(Closed) Confession-What don't you like about your in laws?

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

I love my inlaws! My Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law are the sweetest and caring people I have ever met. The only thing I would change is that my Mother-In-Law has become more forceful with her religious beliefs since we’ve told her that we don’t want our future children baptized.

My SIL on the other hand… she is great but she just really needs to learn to talk less about herself. She’s always talking about how life is so hard and she’s not where she’d like to be, and how much financial trouble her and her husband are in….. It’s just exhausting to hear someone complain.

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Helper bee
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I have pretty great future in laws. The only thing is that Future Father-In-Law always has music on (and he has great taste, so that’s good!) and every time a new song comes on he YELLS out the band and track name in the first few chords. We’ll be mid conversation and he yells “QUEEN! MY BEST FRIEND!”

It’s like musical Tourette’s and it really throws me off.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: November 1999

I always feel like the black sheep of the family. I dont know why. I guess because they all portray their lives to be perfect and i know mine isn’t. 

Its been a big issue for Darling Husband and i.  I have come out of a 2 year depression recently but i still really struggle with being a part of his family, mostly because i dont feel like i am a part of it. 

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Buzzing bee

@Daizy914:  I also love my future inlaws, but a couple things about them tend to bug me.

Future Mother-In-Law is so incredibly concerned about what others think of her and her family. She is so afraid of seeming less than perfect in others’ eyes, it drives me CRAZY! She has even applied this to our wedding.

Future Father-In-Law is an extreme homebody and is incredibly stubborn. He won’t take Future Mother-In-Law out for dates because he hates crowds and being in public. He is stuck in his beliefs, is quick to turn you down, and has a hard time seeing other points of view. He’s one of those people who never admits when they were wrong. 

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Bumble bee
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I go to Fiance house everyday but I have very bare minimal interaction with her as she always stay upstairs or out have fun.  I love her cooking though. If I have to pick things that I dont’ like about her, it would be her stubborness like her own son and her high expectation that I would change her son for her like miracle (i.e. I would able to nag him to eat moe fruit, go to bed early, quit smoking and drinking etc…… ) 



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Helper bee

They’re super conservative, and I’m a pretty stubborn liberal… Let’s just say I usually ignore their questions lol. 

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Bee Keeper

I love my inlaws they have been really great to us helping with the wedding and giving us a large sum of money when we got married.

The sometimes bug me in that they will not leave my Darling Husband alone. He is an only child and we are super busy but they get mad that he doesnt call them enough or we dont spend time with them. Like we lived with them for almost 2 years and that was enough of them for a long time!!! Also before we were married they kept bringing up the having kids situation until it became so damn annoying Darling Husband told them to stop!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

1) They always expect that every vacation we get, we must make the trip to come visit them. Yet, they NEVER come visit us. EVER.

Example: We were going to celebrate a mini baby-moon on memorial day which so happens to be around the time we started dating 5 years ago. My grandma has a spot on the beach and offered to let us use it. So we thought it would be romantic. 

We casually brought it up to Mother-In-Law about how we were excited and she immediately got offended! She used the excuse “what about the baby shower?!” …She hadn’t planned the baby shower at that point so I was confused. So I told my grandma someone else could have that date, Mother-In-Law wanted us to have the baby shower that weekend. Come to find out, she thinks it’s “tacky” to have it over memorial day and never planned on throwing us the shower that weekend. She just expected us to come visit her. *SIGH*

2) Being passive aggressive. If there is an issue with someone, usually it’s radio silence. Oftentimes the sisters are fighting and somehow Darling Husband gets pulled into it just for talking to the other person. I hate that. 

3) Being politically correct ALL OF THE TIME. Mother-In-Law never really says what is on her mind. I’m not sure why… But it drives me insane. 

Example: One of her sisters (whom I adore and am very close with) quickly left a party we were all at. She then avoided us the entire trip and seemed very upset for the week we were there. She wouldn’t tell me what was wrong so I asked Mother-In-Law if she knew what was going on and she told me that she “just gets in these moods”… when in reality she already told Darling Husband what had went down. 

4) Mother-In-Law saying that she “feels left out” and not making the effort to be a part of my life, just DH’s… I KNOW the woman loves me and I love her too, but holy shit that’s frustrating. She wants baby updates now that I’m pregnant, but never once has she texted or called me asking how things are. That is really frustrating to me. 


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

My Future Mother-In-Law has a history of saying innapropriate things to me, from telling me that Future Father-In-Law won’t take his viagra, to suggesting I would end up on a “Girls Gone Wild” video had I not received cash one Christmas before I made a school trip to Brazil.

Future Father-In-Law has this creepy tendency to stare at me/boobs. One time the whole family was out of town and we visited his parents in their hotel and his dad took a pic of me on the bed. Just super creepy.

Hi parents mean well, but seem to lack on common sense/logic. They moved 11 hours away from their children but came back for Xmas and are STILL HERE. wth? Fiance and I get into arguments central to their lack of logic/not involving him. I’m finally to a point where I realize I should never respond or give an opinion regarding their actions. I really want to move across the country soon to avoid all this mess :-/

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: December 2013

I don’t like how they treated my husband when he was growing up. I really internally struggle with respecting his mom and step-dad because of this. My husband said he has forgiven them, so I should too, but when you love someone so much, it’s hard not to dislike people who hurt him when he was younger. 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2014

My Future Mother-In-Law wants to be my mom. Literally. She hates my mom because she can’t be my mom and so she has this really weird hatred and jealousy for my mother. It’s a really fucked up situation. 


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Mother-In-Law is constantly critisizing everything, recleans my house and lays total claim to her son.  Fawns all over him like he’s her Boyfriend or Best Friend.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2010


Mother-In-Law: She is very unpredictable. Nice one minute and cruel the next. She is also too critical of my BIL’s wife, who is one of my friends. Too nosy and self righteous. Also a martyr. 

Father-In-Law: Nothing really. I love him to death.

Brother-In-Law: Cannot control his anger. Makes inappropriate scenes and apologizes in tears. 

SIL: Great lady. Works hard and good mother. Drinks too much; high functioning alcoholic. 

Husband’s aunt: Very sweet and intelligent, but has obvious untreated mental health issues. She is a compulsive hoarder and very indoctrinated by Mary Kay. Very scary to listen to her talk about Mary Kay…like she has drank the pink kool aid. 

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: September 2012

My ILs are really great, and I do love them. They mind their own business, and are generally supporitive of whatever we do. My only two complaints that I hate – smoking & travel/holidays.


1.) They’re both chain smokers. They smoke in their house, constantly (and it’s an older house, with lots of smaller rooms, carpet, etc) and it just makes me physically sick to visit their house. Because they’re such heavy smokers, and espcially in their house, EVERYTHING is permiated with smoke. Their vehicles smell, clothing smells, anything they gift us smells. When we come home from a visit to their house, our luggage stays in the garage to air our and all clothing (even if not worn) goes right into the wash. 

2.) They almost never meet in the middle with holidays and traveling. They live 6.5 hrs away from us (including highway tolls, bridge tolls, and a $$ ferry ride) and for the past 13 years we’ve traveled to them for every Thanksgiving & Christmas plus visits in the summer. While they will come down once every few years to visit us (and came one time for Thanksgiving), they never come for holidays. It was fine for a long time, but now I’m sick of it. We’ve lived in our home 5 years and never spent a Christmas here. It frustraits me that they’re more concerned about DH’s sister, who is 38, and making sure she isn’t “alone” (when she could easily come too….but doesn’t want to leave her boyfriend for the holidays…which is fine, but obviously she’s got plans) that they would forgoe spending it with us. Anyway, we put our foot down this year and told them no more. From now on we alternate holidays and they either come or not but it won’t change our plans.


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