although I see a lot that I think are really pretty. I’m just not sure how to bring it up—especially if it is a stranger. 

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Busy bee

I get compliements on my ring all the time. A lot at work where I am a nurse and have my hands near people a lot and at the grocery store while I’m getting in my wallet or something.

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