(Closed) Conceiving One-To-Two Months Before Wedding?

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It all depends some women get morning sickness some don’t.  I never got morning sickness and I was 4 months along when Darling Husband and I got married. 

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@Pulsepoint129:  1-2 months before shouldn’t be a problem as far as having a growing belly, generally. But my theory is that if you are prone to bloating, you could be dealing with that. I’m 12 weeks now and I am totally comfortable in all of my regular clothes. The changes to my body have been subtle so far, only noticeable to me and my Darling Husband. But that timeline is quite a gamble as far as risking feeling really sick. Not being able to eat much, nausea all the time, dizziness, headaches, exhaustion, potentially vomitting. I felt terrible weeks 5-8, but I’m feeling great now. Many women are sick their entire first trimester and for some, it lasts their whole pregnancy.

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I am just under 3 months out and I’m going to be trying NOT to get pregnant. I was pregnant last summer (had a MC at 8 weeks) and I felt gross the whole time. Not only that, but I’ll be freaking out about another MC so I’d rather at this point just wait until after the wedding. 

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Sugar bee

@Pulsepoint129:  with my first daughter I had absolutely no morning sickness and didn’t start to show till around 12 weeks. With my second I was nauseous, but I could still function and didn’t really show again till 10-12 weeks

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I think your big concerns are bloating, energy level, and nausea.  If you haven’t been pregnant before it’s very difficult to predict how you will react.

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Don’t do it, you won’t know how the pregnancy will affect you. I’m 9 weeks and I’m so sick it’s hard to get out of bed without medication. It’s isolating and depressing. If I had to have mywedding right now I wouldn’t be able to go through with it.

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I was puking my guts out, fainting, crazy cravings, million dollar nose, and flat out miserable by three weeks. And the sex was a one-off (years ago, not my husband), so I know exactly when the event that led to it took place. Yes, at calendar three weeks (not just since my last period) all this was there. I wouldn’t risk it, personally.

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I was siiiiiiick around that time in my pregnancy… I’d wait until after the wedding, just because it would be miserable to be puking your guts out and wishing for the world to end on your wedding day. No guarantees that you’d be sick, but more people are sick than unaffected, statistically speaking. Also, the bloating in the first trimester isn’t great for body image! 


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@Pulsepoint129:  If you get ovulate like the week or two before your wedding, you likely won’t have any idea if you are actually pregnant. I seriously considered trying/NTNP the month before my wedding (I was due to have my period start the day of my wedding and was dreading it), but my mom talked me out of it. I am glad I didn’t. I was exhausted almost right after finding out. At 5 weeks 5 days the really bad morning sickness started. I have barely enjoyed anything for the past month I have been so sick. It would have ruined my day and my honeymoon if I had gone through with it.

Some people are super lucky and have no problems early on (or ever), but I wouldn’t risk it. Enjoy your day and enjoy having TTC to look forward to afterwards! Its such an exciting time 🙂

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@Pulsepoint129:  I think that would be fine, though everyone is different. I didn’t get sick until I was 6 weeks along, which is pretty normal, but some people start feeling it before others. Generally, you’ve got the ‘two week wait’ between sex and a positive test (when hormones begin to appear in your wee), and I think it’s pretty rare to experience symptoms during that time, which is presumably when your wedding is taking place. After fertilisation, it takes a few days for implantation to occur and then several more for your body to produce enough hormones to cause sickness. Here is the timeline for earliest possible pregnancy symptoms:

  • 6 to 12 days after conception: Implantation of the fertilized egg may cause cramping.
  • 7 to 14 days after conception: Breasts may feel swollen, sore, tingly and heavy. 
  • 7 to 14 days after conception: Fatigue due to increased progesterone, low blood sugar and low blood pressure. 
  • 7 to 14 days after conception: Increased estrogen and slowed gastric emptying may lead to nausea known as morning sickness. 

– See more at: http://www.babymed.com/pregnancy-symptoms/what-earliest-i-can-feel-pregnancy-signs-and-what-are-typical-pregnancy-signs#sthash.IdTEZFIY.dpuf

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Honey bee
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@Pulsepoint129:  you’ll be stressing/wondering on your wedding day if you’re pregnant. Should I drink that glass of wine? Etc. Plus, if you are going on your honeymoon immediately after, you risk being sick on honeymoon!

Waiting another month at this point won’t really make a difference. I understand the age thing (and he panic that the media puts on us) but a few months here and there doesn’t really matter. I say this as a 39 year old who is almost 14 weeks with my first baby. 

What I would suggest is to start charting your cycles. It gives you SO MUCH information about your body – when do you ovulate, how long is your luteal phase, etc. Knowing these things can help you maximize your chances of getting pregnant each month, and gives your OB a ton of information if you do end up having trouble conceiving. 

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@Pulsepoint129: I am also 30+ so I definitely understand your rush and excitement 🙂 But I’m thinking one or two months in the scheme of things is not going to matter .. and you don’t want to feel bloated like so often happens in the first few weeks, super nauseous or not be able to get drunk fully enjoy your wedding!

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