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@miss_military:  Have you been more stressed than usual?  Sleeping less?  You said you gained weight and I guess that’s possible to throw off your cycle.  Honestly, I think you should see a doctor just to make sure because going from regular periods to irregular and not just one or two cycles a year is pretty concerning.

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@miss_military:  It is entirely possible for you to not ovulate for one cycle.  This could be due to stress, illness, or anything that could throw your body out of homeostasis.


This used to happen to me, one of my ovaries “turned off” for a few cycles (so I would only have my period every other time I should have), and once it “turned back on” I kept getting my period every 2 weeks.  I went to a doctor about it, when they looked at my ovaries, she said that I had many mature eggs on both ovaries, meaning I went into hyperovulation (releasing many eggs).  From first symptoms to returning to normal took about 6 full cycles.  For me, it was due to stress.


It may be helpful if your doctor recommends an internal ultrasound to check your ovaries.



Ok so I just looked back at some of your previous posts- You claim that you are not TTC but you would be happy to welcome a child, and are always worried that you are pregnant.  To me, this means that you are secretly maybe a little bit TTC…?  Not hating on you at ALL, I’m just sayin… I’ve been 21 before, I know what it’s like to maybe just a little bit want to get pregnant even though I knew I should technically wait.  Being baby crazy can do crazy things to your body.  I’m sure you are fine 🙂

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@miss_military:  I get big gaps when I’m stressed.  I never noticed until I started tracking them. I’m 2 weeks overdue right now and took a test yesterday that was negative. I’m not TTC so I was happy with that lol.


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I am kind of confused by the way you talk about your cycles. A cycle lasts from the first day of your period to the day before your period starts again. It sounds like you are saying that your period used to last 5 days and now has been fluctuating in length. Is that right? That in itself is pretty normal. It also sounds like your cycle itself has been as short as about 22 days and as long 46+ days.

During those really long cycles, it is possible that you have not been ovulating or have been ovulating late. Unless you chart your cycle there is really no way to verify this (though your doctor may be able to tell, depending on when s/he exams you). Stress and illness can affect ovulation, causing it to happen later or not at all. Keep in mind that “stress” is not limited to negative things. Positive experiences, such as holidays, travel, getting married, and starting a new job are all stressful events that can cause a disruption to your cycle.

If I were in your shoes I would do two things: 1, make an appointment with your ob/gyn/midwife. Type up when your cycles began and ended and take that with you to share with them. 2, consider charting your cycle. This is an easy, free way to take charge of your body and know things like if you are ovulating and when, how long your luteal phase is (the time between ovulation and your period starting, which can affect your ability to sustain a pregnancy), and when to expect your period and know when to take a pregnancy test.

Take care!

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@miss_military:  Sorry it doesn’t sound like she was much help! Sometimes ob/gyns can be less than helpful (and less than informed) when it comes to these things. Have you ever tried charting your cycle? This would be a good starting place to find out what is going on. It will tell you if you are ovulating, when, and how long the period of time is between ovulation and your period (called the luteal phase). In order to sucessfully conceive you really need at least 10 days between ovulation and your period starting. 

Knowing if the issue is not ovulating, a short luteal phase, or something else would help you to know what you need to do next. There are options!

For info on charting I would recommend the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”. It’s big, but very informative and easy to navigate. I think a lot of women here would also recommend the wbesite Fertility Friend. I never used it (I used the site associated with the book), but I have heard that FF has tutorials and articles to support you getting started. There is also a thread or two on the Bee about charting, and I’m sure the women there could answer any questions or point you toward their favorite resources.

Again, sorry you’re dealing with this!

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