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@CrazyCatLady13:  Okay. If you don’t want to lose more weight then don’t; if you do, give up on on Slim Fast, start eating a balanced diet at a moderate calorie deficit and lift weights at the gym. 

I’ve had bitchy doctors before who made me feel awful for being overweight without offering Amy help other than telling me to stop being so fat and it was actually personal trainers who have helped get me (with PCOS and CFS) lose weight without feeling awful.

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Your ideal weight should be the point within a healthy range where you feel happy with the way you look.  If that’s not your current weight, then you need to really look at how you’re going about losing weight.  Have you just been trying diet after diet or have you made a lifestyle shift?  Are you going to the gym and doing the same thing day after day or have you become more active overall?  Have you seen progress with inches even though the scale isn’t budging?

Instead of fad diets, work on filling yourself up with whole foods.  Not processed, pre-packaged junk.  Home-cooked or raw vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and if you choose to, lean meats.  The lower the calorie density of your food (i.e. vegetables are lowest, then fruits, then grains, then meat), the more you get to eat of it, so pack in 5-6 servings of veggies, 5-6 of fruits, 3-4 of whole grains, and 1-2 of lean meat.  You will not go hungry, you’ll likely start losing weight again, and your body will thank you.  Make sure you’re not cooking in oil, butter, dressing, etc, because these additions pack 100+ calories per tablespoon.  It’s just not worth it!  Use spices, vinegars, fruit juices, etc to season your food.  And if you are drinking your calories (even slimfast), cut it out.  Chewing your food is what gives you the satisfied feeling after a meal; instead of juice, eat the fruit/veg.  Tea and water are better choices.

Fitness plan-wise, aim for doing something every day.  I don’t mean a workout, necessarily, but on your rest days, go for a 3 mile walk, ride a bike, etc so that you are staying active.  4-5 days per week should be pretty good intensity workouts mixing cardio, weight training, and flexibility.  For example, I run 4-5 days a week, do body weight resistance exercises (pushups, situps, pullups, etc), and try to mix in yoga or ballet once or twice a week.  Maybe you can sign up for a fitness event (running race, tri, mud run) to help bring some motivation to the table.  When I have a race that I’ve paid for and told people about, I definitely have the motivation to push harder and train more seriously.

All that to say, if what you’re doing right now isn’t giving you the results you want, time to change it up.  Best of luck to you!

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I have to agree with the other ladies.  The weight on a scale is just a number and BMI is a fallible measurement as it doesn’t take into account muscle weight.  If you are happy with where you are, then don’t worry about it!!

In my life, I’ve weighed anywhere from 128 to 350+.  I’m currently at 180 and while my BMI shows that I’m still about 15 pounds overweight for my height, I don’t really care.  I know that some of that weight is muscle gain because I’m continuing to fit into smaller sizes on a relatively regular basis, but more importantly, I’m just plain happy with where I am.  If I continue to lose weight/sizes, then that will be an awesome thing too, but I have no driving need to strive to get to that “suggested BMI”.

The best thing I can tell you is to figure out a lifestyle change that will be healthy for you and will continue to help you maintain (or maybe even lose) what you are currently at.  I very much know the frustrations of PCOS induced weight.  It’s hugely frustrating at best, but honestly, if your drs are telling you to lose weight and aren’t offering you help in how to do that, you aren’t seeing the right dr!! I found out about my PCOS from my wonderful endocrinologist who put me on metformin to reduce and control my insulin resistance and explained to me that because of the PCOS, my body grabs onto any processed sugars (and natural too if I eat too much of it) and simple carbs and just packs them right into fat storage.  I cut out those two things (and then later gluten because I found that I was intolerant of it) and have gone from 278 to 180!  I don’t miss those things either.  I’ve found foods/recipes that I love and I’m happy to see the positive changes that are happening in my body!

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@CrazyCatLady13:  First off, I think that BMI is not necessarily the best indicator of health. If you’re WAY out of the range then yeah you probably have a problem, but it would also show really muscular people to be overweight, for example.

You sound like you’re pretty healthy, IMO. I think you’re a bit too fixated by the number on the scale.

Have you tried changing your exercise up a bit? I think your body can get used to certain activities. Have you tried lifting weights? That way your body will burn more calories when at rest. It’s really hard for women to bulk up. I am really getting into lifting weights and I enjoy it.

Keep in mind that your weight fluctuates throughout the day… up to 5-10 lbs, in fact. And your tummy issues might be due partly to water retention – try eating less salt and foods that bloat you.

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