(Closed) concerned about my fiance's, um, stomach issues …

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I had similar symptoms before being diagnosed with celiac. Gluten is in nearly everything, sauces, gravies, etc. 

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I don’t know how you can get him to a doctor, but it definitely sounds like IB or Celiac Disease ( my mom has it)

Maybe try printing out symptoms for both diseases and taping them on the bathroom mirror?

Seriously, he needs to do something about it. He can’t be happy living with all those symptoms. I wish I had some real advice. I just know my own husband is really stubborn too.

I hope he decides to get diagnosed and treated soon. Good luck:)

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@Stace126:  My Fiance was really sick last week and absolutely REFUSED to go to the doctor so I threatened to move in with my sister until he came to some sense. I had already gotten Future Mother-In-Law to make an appointment with the Dr. and I told him he has an appt tomorrow at 4pm and if he doesn’t go then he can drop me off at my sisters. It worked and good thing too.

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I feel for you.  DH has a sensitive stomach and lactose intolerance. Pretty much everything upsets his stomach.  Oddly enough, he stopped having problems for a while because he was taking tai chi lessons.  (and I’m not usually one to buy into that kind of stuff)  He didn’t change his diet at all.  Then he dropped out of the class, and we’re back at square one.

If he won’t see the doctor, maybe you can buy him a tai chi video and see if that helps?  

If not, I think the only option is to let him suffer until he feels bad enough to agree to go.  

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I had the same kinds of problems for over a decade, tried cutting out dairy/sugar/fat/spicy stuff, all to no avail. I gave up gluten at my doctor’s suggestion and was feeling at least 50% better after a couple of weeks, and now I only have problems once every month or two. If he could just try giving up gluten for a couple of weeks, he wouldn’t have to see a doctor, and he can see for himself it it helps.

By the way, I saw at least 4 different doctors for this over the 12ish years that I had problems, and I never had a tube anywhere. They’ll do an intestinal biopsy if blood tests for celiac disease come up positive, though.

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@Stace126:  I’ve been through this exact thing with SO.  We are not married yet, but have been dating for 5.5 years now.  He also spent lots of time in the bathroom, and has had a history of stomach ulcers, bad heart burn, and just general indigestion.  I tried convincing him for about 2 years to go to the doctor.  I thought for sure he either had IBS, celiac, or krohns.  One day, he was finally so sick of things, he made himself an appointment.  I think me telling him over and over that he deserved to feel better, helped.  But ultimately he made the call.  I think part of it was fear of what they would find.  He ended up having an Upper GI Endoscopy. This was his biggest fear.  He didn’t want to do this ,but he was happy that it wasn’t going to be a colonoscopy. Even if it was going to be a colonoscopy, I think at that point he would have still moved forward with it. They diagnosed him with Barrett’s esophagus, put him on a higher dose of Prilosec, and that was that.  He was really disappointed, and ultimately looked for a new doctor.  He ended up going to see a naturopathic doctor at my mom’s work.  He had GREAT results with this doctor.  One of the first things he had done was food allergy testing.  (I was so happy about this because I knew he needed it). Sure enough he had severe allergies to several things. Since cutting those out, he has lost weight, his heartburn has dissipated almost completely, and he isn’t spending ridiculous amounts of time in the bathroom.  It is a night/day difference.  He does take several supplements now prescribed by this doctor that help heal the GI tract/stomach. But we both feel much better about the supplements verses the high doses of prilosec he was taking. 

Honestly, I think telling him he deserves to feel better, and also mentioning that you would really like for him to be healthy for when (if) you two decide to start a family.  Also, you could ask if it is okay for you to make the doctor’s appointment.  I think sometimes men need someone take the first step.  You could also offer to go with him to his appointments.  And if you guys don’t get the results you are looking from at the first doctor, try another.  

Hope this helps!

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I have pulled the “wife” card for that once, and I only had to do it once.  Now he goes whenever I make an appointment.  I told him that it was his responsibility to me to take care of himself and make sure that he was around for me.  For Darling Husband, I know that I am his biggest weakness so I used that to get him into the doc.  Eh, he knows I was totally playing him, but he also knows that I was totally correct too.  One blood workup and they had the problem he had been dealing with for years diagnosed and fixed.

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@Stace126:  My husband is the same way, I think he has IB.

However, lately, I pushed him to seeing the doctor again. He had a colonoscopy, and luckily, things looked fine. But he does take immodium every day to help. I feel bad, it seems like such a stressful thing to have. And I KNOW it’s not only caused by food, but by stress and anxiety.  

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It’s embarrassing (for this kind of issue) for men to go to the doctors… they just don’t have the guts to admit to someone else they need help…

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I get where he is coming from actually. I started getting super sick in university and went to to doctor who said it may be a gluten intolerance. She tested me for celiac disease and my blood test results were high, but I didn’t want to do the scope because I couldn’t get an appt for a while and I had lots of big things coming up like my university grad. So I cut out gluten and it helped for a couple years, though I still wasn’t perfect. In the past few months my original symptoms are coming back and rearing their ugly heads and I’m super frustrated. Going to doctors is a pain in the ass and they never seem to get these things diagnosed right anyway. 

I did just start taking Align though, so hopefully that will help. Maybe suggest that to him as a daily vitamin type thing. 

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my fiance is the same way he has chrons! it is horrible he has so much pain he takes meds for it and will have to have surgery if he doesn’t take care of it!

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@Stace126:  My Fiance has the same types of symptoms. He suffered his entire life not knowing what was going on. Turns out he is fructose intolerant. He didn’t figure it out until he was in college. It’s still a problem, but he’s on meds that ease some of the issues.

We are a little concerned about the wedding day, but we know the precautions to take beforehand.

Get your man to a doctor! A good, gastro doctor!

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@Stace126:  It sounds like he’s Coeliac to me. I was exactly the same. I would wake up some mornings really sick and couldn’t get out of bed.

The test for Coeliac’s is just a blood test then if that comes back positive it’s en endoscopy. That’s the one down your throat. They knock you out completely for it so you don’t feel anything.

Just remind him the serious side effects of having Coeliac’s and not getting it treated. It can lead to infertility, osteoporosis and cancer. If he has it and starts looking after himself the risk of all these decrease. It can be heriditory so other people in his family may be suffering from it too. Though to varing degrees.

Not sure what the statistics in America are but in Australia they estimate 1 in 100 people have it. It’s totally treatable with a strick gluten free diet. The range of gluten free things is really growing. There is so much more choice now.

Hope that helps and he listens to you and gets checked. PM me if you need any support!

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I agree with previous posters– it sounds like my celiac symptoms. I would recommend he get a celiac blood test than give a 6 week gluten free trial to see if he feels better.

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