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Sugar bee
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I’m in the same boat, kind of.  I look at our monthly money coming in, and why we can still save with a kid, it’s going to be tight.   We are NTNP at the moment, and we had a similar occurance where I was two weeks late (but I have very fluxuating periods) and I had a panic “How can we really afford this moment?”  Even now, with a week to go, I’m kind of praying AF still visits this month.  I will be happy and excited if it happens, but until then my pratical side will take over and worry about everything.  I look at my friends though, who are much less financially set than we are, and they do all right.  Nothing extravigant, but you don’t need that to raise a kid.  I remember for the first years of my life, my parents were pretty much lower middle class to streight up poor, and I was still happy.   

To be honest, I think I would be more scared of someone who wasn’t nervous.  There is no perfect time and kids are expensive.  There are times to put on hold because of finances (IE if you can’t afford the two of you, you likely don’t want to throw a kid in) but there is no time where life is going to be perfect to bring a kid in.   If you wait until it’s perfect, you will likely wait for ever.

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Blushing bee
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i have felt that way..it actually took us a year and a half to conceive!! Even though i had been pregnant without “trying” i felt there was something wrong with one of us. so we both went to the doctors both got the ok’s that there is nothing wrong with either of you just keep trying and dont stress about it. i still think that way now that husband wants to have another baby and i kind of do but i still throw myself down and am like no we dont have the money for it, we dont have the room for another and i will be way more stressed out having 2 kids to care for. but a part of me REALLY wants another; i just cant get myself to commit. its a horrible feeling and i feel as if im almost letting him down not being all excited and “lets do this” attitude! 🙁

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krystalite:  I think this is fairly normal. My husband and I talked about having babies extensively before I went off birthcontrol. I didnt have quite the same experience as you, but when we found out I was pregnant the first month off of birthcontrol it was quite the shock. We had anticipated it taking a few months AT LEAST (I have PCOS so who knows how long it could have taken). Finding out I was pregnant was filled with a lot of emotions. Are we actually ready? Can we do this? Financially does this make sense? My first trimester was filled with a lot of worry and stress. Its only now in the last few weeks (and I’m in the beginnning of my third trimester) that I’ve come to terms with everything and have really started getting excited about it all. Your feelings are completely normal, even if a lot of people don’t tak about them. 🙂

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Commenting to follow!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Hmmm..well I always felt somewhat conflicted about having kids.  I always wanted a family in a sort of abstract sense (like someday I think it’d be nice), but I never had baby fever or that burning desire to have children and I still feel like I would have been happy with not having kids.  I was 29 when I got pregnant and I still didn’t feel old enough, so not sure if I would have ever reached some “magic age” and gotten baby fever.

I didn’t even TTC really, I just went off my BCP to see how my cycles would be (I was on BCP for 16 years with really irregular periods) and I just happened to get pregnant 2 weeks later.  So I never really had time for cold feet, but I was totally terrified when I got a BFP.  In that, “there’s no way I’m ready for this” kind of way.  Even though I was 29 lol.  I figured it would take a long time for my cycles to regulate or that I’d have issues since my periods were so crazy.  But you do get 9 months to get used to the idea, and that really helps.

I love having a baby so much that now that I actually have some baby fever and really want another one.  I definitely never considered myself a baby person before, I really only enjoyed kids when they were around 1 y.o.  I still think I would have had just as a fulfilling life without kids though honestly.

I think it’s totally normal.

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Buzzing bee
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I feel this way. We are officially TTC next month and I’m terrified. I am very money conscious and I’m so afraid that we will be stretched too thin….especially because I’ve always said that if I have a child, I want the option to stay at home. At this point, I think I would like to work part time & if I can find part time work that pays decently, we will be more then fine. (basically my fear is a little over dramatized for no good reason!) But for some reason, I’m still scared shitless. I have even seen a therapist a couple times to talk about my fears. She said “if you were trying to get pregnant and you had no fear at all, Id be worried” basically, its natural to feel anxious at this time in your life. You’re going to be making some pretty significant changes once a baby comes and having a little bit of fear is totally normal!

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Sugar bee
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I feel like I wrote your post. I was, and still am petrified of having a baby: how it will affect my body (I know that’s selfish, and I don’t care: it’s how I feel), how it will affect our relationship, and how literally everything we do will have to be different. No more Saturday mornings in bed, no more last minute drinks on a Friday night with our friends….everything will be different. And I love our life now.

As the months have gone on I’ve realised that while everything will change, we’ll also get a new “normal”, one that has a lot of also really great things.

For s, I think the fact that it’s taken awhile has actually been a mixed blessing. Now when it does happen I think I’ll be a lot better prepared, and have “come to terms” with it a lot more.

Don’t think there’s anything wrong with how you feel: I think the people that DON’T Freak out are actually just not realistic about what a huge change and step it is.

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Busy bee

krystalite:  yup I would say mostly I’m 80% ready and them some days I’m like am I really?! But TBH from most friends and family this is normal! My friend rushed through her wedding cos they wanted to try. She got pregnant first shot not expecting to and kinda freaked out for about a few days and then she got excited! like to think we could potentially have a baby in our lives next year both freaks me out and excites me. sometimes I think oh god I couldn’t do this or this with a baby? Then other times I look at moms and their kids and I’m like I do want that! I think until I’m actually pregnant and there’s nothing I can do about it I will always have a % doubt. Like you my fi is so ready he doesn’t think of all the things I think of. We don’t get married until November and he wants to try already I’m like no way I want a glass of wine at the wedding! Part of me is still a little selfish about how much my world is gonna change. I love coffee wine and all the foods you can’t eat while pregnant

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Bumble bee
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When we first started TTC – I felt the same as you and my Darling Husband was also scared about all the sacrifices we would have to make – mainly amount of sleep.  By month 5 of trying we were just angry that we werent getting pregnant yet.  By month 8 – I was 100% ready to be a mother and terrified we wouldnt be able to get pregnant.  By month 10 my Darling Husband was 100% ready to be a father – and was ready to make the necessary sacrifices.  I found out last week – in month 14 – that I am pregnant…and we are so ready and excited!

Having kids is a huge decision – and it changes the dynamics of all aspects of your life.  If we had gotten pregnant right away – I’m sure we would have gotten ready during the 9 months of my pregnancy – but we wouldnt be as ready as we are now.  

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Sugar Beekeeper
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krystalite:  totally normal to feel apprehensive about a huge life change! I think being nervous about it shows you’re ready and have thought it all through more so then someone who just thinks everything is going to just be fine and dandy! Had we had to TTC I would have felt the same. We had an oopsie baby a few months before we planned to start trying and I always say it was best it happened that way because I dot think I ever would have felt ready to say ok let’s do this baby thing now! My daughter is the best thing ever and I can’t imagine life without her or being a mom (and I never had a desire to really be a mom I just figured I would someday especially since my husband wanted kids so much!)

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Busy bee
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I definitely feel the same way, and reading the responses here it makes me feel better that it seems to be normal!

I had EXTREME baby fever last year, but my Darling Husband wasn’t comfortable with where he was in his career.  He also wasn’t emotionally ready to be a dad, but he admitted that the career (and our location because of said career) was a huge factor.  He got a better job this summer, and we moved to a much better area, and he is way more ready, but I am oddly way more not ready.  We’re doing so well financially, we finally have money and time to go on fun vacations, and sometimes I just want to put off TTC and enjoy our new freedom for a year or 2.  Not to mention the fact that I run my own business, and I really have no idea how much of my work I’ll still be able to do while pregnant/caring for a baby.  But I do still want kids, and I know that if I put it off, then have a hard time of it, I’ll look back and regret “wasting” time.

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Busy bee
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krystalite:  I turn 29 in November.  So there is the thought in the back of my mind that if I put TTC off for a year to have fun, I’ll be 30.  And I wanted at least 3 kids (actually I want 4….), but also don’t want to be chasing around a toddler when I’m 40 (totally get that feel), so at 36 or 37 we’ll be done no matter how many we’ve had by that point.  At least we don’t mind having them close together; Darling Husband and his sister were only 16 months apart and he loved having a built-in buddy, so that was our plan from the start.

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