(Closed) Confused…so Moissanite is supposed to look like a diamond?

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@QuirkySocialite:  The woman you play tennis with probably has a CZ. The difference between a princess cut cut diamond and a “princess cut” (I put this in quotes because it’s actually not a princess cut) moissanite is huge. A square moissanite has the look of pizza slices, where as the facets of a princess cut diamond appear smaller.

For some people, moissanite is a diamond alternative because it’s a less expensive, colorless gemstone. However, moissanite has different structural properties and some women prefer the look of moissanite to diamond.

Please consider searching for old threads. Moissanite v. diamond has been rehashed so many times already, and you may get some not-so-nice responses from women who either (1) are very defensive about their moissanite or (2) really dislike the fact that some moissanite owners try to pass off their moissanite as a diamond.

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@QuirkySocialite:  a 3+ carat moissanite would cost a lot more than $200. She probably has a Swarovski element ring that JCP also carries. And many women who choose moissanite do so for a variety of reasons. They want a clear stone but are opposed to diamonds because of mining conditions, they want the bling but not the financial part of a bigger ring and some just love it for the stone. Most of the women on here do not want one because they want to fool people and you might be getting some backlash for that, just so you’re aware! 

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moissanite looks nothing like diamond, but yes some people do try and pass it off as one – many people know nothing about moissanite so probably couldn’t tell the difference.

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@QuirkySocialite:  Some people just like the stone in a similar way that a woman may prefer a ruby to a diamond. Others want to pass it off as a diamond (it’s a cheaper option). It depends on the person. Personally, I don’t like them and I don’t think they look like diamonds at all. Diamonds are unique in how they reflect light and “fakes” are obvious to me.  

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I don’t know anyone with a moissanite so I haven’t seen one in real life but I will tell you this.

When I scroll through the pics here on the Bee I always try to guess if it’s a diamond or a moissy before I scroll further to see the specs and usually whenI think it’s a Moissy it turns out to be a diamond….So sorry…..I usually can’t tell based on pictures.

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I have seen one in real life and I could tell it wasn’t a diamond… I wasn’t sure what it was but I just looked “off” to me. Once I found out it was a moissanite it made sense. It wasn’t ugly or anything, just different to a diamond.

I’ve learned of a LOT of people passing off CZ’s and moissanites as diamonds.

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I think many choose moissanite because they like the stone for itself, not just as a stone to look like a diamond, although some do choose it because they want a similar stone to a diamond for a cheaper price, or because of the mining issues with diamonds. I agree with PP, it was probably a CZ stone, as 3ct moissanites would cost a fair bit more than $200

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@QuirkySocialite:  Your question is legitimate- you really wnat to know what the purpose of moissanite is if not to pass it off as a fake.  If you get flames, don’t take it personally, some people are just quick to jump and protect themselves from nothing, so to speak. 😉

You’ll find a lot of reasons why people choose moissanite over diamond.  Usually it has to do with lower cost, or boycotting the diamond industry.  Sometimes it’s because they just plain like the look better.  Or maybe they do a lot of hands-on work that would damage a ring, and want the bling without feeling too terrible if something did happen to it.

From what I see, most people don’t actively try to pass off their moissanite as a diamond.  As in, they won’t say it’s a diamond.  They may not say right away “Oh, yeah, it’s moissanite, it’s not a diamond,” but they usually won’t claim it’s a diamond when it’s not.  Eventually someone will come along and prove them wrong, and they’ll look just plain silly.

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@QuirkySocialite:  before WB i never heard of moissanite either. i don’t know why people buy them other than for financial reasons and sometimes ethical reasons. 

everyone has different reasons. it gets confusing when you try to fit it into one box so i just worry about what’s on my finger — my diamond.

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This really just depends how much you know about how a diamond is “supposed to look”.


If you think a diamond is supposed to be a clear/white stone with lots of sparkle, then you’re not going to be able to tell the difference between an enhanced moissanite (non-enhanced may have some different coloring to it to tip you off) and a diamond.


I have a moissanite because I love the extra sparkle, and everyone assumes it is a really pretty diamond. If anyone were to start asking about the details of the stone, I would be happy to tell them it’s a moissanite, but if someone just says “gorgeous ring!” in passing, I’m just going to smile and say thank you rather than start saying “well, it’s a moissanite” like I have something to explain. If someone were to say “gorgeous diamond!” in passing, I would correct them. I’m not trying to fool anyone. But I realize that most people don’t know the difference between the two sparkly white stones, and that’s not my problem, nor should I constantly feel like I have to “explain” myself.

But my first attraction to moissanite was the fire and brilliance I couldn’t get with a diamond.

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@QuirkySocialite:  Oh, I believe you! Unfortunately the diamond vs. moissanite debate usually gets pretty heated on this site! I love moissanite and think it’s an amazing stone, just not one I would choose but I applaud the ladies who do have them and for sticking to their beliefs. A co-worker of mine has a moissanite and I could only tell because of the slightly greenish color it casts off as well as the rainbow effect it gives in sunlight. I never mentioned to her that I knew but when another coworker said how amazing her diamond was, she said it was a moissanite. 

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