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peachacid:  omg we are TTC twinsies. I feel SO much pressure with the whole teaching schedule and age thing ugh (I’m 30)!! I have actually thought about if we didn’t conceive by the fall.. We’d wait! I m agonizing about when to start- we’re thinking May to start …? And btw we have been “pulling out” and that coupled with FAM ha kept me pregnancy free for years!

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I don’t know what kind of BC you are on, but when I quit BC, I just didn’t start the next pack after the week of sugar pills (aka, the week of my period). That way, the current period had run its course, and I didn’t have to worry about stopping midway through the active pills and not knowing when I would get it. However, we got pregnant right away, so I don’t know when I would have gotten my first period off BC. Could have been three weeks later, as it had always been on BC, could have been I wouldn’t have gotten one at all, could have been earlier (if I hadn’t gotten pregnant), who knows. But maybe try quitting BC that way if you are worried about an unpredictable period? I wouldn’t worry about drinking, unless you plan on binge drinking every day or something. Think of all the surprise pregnancies where the baby was conceived while mom was drinking, or mom just had no idea she was pregnant for a few weeks. As long as you stop once you know you are pregnant, your baby will be fine. Good luck!

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peachacid:  I’ve always had very normal cycles before going on HBC and at the present time, but for about 4-5 months after coming off of BC, my cycles were downright wacky! It wasn’t uncommon to have 45 day cycles or 8-10 day periods when it finally did come. My gyno told me this is very common, so I would consider this possibility if you have a very finite period during which you’d like to conceive. 

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peachacid:  If the trip wasn’t that important to you and you weren’t so sure you can conceive fast, I would highly suggest stopping BC next month and using condoms during your fertile days with the aid of charting. That would be my top choice to allow at least 3 months for your cycles to regulate and learn if you’re in fact ovulating. As a second option, I would stop BC right after your trip around July if I understand correctly, and then start TTC along with charting if you want. In that case your chaces of getting pregnant increase, and if you’re lucky you will end up pregnant before October giving you a due date of around July. Either way it’s your decision. If you want you could continue trying if pregnancy is something you and your Darling Husband desire soon; otherwise, you can wait but be aware that if there are any issues that prevent you guys from getting pregnant it’s always better to have spent at least 6 months of trying to a year in some cases. Again, a lot of this depends on age, and I don’t know how old you are. Have fun in your trip!

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If I was in your situation, I would go off bc immediately and let my body regulate. If you’re open to charting I’d do that and pull out versus using condoms (we didn’t like condoms either).  Yes the risk is still there but you have a pretty narrow window where it would be ideal to conceive, so making sure my body would be ready and capable of getting pregnant during that window would be a primary concern. I was in the drink til it’s pink camp so it wouldn’t have affected my honeymoon unless I got pregnant immediately. Good luck!

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I would go off after you come back from your honeymoon. Honestly, there is a 20% chance you will get pregnant right away and then 20% each month. There is a 60% chance that you will be pregnant to time a summer bab. If not, you get FMLA and your school will deal. Seriously. My coworker’s wife has a November baby and a September baby and a fantastic career as a teacher.

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peachacid:  this isn’t rockert science – use condoms. I don’t understand how drinking is relevant. You can drink until you get a BFP (which is typically 14 DPO. You’re going on a 2 week trip, if you were to get pregnant on day 1, you wouldn’t know until the end after drinking was done. It’s highly u likely the timing will work out that you will be ovulating on day 1 of trip anyways.

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We went off BC 6 months before TTC…we just used withdrawl…yes, yes, I know everyone says it doesn’t work but I’m a nurse ans well aware of it’s effectiveness with perfect use and imperfect use. We were fully capable of using it perfectly reducing the risk of pregnancy to less than 5%. We never had a scare. Once we started trying though, we found our schedules conflicted alot, and we were both so tired with work and school….it didn’t happen until I was done with school (6 months of TTC)…so don’t be dissapointed if it takes a while!

I can tell yoou that my cycles were really long the first 6 months off the pill…it is nice to be off and give your body a chance to find it’s rythm again. Use another method, like a barrier method.

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Everything I know about bc is that your body can take awhile to regulate after stopping which can obviously delay conception. If you are on a short timeline where you would ideally want to conceive, I suggest stopping now and using a back up method. I know you said you don’t want to use condoms, but would you rather do that or have the best chance of conception immediately??

and you can’t count on it taking time. I got pg on the first try. You also can’t count on it NOT taking time. all you can do is your best to prepare! Also, start taking Prenatals if you haven’t already. 

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