Conceiving naturally after six cycles of actively trying

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I conceived my first after 8 months.  I wouldn’t get too worried until you hit a year.  

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I conceived after 8 months of trying. Then m/c. I waited until my hormones went back to normal and started trying again. Took another 8 months but we got our son. So about 18 months total. I was 29 with the first pregnancy and 30 with the second. There was nothing wrong with either of us.

Now of course, I’m a little older and we can’t conceive #2! I’m on cycle 12 right now, just finished our second IUI. This time is scarier because I have elevated FSH. I still have tons of eggs and I’m still relatively young (33). But I did get checked out at 6 months of trying because I just felt like something was wrong. I would encourage you to get preliminary bloodwork if you can – at least to put your mind at ease.

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Took us 11 months for our first, who was conceived naturally.  Even with great timing, and tracking everything.   We had plans to meet with the doctor the following month, and as luck would have it, we were able to cancel that appointment.

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I’m so sorry- I know how you feel.  It took us 5 months to get pregnant, and I felt just the way you do now (even though that really isn’t that long- it just seemed like everyone around me was getting pregant without even trying or right away).  Be patient- that is easier said than done. 

Just remember, that if you do everything right, you still have only a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month.  That means the odds are not in your favor for one particular month, and as you continue to try, those odds stay the same for each month.  It is just that the more times you try, the more likely you are to fall within the 20%.  That is exactly why most doctors won’t test for infertility or consider fertility to be a potential issue unless you’ve tried for 12 cycles (a full year).  My mom 11 months to get pregnant with her first (my brother).  She had already scheduled the fertility specialist for after the 12 mark and had to cancel it right away.  However, my parents got pregnant with me immediately and never had fertility treatment for any pregnancy- so it was just the luck of the draw.  

I’ve heard before that the less you think about it and stress over it the more likely you are to become pregnant.  The month I was successful, I was occupied by the holidays and sick of being disappointed every month.  It was the first month were it wasn’t the #1 thing on my mind.  Try to get yourself more engaged and involved in other aspects of your life- it will make things easier.   Best of luck!

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beignetwife :  I’m basically in the same boat. Except I stopped BC in May of 2015. Started trying August  of 2016. I didnt do OPKS the first cycle, I just thought I’m pretty healthy, haven’t had BC in forever, EOD BD during days 10-20, should work, right? I was so disappointed that first cycle when it didn’t work. I still get disappointed every time but that first one was the hardest so far for some reason. Mostly because I’ve wanted to start having babies for YEARS now, just took me longer than I wanted to find my Darling Husband, get financially stable, married, etc. I’m 30 and Darling Husband is 28. I wanted a May (or at least summer baby) as well! I honestly don’t care what month I get one now. But my main reason for always wanting summer babies was 1. Better options for bday parties and 2. I wanted them to be born before the cut off date for school so they wouldn’t be almost 6 by the time they started kindergarten. If theyd been born before August 21  (I think that’s the date here) they could start only a few months after turning 5. Now if I get my October baby, they’ll be 2 months away from turning 6 when they get into kindergarten… i know i overthink it but I know most of us TTC-ers do. It’ll happen. At least your doctor is givIng you tests being under a year trying! My doctor said he woudnt. But if we aren’t pregnant by April (I think it’ll be 9 cycles), when I have my annual I’m making him do them anyway. I don’t want to go in to the doctor anymore than I need to lol. Hugs and baby dust! ♡

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beignetwife :  if we don’t end up pregnant this cycle I am sending Darling Husband for a sperm analysis and having him lie about TTC time lol. But hopefully you end up pregnant soon or figure out the issue to correct! I’m praying that it isn’t anything major for you. But again, we have to think that we’re still in the “normal” range so don’t worry too much! 

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beignetwife :  Oh I know, trust me. I don’t like to think about that nonsense either, especially because pretty much everyone I know personally wasn’t in the “normal” range. They got pregnant ABNORMALLY fast, even with circumstances like only one ovary! But I’ve been trying not to compare myself. My one girlfriend always tells me “your body is just waiting for the PERFECT baby for you”. That’s been the only helpful statement so far. So everything you imagine your baby to be, your body’s trying to come up with that perfect combination for you. 🙂 

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beignetwife :  You know I’m feeling the same way you are!  But I think part of the problem is that no one talks about TTC so in real life it seems like people just pop up pregnant whenever they want and sure, some do!  But the ones that don’t you almost never know.  It creates this false reality that everyone else gets pregnant whenever they want and makes us worry potentially over nothing. 

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I feel your frustrations because I just went through this myself last year. My husband and I were trying to conceive for 8 months before we finally got our BFP at the end of November. And I had gotten blood work and an ultrasound examination done the month before and my husband got a sperm analysis done as well. And we were told that we were healthy and everything was fine (I’m currently 27 and my husband is 32). And as soon as we got the results from all of our tests, that’s when we finally got pregnant.

Unfortunately though, that pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage. The baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks and my body didn’t naturally miscarry until 2 weeks ago when I was supposed to be 13 weeks. It has been devastating for my husband and I, but we know we will have our chance again. And your time will come soon too! Believe me, it will!

I know for me, those 8 months of TTC felt like forever and I was scared that if it hadn’t happened yet, it might never will. And I’m sure even in the 6 months that you have been trying, you feel the same. But I promise it will happen for you! You just have to be patient and give it time, which I know is easier said than done! But when you and your husband finally do get your BFP, you will only appreciate it that much more!

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We started trying in August 2016 as well for #2 and it was hard that it took much longer this time and finallywe got our BFP early January so on the 5th try.  I think it just varies so much for healthy couples hence the 12 month concept. I do think that often our bodies are being picky and trying to conceive the perfect healthy baby.  I do think testing is better to do sooner rather than later though you know?  I think had I gotten To 8 months I would of tried to get that all situated.  Anyway though I truly hope you get your October baby!

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beignetwife :  Others have given great advice. It’s just hard to know and a lot is luck. We are 29 and 30 and are on our 4th active cycle with one NTNP. We actually conceived on our first cycle of active TTC, but had a chemical pregnancy. I am trying to be optimistic, but it’s just an unknown. Our plan is to do preliminary testing around 8 cycles if we are not successful.

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