(Closed) Condoms vs. Birth Control Pills?

posted 10 years ago in Wellness
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    I was on hormonal bc for years and hated everything about it. Hubs and I have always used a combination of condoms and NFP and it’s worked great. Using condoms was actually his idea and he has always been happy to do it!

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    I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience!  I’ve seen several threads with lots of advice on lots of different pills.  I’ve been on the pill for more than 10 years now, but I’ve been on probably at least 10 different types.  Some work better for me than others.  I’m still switching every once in a while because as my body continues to change, sometimes i develop new symptoms (like break through bleeding).

    You absolutely don’t have to fill the next prescription if you’re worried about it, but I would really encourage  you to talk to your doctor about this.  You’re not just talking about moderate side effects.

    I’m hoping that Mrs. DG and some of our other fabulous doctors will chime in here–they’ve been very helpful on other BC threads.

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    I am not even sure they’re so uncomfortable so much as they reduce sensation. Maybe he needs to experiment with different brands if you want to get off the Pill. Women shouldn’t have to be the ONLY responsible party.

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    Ortho used to make me hella sick too. I’ve been on about 4 other kinds that do NOT have those side effects. Have you tried anything else? You’re more at risk for clots if you’re above 35 and smoke or have other health issues, too. A non-hormonal IUD is an effective alternative to hormonal BC if you don’t like the BC.

    Have you done enough research on this topic? There are lots of other benefits to the pill. Some are for them and some are against them. Your skin usually improves on them and your mood stabilizes (for some women). Key word: SOME.

    The pill is heaven for me. No more serious cramps, no more misery 1 week a month. Periods ruined my life. I couldn’t work out, i bloated massively and i went from tylenol to advil to vicodin just to function. I went through $30 of tampons and products every single month. Turns out i have a medical reason to be on BC, but I love how FREE my life is w/o periods. Just because it’s ‘natural’ doesn’t mean i want to put up with it.

    Besides medical reasons, birth control is more effective than condoms. If a condom breaks, what do you do? Plan B? Condoms also slip. They’re uncomfortable for both men and women (ok for me). Personally i hate those little buggers. It feels foreign, like a plastic bag. Ew. Frankly, I’ve experience enough “issues” with condoms to know I don’t trust them. There is too much going on that makes them unreliable…

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    We actually use both right now. It eases my mind to know we are using two barriers against pregnancy. I haven’t had any adverse reactions to the pill. I talked to my doctor and she said that with my health, the chances of suffering the more serious risks are very very low. I accept that.

    If the pill doesn’t work for you there is always an IUD or diaphragm in addition to condoms…

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    I agree with you. I was on the pill since age 15 on up through college, mainly to control acne. Then my acne went away and I lost my parents’ health care, so to save money for the past two years I’ve used condoms. After being off the pill for two months,  I instantly lost about 8-10 pounds, my skin problems did not return and my skin actually looks better. I have not had a UTI (I used to get these every year multiple times) since going off of the pill, and my fiance does not mind “being in charge” of the birth control.

    I know that if you are on the pill for five consecutive years it gives you a host of health benefits. So, yes, I was on it for that amount of time so I’ll get those health benefits. Now I see no reason to go back on it, spend the money and worry about blood clots!

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    I used birth control for a couple years. In that time frame, I had to switch between 5 different brands because of all the side effects. My husband was getting so annoyed with my severe mood swings, crazy appetite, headaches and dizziness. He finally told me to just quit taking the pill and he will just figure something out. lol It has been wonderful since then!

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    Personally, I love my bc pill, but that’s because it helps mellow out my crazy hormones. We still use condoms, too, even though I’m on the pill. Neither of us are really fans of the condoms, but it’s for a little more peace of mind.

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    I’m all about the pill.  Before I was on it I didn’t realize that it wasn’t normal to go through a box of super-heavy tampons in one period… very unpleasant.  Now I get through on a few pantiliners.  It’s great!  I’m going to switch brands though because the one I’m on now is killing my sex drive.

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    I just went off the pill. I tried two different ones and I just got kind of fed up. The last one TOTALLY killed my sex drive. the other one, I was dry, but I still wanted it at least. Then the headaches and stuff. ugh. The only thing that kept me on it was because I used to have really bad cramps and it made my period lighter, shorter and barely any cramps and kept it regular. except when I swtiched, it went back to heavy and last just about as long as without it, with other symptoms on top of that that i’ve never had! so i just said forget it. it’s not like we have sex a ton to make it too expensive to buy condoms vs the expensive birth control!

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    I was on BC, but I just ran out and haven’t found a doctor here I’d like to see…and I don’t feel like driving 8 1/2 hours to get my perscription refilled. So it’s all condoms for us. So far I have less headaches, my sex drive is coming back, and I’m already starting to lose a little weight. I do miss the planned periods, though.

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    Yay Too Much Information posts!

    We use condoms and FAM, Fertility Awareness Method. Basically, I keep track of my body signs to know when I’m ovulating, and don’t do anything risky around that time. Very effective for me. At this point I know my cycle well enough that ovulation is just as obvious as my period, haha. My man has always been wonderful about being safe.

    I don’t want anything hormonal in my body, esp. because my father is manic depressive; I can guarantee you that BC would do absolutely nothing good for me. In my case, the health cons far outweigh the minor pros. And I’m perfectly capable of addressing any cycle issues I have without chemical help. BC is just one thing I won’t mess around with. But, to each their own.

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    I’ve been on two types of the Pill – LoEstrin 24, which i loved and experienced no negative side effects but a slew of positive ones, and a generic form, which made me nauseous and headachey, and gave me my period if I missed taking it by a few hours. They differ, so if you’re still open to it ask your doctor for an alternative. 

    There are definitely other effective birth control methods, though. Fiance and I use the Pill and condoms. Better safe than sorry, since we’re so young there is absolutely no way we could handle a baby. We actually both hate condoms – they are really uncomfortable for me, too – but have found a happy compromise in the Trojan Ecstasy condoms. Maybe Too Much Information, but love ’em! 

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