(Closed) Confession: I Am Always Late to Work and I Am Ashamed

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Helper bee

I don’t know what to tell you. You have to get up and get to work on time. Go to bed an hour earlier and set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual. Put it on a nightstand on the farthest side of the room so you’re forced to get out of bed and shut it off. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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@anon376115:  How do you feel about your job? I know I had major issues getting out of bed when I had a job that I hated. I also didn’t do the greatest work. It was like I was purposely sabotaging myself. 

I don’t see anything wrong with going to work with your SO. You can use the extra time to read or whatever. It’s just free time that you’d end up using going to bed later anyway. 

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Sugar bee
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How do you feel about your job? I know I had major issues getting out of bed when I had a job that I hated. I also didn’t do the greatest work. It was like I was purposely sabotaging myself. 
@MexiPino:  Yes, this!  I did the same thing at an old job.  I was supposed to be there at 8:00, but couldn’t drag my ass in before 8:20 most mornings.  At my current job, I’m always the first one in my department to show up.

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Bumble bee
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@anon376115:  Please don’t beat yourself up. We are all flawed.  Truthfully a lot of people are not punctual whether it be at work or meeting with friends.

Kudos to you for taking responsibility now and making a change to improve on this.

I think enlisting your Fiance help is a very good idea.

Also, set multiple alarms, cell phone, alarm clock, etc.  And place your alarm clock on the other side of the room forcing you to get up to turn it off. Once you get out of bed, hopefully you keep moving and start your day.

You can do this! Good luck.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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One of my DH’s employees is very similar! She show up late every. Single. Morning.

And he will never, ever recommend her for a promotion because of it. So whatever you have to do, get out of that habit!

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Busy bee

This is a pet peeve of mine… getting stuck at work because the next shift can’t be bothered to show up on time. Hopefully you don’t have anyone depending on you to be punctual. 

Set your alarm for a reasonable time and swing your legs out of bed as soon as it goes off. There’s no other way to do it than to just DO IT. Nobody *wants* to go to work. Nobody *enjoys* getting out of bed in the morning. 


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Busy Beekeeper
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Nobody likes getting out of bed in the morning to go to work, but most of us do it. OP don’t rely too heavily on your fi’s schedule to be the reason you get to work on time. Sooner or later that won’t work any more, unless you both keep the same jobs and schedules forever. Learn to do it on your own. Try putting the alarm clock across the room from your bed so you have to get up to turn it off. 

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Helper bee
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@anon376115:  it sounds as though you don’t like your job.. When I had a job I hated, which did lead me into a depressive state, I had the same feelings as you’re describing.. Once I changed jobs, I can get out of bed pretty okay every day, I dont love getting up early, bur I do t hate it. 

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Helper bee
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I have been late twice for work.   Mainly because I am having trouble with these damn elastics for my braces.  

I agree, use your phone or ipod to wake you up and put it across the room.


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Busy bee
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@anon376115:  to be honest, i am surprised you still have your job if this has been goong on for years.  Imagine your performance reviews if you wow’d them with arriving on time every day ready to work.        That being said, it is a good idea to get your fiance to help you, just stick to it! My Darling Husband puts the alarm clock across the room from the bed, helps him a lot.

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Honey bee
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How late are you? I have been having difficulty getting up too in the last month or so but it’s because I’ve started looking at my phone in the morning haha…  But I’m always there within 7-10 minutes of when I’m supposed to be there, and well before I see my first group of students. I think the putting your alarm across the room is a good suggestion.

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Honey bee
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Is there something about your job that you really don’t like, or that stresses you out? When I like my job, I find myself bounding out of bed and getting there early. When I don’t like it, I’m pressing snooze 7 times beffore getting up…

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Honey bee
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You seem to be very self aware, but keep giving yourself permission to continue behaving in a manner that is not serving you.


Are you trying to sabotage yourself? Do you not like the job and really want to get fired and don’t have the guts to quit or the momentum to find something new?


You mention depression and anxiety, but it sounds as though you are functioning fully and able to do regular daily activities, so I am not sure where the connection lies between your medical conditions and chronic lateness.

** edited to add (as thought at re-read it sounded a bit harsh) in no way am I saying you are worthless, which could NOT be further from the truth, I am just wondering where the connection lies.



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