(Closed) Confronting Neighbors About Constantly Barking Dog–Suggestions Please?

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@jldown2:  They may not realize how much he barks, or that he barks at all if it’s always while they’re gone. In which case he may suffer from separation anxiety. I’d approach them on the premise that you’re concerned they don’t know/the dog may need help. The barking/howling is annoying yes, but it’s also an obviously stressful situation for the dog. Hopefully if you mention to them that he seems distraught for the entire time that they’re away, they won’t take it as a personal complaint.

If nothing happens after you speak with them, I wouldn’t hesistate to call animal control. It can usually be done annonymously if you’re worried about that and a constantly barking dog is more than just a nusiance. They usually start off with a warning.

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@jldown2:  It is hard to approach neighbours with concerns as you do still have to live there.

The pp gave an excellent suggestion. Approach the issue as if they don’t know about it and you are concerned for the dog.

When they tie him up outside your living room, is it because it is the only shady spot in the yard? If so, it’s going to be hard to suggest they tie him up elsewhere. If not, then I think  a request to tie him elsewhere is reasonable.

I would leave out any mention of him jumping the fence to the neighbour’s yard. Let them deal with their own problems.

One thing I would do is to record the barking, whining, crying etc.People are often in total denial that their darling little furbaby could possibly be a problem for anyone else.

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I agree with the previous posters; start the conversation with “have you noticed any signs of separation anxiety in your dog?”  If they say no, put on your best concerned face and say “he gets pretty upset whenever you leave the house – we can hear him barking/crying/whining the whole time you’re gone.  It happens when he’s outside, too, and he gets upset enough to try to get into our apartment – we catch him clawing at the screens on our windows.”

I’m not sure how to proceed from there, though.  If they’re good doggie parents, they’ll immediately try to find a way to ease the separation anxiety and keep him from damaging your windows.  If they’re not, on the other hand, they’ll probably just thank you for letting them know and carry on as they’ve been doing.  At that point you’ll have to go through the whole “if it doesn’t improve we’re going to call ______ and complain” routine and that’s never fun.

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When Fiance and I moved to our new house we also acquired a 4 month old pup from a friend who couldn’t keep him anymore. One day we came home to a note on the door from our neighbor saying that our dog barks all day long. We had NO idea! We immediately went out and got him a bark collar. A couple of days later we went back to the neighbor who left the note and asked if he was still barking and they said no and thought we had actually gotten rid of him. We’ve been here about 3 years now and had no other complaints.

So, I say just let them know. We were super embarassed about it because we know how annoying that can be. We were not at all offended or angry that they brought it to our attention. 

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i think you need to just talk to your neighbors about their dog. maybe they don’t realize he does this while they’re gone. he may have bad separation anxiety. just tell them you’re concerned because he cries and howls for them while they’re away. maybe it’ll help them to realize and maybe come up with a solution. the worst that could happen is them brushing you off and let him continue to bark. i’m sure if you approach them with concern for their dog they will be willing to work things out. 

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@jldown2:  Definitely talk to them!  DH and I have a dog who is very well behaved when we are at home.  We “assume” she’s the same while we are gone because we’ve never had any complaints.  I would be horrified if she was barking the whole time and driving my neighbors up a wall.  I’d definitely want to know!

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Please try to speak to them in person as directly as possible, as soon as you can! I agree with PPs that most people would want to know if their dog was unhappy when they aren’t home. We had no idea that our dog was barking from a front window during the day at other dogs, she never does it when we are at home. A neighbor anonmously contacted the police, who then had to figure out when we were home to talk to us. I really wish the neighbor had done it in person, so that we would have found out right away and then knew for sure our efforts to correct the problem were working. Instead of resolving the problem right away, it took days before the police had time to speak to us in person. I agree, that as long as you are coming from a friendly place, out of concern for the dogs happiness, they probably won’t be upset. 

I think a less direct route that might be likely to get the issue resolved is to ask the landlord to address it. He/she can just say “neighbors in the area have told me…”

In my city, owners can be cited for letting their dog bark indoors or out, not providing shelter from sun/wind/precipitation outdoors, and for letting poop accumulate on their own property.

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@jldown2:  So my Fiance and I dealt with the EXACT same problem. Literally. We have a duplex (it’s a side by side one, common where we live) and our neighbors have a yippy little dog that used to bark all. the. time. To make matters worse, they would just yell at him, and the dog would lunge at you if you even if we so muched as cracked our front door while he was outside. 

We did talk to our landlord, who told them to fix the problem or get rid of the dog. It didn’t help for our neighborly relations, though. It was definitely cold. Though the barking did get better, it would always get bad again.

Finally, we wrote them a nice letter (wish I had a copy) that basically said:

“Hi Neighbors X&Y,

We aren’t really sure how to bring this up, but the barking has been steadily getting worse again. We really, really enjoy having you as neighbors, and want all of us to be able to live here happily (including your dog!). We’re not sure what can be done, but if theres any ways we can help out, or things you know trigger the dog barking, please let us know. Again, we really appreciate the effort you’ve been making so far, but we need a resolution on this.”

Honestly, they were awesome. Wrote us a really nice note back, and everything has improved vastly. I don’t know exactly what they are doing, but I can tell you since we talked to them (and didn’t get the landlord involved) it’s been awesome. We actually talk with them and have shared a few beers. I’m so glad we went the direct route. 

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@jldown2:  Is the dog friendly?  Does he get along with your dogs?  Maybe you could arrange for him to hang out with you while his owners are away. It sounds like he really just doesn’t like being alone. I feel badly for the poor dog. 


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