(Closed) Confession-What don't you like about your in laws?

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Busy bee
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They are “project people” and love to help us with housework and home renovations, which is great!

They are SLOOOOOOOW “project people” and question, analyze, and take forever to make decisions, which is not so great!

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Bumble bee
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Hooo boy…


Father-In-Law is straight-up rude. He’s the only person who has been so rude that he’s left my jaw agape in restaurants (not even my jerkbag ex could top that). That being the time he happily ate an incorrect order while a waitress came by multiple times, only to bitch about it when he handed her the empty plate. She stared at him like, “…Ok.” That’s just one example. I wish he had better manners, or at the very least, better social skills.

Mother-In-Law is a pushy busy-body. Well, to be honest, Father-In-Law can be that way too. They know how to do everything and their way is the only right way, so you’d better listen up and learn fast. SIL is the same way, of course. I’ve kicked that habit a bit with my husband.

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Blushing bee
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My future in-laws are very, very conservative. I’m liberal and sometimes I think they truly believe I am dumber due to my political choices. Other than politics, my Future Father-In-Law is fine, he is funny and kind. He always tries to make me feel welcomed.

My Future Mother-In-Law is sweet. She just treats my Fiance like a baby and fawns over him. She once told me that he is her baby boy. Gag. She also sometimes gives off the vibe like she doesn’t like me because I’m taking her son away from her. But we do not live close to them so it really hasn’t been a big issue. 

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Busy bee
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I love my in-laws, they’re lovely people, but FI’s stepmom gets to me sometimes. You would think, nearly 25 years after his parents divorced, she wouldn’t make comments about his mother, but I guess not. She likes to tell a story about how when Fiance was little, he would cry when he had to go back to his mom’s house after spending (every other) weekend with his dad, trying to hint that Fiance didn’t like his mother. Aside from the fact that he’s a TOTAL MOMMA’S BOY so that’s not even close to true, I asked him about it later and he kind of scoffed and said, “Yeah, my dad had horses and dogs and a farm and I loved animals – I didn’t want to leave the animals.” She also called his mom’s speech at his sister’s wedding “totally innappropriate” for mentioning grandchildren. His sister was 28 when she got married and she and her husband wanted kids right away. That was no secret. At that same dinner she also brought up the divorce rates for children of divorced parents – “50%!” – and basically implied that they shouldn’t have kids because they’ll probably end up divorced anyway. Oh, and this was TWO DAYS after their wedding.

But I do love them very much. His family is very interesting and I’ve learned a lot from them. I’m just not used to blended family dynamics – my parents have been married for 32 years.

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Helper bee
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Does anyone ever wonder how their wonderful FI/DH came out of the parents he did?  My Darling Husband is the kindest, most giving, grounded person I know, but his parents?  Not even close! Father-In-Law is a bit of a bully and Mother-In-Law is the biggest narcissist I ever met. (When he brought me home to meet them, I discovered that EVERY room and hallway had at least one huge framed photo of her on the wall.  EEK!)  They’re not mean, but I find them to be very self-absorbed, opinionated and incredibly irresponsible with money.   They are nice enough to me, but they have always put their own needs above DHs, which just makes me sad for him.    He deserves better parents then the ones he has.  Hence, we don’t spend tons of time with them.

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Buzzing bee
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@Daizy914:  That they seem way more normal and well-adjusted than my family. Seriously my parents were married for 50+ years, but seemed to spend most of it arguing.  My FIs parent’s are divorced, his father remarried and he was a step-brother, but everyone talks to each other and is very nice and civil.  

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Buzzing bee

They aren’t really around, which I suppose to some would be a blessing, it sometimes bums me out how little I know my FIs family.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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My in-laws are great, I really love them to death! The ONLY thing that bothers me about them is that they’ve had some rough patches in their marriage [FFIL cheated], and I’ve been warned not to mention certain names/things around them, as not to bring up any hard feelings. Like the name of the woman he cheated with [which happens to be my middle name.. and a flower…], the state it happened… flight tickets, lying, cheating, ect.

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Sugar bee
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My husband’s family is incredibly well meaning and they have hearts of gold. I genuinely love them and I would not trade them for the world. They have taken me in like I am one of their own.

I absolutely love my husband’s mom & I see a lot of myself in her, actually. We are both very sentimental and highly emotional. His mom is so depressed though, that she struggles to truly function and live a normal life. Plus, she is a hoarder, and the degree of uncleanliness if their house is a bit revolting…

My Father-In-Law is absolutely one of the funnest guys I’ve ever met, but he’s a massive pothead with no motivation or employment. He’s a guy who is a blast to be around, but you just thank your lucky stars you don’t have to rely on him for anything, because you know if you did, you’d be homeless.


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Bumble bee
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@Daizy914:  Bahaha oh wow I saw your thread title and it got me thinking – I couldn’t think of anything to complain about until I saw your post! Exactly the same here 😛 My in-laws-to-be are great cooks… but they make such small portions of everything! Even my fiance agrees… we usually hit McDonald’s on the way home, haha.

My own mum on the other hand, loves to cook, and cooks. Really cooks. Bulk. Everything. All the time. That’s probably why I leave the in-laws’ feeling hungry… Maybe they’re cooking normal portions of everything when I’ve grown up with always being invited (or forced, at times!) to have seconds, thirds, fourths…!

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My Future Father-In-Law thinks that I’m bossy and it seems like he doesn’t like me sometimes. Plus his wife calls me a whore behind my back (even though my fiance is my first and last everything). I avoid the family get togethers of his that only have his dad and his stepmother. But I have no other qualms with his dad’s side of the family.

As for his mother, even though I love her dearly, she is ALWAYS asking for money it seems like. She guilt trips him into giving her money for cigarettes and she broke his only car so bad that it had to be junked. Now he’s saving up for a car AND a wedding. Ugh.

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Honey Beekeeper
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They don’t eat very healthy, and I hate that their every day dining set is plastic and their non stick pans and cookies sheets are scratched to high hell and they keep it and use it still.  And their knives would have a hard time cutting through warmed butter!

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Busy bee
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My in-laws are republican and watch Fox News like it’s the gospel truth. They’re always talking about taxes and healthcare and things that we fundamentally disagree on. Despite having made my arguments (tactfully! “I disagree about healthcare reform and here’s why…”) they bring it up all the time! I have no problem with them having different values, but I’m not going to be commiserating or agreeing with you! Find a better audience for your Fox News half-truths!

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Honey bee
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While I love my future in-laws for raising my Fiance to be such an amazing, kind, warm, and truly respectful person…it somewhat ends there.

My Future Mother-In-Law is very conservatively opiniated and I am very liberal, so there are times when she is speaking and I want to tear my hair out. I’m of the mindset that even if you are saying something I completely disagree with, I will try my best to hear what you are saying and respect your opinion. She is of the mindset if you don’t agree with her crazy, fanatical ramblings you are wrong, stupid, unintelligent, and need to be loudly educated and berated until you agree. She also has an opinion for everything and doesn’t always respect the relationship between my fiance and I. She has overstepped her bounds a few times and has said things that she really has no right to say regarding our relationship. She has also been very uninterested and dismissive as far as our engagement and impending wedding go. She gives off the vibe of she couldn’t care less about what is going on. 

As far of my Future Father-In-Law…I don’t really know him. I’ve only met him four times in six years. He shows up around Christmas time with a check and that’s about it. He and my Fiance talk on the phone regularly, but that’s about it. 

My FI’s family is definitely different than mine and while my family not perfect, my parents are respectful and involved in just the right way that they seem perfect next to his parents. 


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Helper bee
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I LOVE my in-laws, but my FI’s mom is Filipino and it’s in their culture to bend over backwards to take care of their men. She’ll ask me if I’m feeding him enough of the right foods and doing everything for him. I know it’s not from a mean place because she loves her son and it’s just in their culture, but it irks me to be told how to treat him. I do nice things for him because I WANT to not because I HAVE to. 

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