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anndck:  We do.  It’s been that way for about 4 years and no issues.  My face has rebelled a little but not majorly.

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anndck:  I got off the pill about 14 months ago and we relied soley on condoms, still baby free! However now we want to have children so that’s a whole other story. 

I didn’t have any worry about coming off the pill and using alternative methods, my only advice is make sure your partner and you are getting the right size so they aren’t too small or too large, that will change the effectiveness of the method. 

I got off BC for the same reasons you did, that and it just messed with my emotions WAY too much. I didn’t have an acne either, occasional pimple here and there but no bad breakouts. Good luck!

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anndck:  We were very succesful with using condoms, and not getting pregnant, because I was over being on the pill too.  4 years, and no baby 🙂  In doing so, it gave me a chance to learn my body, and get on regularly scheduled period, and so we only used condoms when I was fertile/ovulating, and pulled out the rest of the month.  When we decided to try for a baby, I was pregnant the 2nd month (due to the same reasons I mentioned above), and now post baby are back to condoms for some time!!!

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Darling Husband and I did this for about 8 years.  I just never found the “right” BCP other than the depo shot, which I was no longer able to get.  We were just really careful not to have any accidents.  

FWIW though, we’ve been TTC for almost 2 years with no luck at all…so I can’t for sure say that using only condoms was 100% effective in preventing pregnancy, as we obviously have an issue with conceiving. 


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We did! Successfully for probably about 7 years? I loved getting off hormonal birth control. I don’t really condoms, it’s a bit of a hassle…still so much better than the pill. And you stay nice and clean after (sorry, TMI).

But…ahh…I’m pregnant. They will only work if you bother to put one on!!!! We only skipped the condom one time…

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We use condoms when I’m fertile/ovulating and use pull-out otherwise. We’ve been doing that for about 6 years now and still no babies. 🙂

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If you’ve been on the pill for 10 years how do you know you’ll get acne if you come off it? I went on the pill to help curb my adult acne in case it was hormonal and it didnt really do anything to help it.

Can you try switching to a different BC thats not the pill? I wouldnt trust condoms TBH and they are just kinda no fun… total mood killer.

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Yup, we use condoms only and it is working out just fine. Condoms make clean up a lot easier….I did get acne coming off the pill but since it is hormonal it decreased a lot when I cut out/reduced dairy in my diet. 

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I got off the pill this past summer because I was afraid it was affecting my thyroid. I use charting my cycle and condoms for birth control. If you are afraid of hormonal acne go see a dermatologist. That’s what I had to do, mine really acted up 4 months after I stopped taking the pill. 

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MissCountryGirl727:  I was on Depo too and loved it! Never had any problems. I switched to the pill after 3 years on Depo (dr advised since its bad for bones) and hated it. After a year on the pill my Dr said I gave my body enough time to go back on depo, so I did for 2 years and just recently switched to an IUD. So whenever you’re ready to get back on depo your Dr should let you since you’ve been off for a while, unless you had medical issues with it.

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We do – three years and counting and no baby!  For whatever reason I never really liked the idea of hormonal birth control.

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Wheni went off bc I we used. Onions and haven’t had any problem. Get an app that tells you when you ovulate. Also, my skin is the best it’s ever been. for the first time in my life I am acne free and haven’t had one bad pimple since going off!

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anndck:  im getting off the pill, finished my last pack last saturday, currently on me period, not starting a new pack on sunday. I’ve been on the pill for 4 years at this point. Dont want to be anymore. I was on Alesse (generic Alyssena) tired of the side effects, and since we will be TTC in summer 2017, and I was going to get off the pill at least 6 months beforehand…so I only woild be on it another year if I stayed, or switched pills to gind one with less side effects, but I didnt want to spend months trying to figurure it out and then get off it this time next year, so I just got off now.

We have bough condoms, spermicidal foam and BBT Thermometer and I started taking my temp yesterday, going to chart and avoid the most risky days like the plague, the rest of the time use condoms (we bough Lifestyle SKYN cause we both hathe the smell of latex) and the spermicidal foam.

I went to my gyno and got a prescription for a diaphragm, wanted to use that but have yet to find a pharmacy that can fill it, everyon’s supplier doesnt carry it anymore. So for now it will be condoms, and if we really hate it then we are going to try to get the Caya diaphragm shipped from the UK.

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If you don’t mind another option, I use IUD and very happy with it – no low sexual drive, etc.

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